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When you’re ready for a cheesy good time, it doesn’t get better than a pizza party! This tasty idea works well for laid-back gatherings, last-minute children’s birthday parties, and sophisticated dining experiences alike.

To make your next celebration even better, we’re sharing our top pizza party ideas, including tips on how to cater for everyone, what to serve alongside those cheesetastic slices, fun activities to plan, and invitations you can start sending now.

14 Fun Pizza Party Ideas

Pizza party: group of friends eating 2 boxes of pizza

Ready to take your pizza night to the next level? These are some of our best pizza party ideas and tips — from theming and styling to pizza toppings and recipes.

1. Choose a Theme

Pizza Party Invitation

Design: TM Stationery

While a pizza party is a party theme in itself, you can amp it up by adding an additional motif. This can make your event feel more special, especially if you’re hosting a milestone birthday or major career or life event, like retirement.

Go for a retro pizza restaurant feel or transport your guests to an Italian pizzeria with the help of themed decor. For another take on the pizza party idea, consider making it an 80s theme party or futuristic space-themed party.

2. Style the Space

Whether you’ve chosen a specific theme or not, some styling can go a long way in helping your guests feel excited about the event. Even the most minimalist of pizza parties will need napkins and plates, after all.

Seek out tableware and decor pieces that spruce up your space. Plates, napkins, cups, and tablecloths are a great way to introduce color and theming. Add some fresh flowers for a refreshing spring vibe, or add some driftwood and lace tablecloths for a rustic feel. Pick up some pizza party decorations from your local party supplies store, or keep things sweet and simple with this fun DIY pizza banner.

3. Set the Mood with Lighting and Music

The focus might be on your delicious pizza, but lighting and music can help set the tone for your event. The right playlist can help you create the perfect vibe — whether that’s beachy and relaxed, authentically Italian, or upbeat and retro.

Use a streaming service like Spotify to put together a playlist that matches your event’s vibe and theme. Choose some of your favorite songs or ask the guest of honor if the have some tunes they want to hear. Add string lighting for a cozy feel or bring in some neon lights if you want a brighter atmosphere.

4. Take Your Pizza Party Outside

Pizza party: Pizza Peel Invitation

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Pizza parties are a great way to get together and get cozy inside in the fall and winter months, but they also work well as outdoor celebrations when it’s warmer outside. If weather permits, plan a backyard party with some pizzazz —and pizzas too!

Set up your outdoor area with some comfy seating and lanterns and don’t forget the cooler for some refreshing drinks. For music, you don’t need much more than a wireless speaker, but if you (or one of your guests) can play guitar, why not include an al fresco concert? For your invites, consider this Pizza Peel invitation.

5. Plan Some Fun Activities

Some pizza parties are all about DIY pizza while others prefer to order in and mix in some party games or activities. If that’s you, you’re in luck — plenty of activities go well with a pizza party.

Settle down to play board games or video games for some competitive fun. If you’re hosting outside, consider outdoor party games like cornhole or jumbo Jenga. For a kids party, hand out mini pizza chef hats and aprons for mini guests to wear as they make Play-Doh pizza.

6. Make Your Own Homemade Pizzas

Kids baking a pizza

For a truly immersive pizza party experience, why not make your own pies? Even if you’re not a DIY pro, this can be lots of fun and really rewarding — especially for kids.

Make your own pizza dough or find a pizza recipe that you can attempt to make together. Gather the essential ingredients like pizza sauce and mozzarella, and plenty of toppings for your group to choose from. Some of the most popular toppings to consider include pepperoni, meatballs, shredded chicken, ham, onion, olives, garlic, ricotta, jalapenos, cherry tomatoes, and peppers.

If you’re hosting a pizza making party, include a line on your online invitations to ask your guests to recommend some of their favorite toppings. You can then buy these in advance so you know you’ll have something they’ll enjoy.

7. Order Your Favorite Takeout Pizza

If pizza making isn’t your thing, or you don’t have a pizza oven handy, you can always order takeout. This is perfect for a cozy, casual get-together — or if you want to treat the birthday guest of honor to their favorite takeout pizza.

Ask your guests for their pizza preferences in advance, or order a couple of the most popular flavors like cheese pizza and pepperoni pizza. Pre-order so you can guarantee a time slot that works for your party, or arrange to go and collect the food while everyone gets ready to watch a movie or play games.

8. Hire an Expert Pizza Chef

Margherita Pizza Invitation

Design: frau brandt

For the ultimate in luxury at home, hire an expert pizza chef or pizzaiola to cater your party or event. You’ll get to enjoy your own pizza party at home without worrying about any prep. Find a local chef who does home parties or look for a chef who will host an at-home pizza making party if you prefer. Either way, you can share all the details with your guests when you send this Margherita Pizza invite.

9. Add Some Tasty Sides

Pizza is great and all, but sometimes you want something else to enjoy alongside it. Popular appetizers and sides include salad, chicken poppers, french fries, and mozzarella cheese sticks. You could even bake chicken parmesan or fry up some onion rings to go alongside your pizza. Have BBQ sauce and ketchup handy for dipping, and some olive oil or garlic oil to drizzle over your pizzas.

10. Create a Drinks Station

Delicious pizza deserves to be enjoyed with refreshing drinks. Create your own drink station featuring fresh juices, mocktails, and water (sparkling and still) for your guests. If you’re all adults, add some beer, hard cider, wine, or cocktails to the menu too.

11. Set Up a Desserts Table

Raspberry cupcakes

After you’ve enjoyed your pizza and sides, there’s one thing left — dessert! Set up a dessert station where your guests can help themselves to an array of tasty sweet treats.

Offer a collection of dessert classics like brownies, cookies, cupcakes, and donuts. You could also set up an ice cream bar with flavors like chocolate, neapolitan, toffee, mint, strawberry, and anything else your guests love. If this is a birthday celebration, create a fun area to display the birthday cake. Bonus points if that’s pizza-themed too!

12. Consider Everyone’s Dietary Requirements

When you’re hosting an event that centers around food, it’s especially important to make it as inclusive as possible. Ask your guests for their dietary requirements and food preferences before the party, so you can plan a menu they can enjoy. Fortunately, with Greenvelope digital invitations, you can easily send survey questions and chat with your guests to ensure you have all the information you need.

Be especially mindful of any allergies or intolerances, and look for ways you can make all your guests feel welcome. Have gluten-free pizza dough or pizza bases ready for your guests, as well as plenty of vegetarian or vegan topping options. White pizza is a great choice for guests who can’t have tomato, and a simple cheese pizza is perfect for guests with a more limited palate.

13. Add Custom Pizza Boxes

One of our favorite pizza party ideas is to have your very own custom pizza boxes. This is a simple yet fun way to make the event feel more personal, making it ideal for a birthday or milestone celebration.

Order custom pizza box labels or encourage your guests to personalize their own pizza boxes as a fun party activity. Use these boxes to serve your pizzas in, or for your guests to use to take any leftover pizza slices home.

14. Rent Out Your Favorite Pizza Restaurant

Pizza Rules Invitation

Design: Jessica Williams (photo courtesy of Angela & Evan Photography)

Last but definitely not least, if you want perfect pizza without the hassle of hosting at home then booking a pizza restaurant is the way to go. This is perfect if you want simplicity and atmosphere without the fuss.

Ask your favorite Italian pizzeria if you can rent the space for a private party, or book a few booths or an area at your favorite pizza spot. Work with the chefs to create a fun menu or place your orders in advance and relax while you get to enjoy the atmosphere. Kick off the festivities with this Pizza Rules invitation that allows you to add a photo of the guest of honor.

Host Your Best Pizza Party Yet

The best pizza parties are those where everyone feels relaxed, happy, and gets to spend time together. Whether you make your own pizzas on the day of the party or order from your favorite restaurant, these pizza party ideas can help you plan your dream event.

Once you’ve sorted out all the details for your next pizza get-together, use our pizza party invites to spread the word about the big day. Find your favorite design, customize the layout, fonts, and wording, and ask your guests to join you for an incredible night of pizza, fun, and lots of laughter.