Simple wedding invitations

Wedding invitations should be a reflection of your personal style as a couple. If your dream home together involves sleek marble countertops, muted colors, and a minimal design scheme, chances are your big day will match with a minimalist wedding style — where contemporary designs marry clean lines and graphic styling. (See what we did there?)

If you’re looking for simple wedding invitations, we have an abundance of designs to choose from. Discover some of our most-loved minimalist-inspired wedding invites for your special day.

15 Simple Wedding Invitations to Inspire Your Own Wedding Stationery

Simple invitations are the perfect way to set the tone for your stylish and understated ceremony. Whether you’re all about classic elegance or want a more contemporary take on a minimalist theme, these online invitations give you the look you want — with the added bonus of plenty of features.

Thoughtfully designed evite templates are an ideal way to welcome guests, giving you a simpler and more eco-friendly alternative to RSVP cards and traditional wedding invites with enclosure cards. Each design can be customized with your own colors, fonts, wording, and even photos to make it feel completely unique. Your invitation may also inspire wedding programs or rehearsal dinner invitations in a similarly understated vibe.

Get inspired with these minimal invitation ideas, designed for the thoroughly modern couple with a wedding theme to match. We’ve arranged our favorite invites into categories by style, so you can quickly find a design that suits your aesthetic.

Just My Type

These simplistic word-only invitations aren’t adorned with tons of scrolls or flowers. In this case, creative typography is the artwork in and of itself. Add contrasting patterns and textures with playful envelope liners and unique cardstock.

1. Wedding Flourish Invitation

Simple wedding invitations: Wedding Flourish Invitation

Design: Stacey Meacham Design, LLC

This elegant wedding invitation is all class. Scrolling calligraphy and letterpress style lends itself to a black-tie affair or formal wedding, but you can make this work for any wedding with a minimalist style.

2. Typography Lovers Invitation

Simple wedding invitations: Typography Lovers Invitation

Design: Claudia Owen

Graphic design fans will love this less-is-more invitation. A one-color background holds all-capped text for the names of the happy couple. Smaller type includes ceremony and reception details. Choose from a handful of colors to complement your wedding colors.

3. We Tied the Knot Invitation

Simple wedding invitations: We Tied the Knot Invitation

Design: Hudson Meet Rose

This simple, all-text design can serve an array of purposes. Change the script at the top to “We’re tying the knot” and you have an understated invitation. Or use as-is and send out post-elopement wedding announcements. There’s plenty of room for all your details — personalize to your heart’s desire!

Modern Monograms

Get used to seeing your initials next to your spouse-to-be’s. By tying the knot, you’re carving your monogram into a proverbial tree forever. But don’t think monogram designs have to look like your parents’ towels. These creative designs are more contemporary than country club.

4. Scandi Splatter Invitation

Simple wedding invitations: Scandi Splatter Invitation

Design: WonderWed

Initials of the guests of honor are positioned at the top of this bold invitation in a casual calligraphy. Overlaid modular text is positioned atop a striking splatter background for a trendy but chic result. A combination of bold and soft fonts makes it easy to separate all of your ceremony and reception details.

5. Simple Greenery Invitation

Simple wedding invitations: Simple Greenery Invitation

Design: Robinson Creative House

Simple greenery flanks an elegant monogram in this minimal invitation, which has a complementing custom envelope liner. The understated design leaves plenty of room for your details, including reception location and RSVP date.

6. Bauhaus Monogram Invitation

Simple wedding invitations: Bauhaus Monogram Invitation

Design: Erika Firm

A graphic monogram emblem is front-and-center in this Bauhaus-inspired invitation. Choose from several retro muted color combinations, topped with clean white typography. The geometric style is perfect for a mid-century modern wedding aesthetic.

Picture Perfect

Photo cards are a great way to embrace minimal style while focusing on the guests of honor: you and your soon-to-be spouse. Use professional engagement photos or a favorite snapshot for these simple photo invites. Choose one standout shot or arrange a few favorites in a collage. Guests will love to see your smiling faces.

7. Full Photo Nuptials Invitation

Simple wedding invitations: Full Photo Nuptials Invitation

Design: Owl and Toad

An edge-to-edge photo feels powerful and contemporary in this rustic wedding invitation design. Quirky text displays the couple’s names, paired with stylized type for all of the details. Since your wording will lay atop the photography, this design is best for a photo that isn’t too busy. And the white type will be easiest to read over a darker background, so keep this in mind if you have a range of pictures to choose from.

8. Fancy Free Invitation

Fancy Free Photo Announcement

Design: Ashley Ottinger

A modular layout makes it easy to use your favorite engagement photo without worrying about the text being legible over the top. A vertical shot will work best positioned next to all of your wedding invitation wording in a stylish combination of italic and all-capped text.

9. All the Photos Invitation

All The Photos Invitation

Design: Claudia Owen

Can’t choose just one? Opt for this contemporary photo collage, arranged in a geometric grid. Clean lines and minimal style keeps the modern couple in mind. Completely versatile, this design can also be used for engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, or bridal shower invitations.

Geometric Styling

Nothing exudes modern wedding style like a graphic invitation. These geometric styles are at once contemporary and sophisticated — just like the happy couple!

10. Chic Marble Invitation

Chic Marble Invitation

Design: Loree Mayer Design

Ever since Alva Vanderbilt built her Marble House in the gilded age, marble has been a sign of decadence and sophistication. And this chic marbled-background invitation is just that. Rose gold foil accents add to the luxurious effect. Choose the corresponding save the date and thank you note designs to keep the theme going.

11. Modern Geometric Invitation

Modern Geometric Invitation

Design: Melissa Egan Design

Mix your love for all things geometric with simplicity in this elegant angular wedding invitation. It’s available in a range of different metallic hues, or you can work with our designers to bring your wedding color to the invite instead.

12. Vibrant Arc Invitation

Vibrant Arc Invitation

Design: Morgan Kendall

For a more colorful take on the simple wedding invitation theme, try this arc-inspired wedding invitation. We love the contemporary color options and mix of straight lines and big, sweeping circles.

Black and White and Chic All Over

If your special day is a black-tie affair, what better way to communicate the dress code than with a black and white minimalist wedding invitation? These understated designs complement your classic style.

13. Elegant Wave Invitation

Elegant Wave Invitation

Design: Hooray Creative

White text against a black background spells sophistication when paired with a fun-shaped border. This elegant design puts the couple’s names front and center in a combination of clean and classic typefaces. Underneath, your wedding day is featured in a stylish arrangement.

14. With These Rings Invitation

With These Rings Invitation

Design: Bethany McDonald Design

Horizontal orientation lets the type sing in this luxe wedding suite. White type is stylized in a combination of hand script and Helvetica text for a look that is appealing and easy to read against a black background. In the center, simple rings in beautiful gold foil offer tasteful ornamentation.

15. Simple Foil Frame Invitation

Simple Foil Frame Invitation

Design: Jessica Williams

A modern gold foil frame gives this elegant wedding invitation a contemporary edge. Classic text surrounds a stylized ampersand for a subtle but powerful effect. Choose from several paper options for matte or pebbled texture.

Less Really Can Be More with Simple Wedding Invitations

While busy floral wedding invitations are beautiful for a boho wedding, understated modern wedding invitations can be equally powerful for minimal couples. Choose a high-quality photo invitation set and put you and your beloved front and center. Or opt for a contemporary monogram and a flourish of artful typography.

Whatever you choose, a thoughtful custom wedding invitation will communicate your wedding style to loved ones. Customize the wedding invitations that speak to you and set the tone for your big day.