Birthday invitation wording: A sprinkled donut with a birthday candle

Here we are, with another year passed — it’s time to put together a birthday bash! Whether you’re planning a birthday party for yourself or hosting one for your little one, a family member, or a friend, you’ll want everyone you know and love to gather in the celebration. To garner excitement for the special day (and ensure everyone RSVPs “Yes!”) we’re sharing some fun birthday invitation wording ideas to include.

Below we wrote our favorite, snappy one-liners and spunky invitation verbiage. While we’re sure you can wordsmith your way to a wonderfully crafted message, hopefully these offer a starting point. Be sure to include important details such as the time, date, and location of the party, and whether there’s a party theme (if you’re cool like that).

Kids Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas

Birthday invitation wording: A kid's birthday invite that reads "I'm numero 1"

Design: Chica Design

Let’s reiterate something you already know: Kids’ birthdays trump adult birthdays any day of the week. They always have ice cream, they serve cake with real gluten, and the chances of seeing a pony or bounce house are extraordinarily high. Whether you’re looking for 5th or 1st birthday invitation wording ideas, hopefully these snappy sentences get you started:

  • Our little bun is turning one! Join us for a first birthday party at Herald’s Creek at noon on May 6th.
  • The terrible twos are officially upon us! Join us for a 2nd birthday celebration this Saturday afternoon.
  • Our little girl is turning 6, going on 16. Join us for a 6th birthday where both kids and adults are welcome.
  • Matthew is TWO cool for school … and we’re throwing him a special birthday on Saturday.
  • It’s going to be a wild ONE. Join us for Elizabeth’s first birthday!
  • We’re planning lots of joy for our little boy. Henry is turning 3 on July 1st!
  • Our little one is finally turning one year old. To celebrate the best 12 months of our lives, join us for a BBQ and lots of fun in our backyard.
  • Someone is in for one lucky year. Join us for a lucky number 7 birthday celebration for Kyle.
  • Come help us celebrate her regal FIVE-ness: A certain princess is celebrating a 5th birthday this week.

Surprise Birthday Party Invitation Wording

Birthday invitation wording: An invite that reads "Shh...It's a surprise"

Design: PrettyMeJoy

If you’re spearheading the mission impossible of throwing a surprise birthday party, you’ll have to keep all invitation wording under lock and key. To prevent your friends from spilling the beans, try sending invitations with these (quite obvious) hints:

  • Your lips better be sealed: We’re hosting a surprise 40th birthday party for Thomas.
  • Classified information: Join us for a surprise party for Janet’s 60th!
  • Gather together, co-conspirators: Our mission is to keep Bella’s 25th’s surprise party under wraps.
  • Psst … It’s a secret! Now, how do you say “Happy birthday!” in morse code?
  • Shhh … it’s a cloak and dagger affair: Join us for a surprise party for Allen’s 35th birthday bash.

Invitation Wording Ideas for High School and College Birthdays

Birthday invitation wording: An invite that reads "Pamela's 21st Birthday"

Design: Claudia Owen

Some of the best birthdays of your life can be celebrated throughout high school and into college. You have so many milestones to celebrate: getting your driver’s license, gaining the right to vote, and turning the legal drinking age. As you shimmy, dance, and shake your way through your teens and into your twenties, try sending out invitations with these fun announcements:

  • Sip, sip, hurray — it’s finally my 21st birthday!
  • It’s Taco Twenty-TWOsday! Join me as I kick off my birthday fiesta. (Sombreros welcome, but not required).
  • It’s my sweet 16! Come celebrate as I get behind the wheel for the first time (no need to be afraid).
  • I’m turning 17! One more year until I can vote, 18 more years ’till I become president.
  • My 21st birthday is finally here, and gifts are 100% accepted — Tylenol, Gatorade, and Advil requested.
  • Oh for goodness sake, let’s just eat some gluten already. Join me for my 18th birthday, and let me eat cake!
  • I may not be legal, but at least I’m not a teenager anymore. Join me for a night out for my 20th birthday bash.
  • I’m turning 21 and doing it right — come out and help me remember any important details of the night!

Adult Birthday Invitation Wording

Birthday invitation wording: An invite that reads "Let's celebrate Allison's 30th"

Design: Jessica Williams

Some say that after college, the only important birthdays end in five or zero. Well excuse us, but we believe every — and yes, we mean every — adult birthday should be celebrated. Peruse these invitation wording ideas to invite your family, friends, and loved ones over for your annual birthday bash.

  • I’m thirty, flirty, and thriving — join me as I wave goodbye to my twenties.
  • I’m wild, single, and still free, join me as I turn thirty-three.
  • My roaring twenties are drawing to a close. Help me celebrate as I turn 29!
  • On this day your Queen was born, and she requires the gift of your presence (yes, I totally just spoke of myself in the third person).
  • I’m 45 and feelin’ alive, come join me as I waltz into the second half of my forties.
  • I’m aging like a fine glass of wine (and plan on drinking plenty of ’em). Join me for my 30th birthday!
  • Oh, hey-ooo, I’m turning the big 3-oh! Come out on the town as I toast to my thirties. (We’ll be back in bed by 10, I promise).
  • There’s absolutely no reason to act your age. Join me for my thirt — twenty-first birthday bash.
  • It’s my dirty thirty, join me Saturday night for lots of birthday fun.
  • 39 and lookin’ fine, come clink some glasses and pour some wine. Come over for a small get together for the last year of my thirties!

Birthday Wording for Milestone Celebrations

Birthday invitation wording: An invite that reads "The big five oh"

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Every decade, it’s fun to stop, take a look around, and celebrate another ten years of life, love, and surprises. Whether you’re throwing a birthday celebration for your parents, favorite aunt, or grandma who doesn’t act a day over 22, these milestone birthday invitation ideas will gather everyone together for the event.

  • Eat, drink, and turn sixty — join us as we wish Karen a very special 60th birthday!
  • Raise your glasses (and one finger) to the ultimate F word: Carole is turning fifty!
  • Life? She’s totally nailed it — Betty is turning ninety!
  • She’s turning 50 and is totally fab, gather with us for Lily’s party (held at our pad).
  • Let’s toast to cheers, beers, and another 50 years! Judy is turning half a century old, and we’re asking you to celebrate with us.
  • Cheers to 40 years! Join us for a dinner party and cocktails as Jenn hits the big 4-Ohhhh.
  • 60 and aged to perfection. Let’s raise our wine glasses in honor of Brad’s 60th birthday.
  • Not everyone gets to turn 39 … twice! Join us for Jessica’s second last year of her thirties.

3-2-1, Your Birthday Countdown Has Officially Begun 

From all of us at Greenvelope, we hope you have an absolutely wonderful birthday. Once you choose your birthday invitation wording, it’s time to select your invitation design. Luckily for you, Greenvelope has over 400 birthday designs for every annual milestone. Simply select your card, customize the text with your chosen invitation wording, and send it to all your family and friends.

Greenvelope fires off your invitations to your guests’ inboxes in just a few minutes. Using our advanced guest tracking system, you can message guests, track RSVPs, and send reminders for the big event. Now all you have to do is stay patient as you countdown to the celebration.