90th birthday invitations: Blue and white design

Ninety years on this earth is nothing to scoff at. As you think about what the birthday honoree has seen in their lifetime, you can’t help but marvel. That’s 90 years of family holidays, love stories, new friends, and countless lessons learned, all squeezed into one heart-tugging, tear-jerking celebration. And you’re on the hunt for a beautiful 90th birthday invitation to kick off that celebration.

Below, we share a few of our favorite 90th birthday invitations to celebrate this incredible milestone. Get ready to call the bakery, gather the guest list, and turn up the music, because this is about to be the birthday of the (almost) century.

12 Fantastic Designs for Your 90th Birthday Invitations

Retro playlist? Check. Ninety cupcakes from the bakery? Check. Guestlist? Check. As you move to the “invitations” section on your event planning to-do list, we have you covered. Here’s our curated list of 90th birthday party invitations for this momentous occasion.

1. Boogie Time Invitation

90th birthday invitations: Boogie Time Invitation

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Back in the day, your guest of honor really knew how to bust a move. And as the celebrations sprawled across nine decades, they’re still not ready to hold back on the dance floor.

This boogie-themed invitation will encourage your guests to don their best dancing shoes and get ready for a good time. With a retro illustrated design and bright, bold color palette, this groovy invitation will have everyone dancing the night away.

2. Abstract Rainbow Invitation

90th birthday invitations: Abstract Rainbow Invitation

Design: Manu Torres

Does the birthday gal like her martinis straight up or with a twist? Do your fondest memories with the birthday boy include mixing Manhattans or mojitos?

If the majority of the birthday party budget is going toward the open bar, your guests might get a kick out of this abstract rainbow invitation. With four trendy color combos, modern sans-serif fonts, and vibrant illustrations, it certainly makes a bold, boozy statement.

3. Outdoors Adventure Invitation

Outdoors Adventure Invitation

Design: Signature Greenvelope

If the birthday guest of honor loves the outdoors, it’s only fitting to throw them an outdoor-themed party.

Pack the lawn chairs and red-checkered blankets, and plan an afternoon outside with a dozen favorite humans. To get everyone in the wildlife mood, send out this outdoors invitation, covered in pastel colors and adventure-themed illustrations. Want to make it a potluck event? Have everyone include which picnic-themed snack they’ll bring with their RSVP.

4. Retro Surprise Invitation

90th birthday invitations: Retro Surprise Invitation

Design: Jen Montgomery

Gather together your favorite co-conspirators because you have a 90th surprise party to plan.

Your secret mission is simple: Send out this retro surprise invitation, call the caterer, and think of an expert white-lie to bring the guest of honor to the event. For more top-secret shenanigans, check out our list of surprise birthday ideas.

5. Confetti Balloon Invitation

90th birthday invitations: Confetti Balloon Invitation

Design: Stacey Meacham Design, LLC

This gorgeous invitation is suitable for a baby shower or birthday party — all it takes is a few custom tweaks.

Simply swap out the invitation wording to write your guest of honor’s name and date of the event. With five different color palettes, gold foil accents, and a balloon illustration, this whimsical birthday card will make a gorgeous complement to your party decor.

6. Art Deco Milestone Invitation

Art Deco Milestone Invitation

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Gatsby, move over — this will be the greatest party of the century.

This swanky Art Deco design speaks of tall Champagne flutes, sparkling dresses, and perhaps a few feather boas. Bring your birthday celebration back to the Gatsby era for an evening of cocktails, grandeur, and plenty of festivities. Customize the invitation text to read, “The Big Nine-OH” at the top of the card.

7. Bubbly Invitation

90th birthday invitations: Bubbly Invitation

Design: Claudia Owen

Do you want the birthday drink menu to include bottomless mimosas, bottomless bloody Mary’s, or a combination of the two?

If you’re planning a 90th birthday brunch celebration, you simply have to take a peek at this bubbly invitation card. Illustrated with watercolor bubbles, a gold-infused color palette, and gold foil envelope, it’s an exquisite card to match your over-the-top birthday brunch.

Now, which will guests be most impressed with — the gorgeous invitations or the build-your-own-bloody bar?

8. Countless Candles Invitation

Countless Candles Invitation

Design: Nicole Winn

If the birthday honoree is known for making wisecracks or roasting friends and family members, you may want to return the favor with this hilarious birthday invitation.

This funny birthday party invite comes illustrated with the words “We’ve lost count” at the top. It’s suitable for a 50th, 60th, or 70th birthday invitation — and of course, a 90th birthday soiree. This fun milestone birthday invitation will have everyone RSVP-ing with a resounding “yes!”

9. Sparkling String Lights Invitation 

90th birthday invitations: Sparkling String Lights Invitation

Design: Robinson Creative House

Can’t decide between an elegant, black-tie affair or a cozy, family function? Split the difference with this gorgeous black and white invitation design.

Decorate the backyard patio with rustic string lights, put on a slow-beats playlist, and have everyone dress up in cocktail attire. As the evening cools down, pass out blankets and gather round to share fond memories. You’ll give the birthday honoree a homey — yet refined — birthday party to remember.

10. Floral Sparkle Invitation

Floral Sparkle Invitation

Design: Frau Brandt

Planning a garden birthday party? This floral 90th birthday invitation will have every guest suiting up for a lovely afternoon outdoors.

With hydrangea watercolor illustrations, floral pink fonts, and a gold foil envelope, this birthday invitation adds a touch of luxury to any event. Simply customize the invitation wording, then email the invite to all your guests to put them in a sunny mood.

11. The Big One Invitation

The Big One Invitation

Design: Laura Bolter Design

Who’s ready to party?

With a sprinkling of confetti, bold colors, and punchy fonts, this birthday invitation is sure to garner excitement for the big event. You can easily personalize this fun design as a 90th birthday party invitation. Simply select your color palette, customize the wording, then fire off the invite to all your guests.

12. Let’s Celebrate Invitation

Let's Celebrate Invitation

Design: Nicole Winn

This elegant and sophisticated birthday photo invitation is suitable for any adult birthday celebration.

For a fun photo idea, include a picture of the guest of honor at their 21st birthday. With splashes of gold and sparkle, cursive fonts, and black and white embellishments, this eye-catching design puts the birthday honoree front and center.

Get the Party Started With These 90th Birthday Invitations 

Old man blowing his birthday cake
At Greenvelope, we love getting the party started. But we have to tip our hats to your birthday guest of honor — they’re the ones who’ve kept the party going for 90 years.

To generate excitement for this special milestone, send out an online birthday invitation. With Greenvelope, there’s no need to print invites, lick envelopes, or collect updated addresses. Simply upload your guests’ email addresses, and we’ll fire off your completed invitations to their respective inboxes.

Plus, with over 250 adult birthday party invitations to choose from, you’re sure to find a design that matches your birthday theme. Simply select your colors and patterns, and update the invitation wording to fully customize the design.

We can only imagine how wonderful it will be to share 90 years of memories and inside jokes at this remarkable birthday celebration. But, we have to ask — how are you going to fit 90 candles on a single cake?