open house

What better way to announce our new address than to host an open house party!  Our new address was not the only milestone we’ve reached recently. For the first time, we used Greenvelope to send our invitations and collect RSVPs. Until this point we’ve used Greenvelope for personal events like birthdays and dinner parties, but we’ve never had the opportunity as a business.  We had a great response and nearly everyone showed up!

Guests were in for a surprise. The once bare office space now displays sleek white tabletops, Herman Miller-style eiffel shell arm chairs, and a mid-century modern lounge area. It was all accessorized with fresh cut flowers and giant goblets filled with m&m’s. We covered our community work table with a burlap tablecloth and huge array of homemade goodies. We offered everything from shrimp and baked brie to gluten-free, vegan pesto pasta salad and enough cookies, tarts and brownies to keep everyone snacking throughout the night.

Let’s not forget the drinks. Merlot, Chardonnay, and a keg of Bonfire beer from Seattle’s own Fremont Brewery.

We want to send a heartfelt thanks to those who attended our party, and supported us through our years of growth. Thank you for your enthusiasm and support!