Teddy bear theme baby shower: Baby Bear Invitation with baby accessories

There’s nothing more adorable than a sweet little teddy bear, just sitting and waiting to greet its new best friend. With such lovely imagery and cuddly softness, it’s no surprise that teddy bear theme baby showers are so popular.

If you’re thinking of throwing a teddy bear-themed celebration for the soon-to-be parents, we have all the inspiration you need. Here are some of our favorite baby shower ideas to help you put together a stunning teddy bear-themed get-together. 

Super-Sweet Teddy Bear Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Teddy bear theme baby shower: Baby Bear Greenery Invitation

Design: Anupama Srivastava

What really makes a baby shower special are the people, but adorable decor can help you set the scene and create the perfect atmosphere for a teddy bear baby shower. Here are some of our favorite themed ideas for baby shower decorations, so you can accessorize your space in style. 

Pastel Color Scheme

We love the idea of sticking with pastels for a teddy bear theme baby shower. Soft blues, pinks, yellows, and greens all work so well alongside complementary neutrals. These colors create that “warm and fuzzy” feeling, and can also be integrated well with woodland elements for a more rustic take on the theme. 

Use your pastel color scheme to help you buy the right party supplies — from tableware to confetti and baby shower signs. You can continue the color theme across the party too, and serve up delicious pastel desserts and fruit punch for your guests. 

Plenty of Teddy Bears

It wouldn’t be a teddy bear theme baby shower without bears, would it? Make sure you have a huge collection of super-soft teddy bears at your celebration. 

You can feature teddy bears through your baby shower decor and styling. Use a giant teddy bear to welcome your guests to the event, and use tiny ones in place of confetti on your tables. Stack teddy bears alongside baby blocks to create a baby shower centerpiece, or have them stand guard on your candy table. The possibilities are endless for these adorable stuffed animals. 

Banners and Balloons

Balloons and banners are wonderful party decorations — especially if you want to keep your theming simple and relaxed. They add color, interest, and fun to your event, without you needing to invest a lot in one-time party supplies and decor items. 

The key to making the most of your balloons is to add variety. Stage an entrance with a balloon archway, or hang balloons along a string to create a garland for a sweet photo backdrop. Use a mix of baby shower balloons and teddy bear balloons throughout your event decor to really bring the theme to life. 

Fun Teddy Bear Theme Baby Shower Party Games and Activities

Teddy bear theme baby shower: Baby Essentials Invitation

Design: Milk and Marrow

One of the best things about baby showers is playing exciting games and activities together. It’s a fun way to build up anticipation for the joy that’ll come when the baby arrives. Here are some engaging themed baby shower games for your teddy bear party. 

Make Your Own Teddy Bear

Bring that mall experience home with an in-house teddy bear-making session. Buy teddy bear stuffing kits online and pass them out to your party guests so you can all create your own. Add a memento or token inside the bear, or personalize it with some embroidery, as a way to remember the moment. Keep these as a sweet activity, or turn it into a competition to see who can make theirs the fastest, or personalize theirs in the most unusual way. 

Teddy Bear Diaper Race

See who can dress a teddy bear in a diaper the fastest with this quick-paced party game. Blindfold your party guests and invite them to a race — whoever successfully puts the diaper on the teddy bear wins. For an extra challenge, use tiny teddy bears and diapers instead, or add an outfit to put on too.

Themed Cupcake Decorating

For something a little more relaxed, sit down with the guest of honor and their loved ones to decorate cupcakes. This is a lovely way to spend time chatting, laughing, and talking about all things baby while you ice and decorate some delicious cakes. 

Delicious Treats for Your Teddy Bear Theme Baby Shower

Wood You Join Us Invitation

Design: Merimoi Press

It’s not a party without something tasty to eat, and with a teddy bear-themed party you can really have some fun with the food and drinks you serve up. Here are some ideas to help you plan a winning menu.

Themed Baby Shower Cake

If there’s something that can really make your baby shower theme shine, it’s a beautifully crafted teddy bear cake. Whether you bake it yourself or commission something special from a talented local baker, a shaped cake or one with a teddy bear topper not only looks great as decor but tastes delicious too. 

Teddy Bear-Shaped Pizzas

For a savory dish that’s ideal for a baby shower, serve your guests pizza. Not just any pizza though — teddy bear-shaped pizza. Create adult-sized pizzas or sweet mini teddy bear pizzas as a snack. Make some dough and have a selection of classic toppings ready for guests to use to personalize their pies.

Candy and Ice-Cream Bar

Finish off the food by inviting your guests to a candy and ice cream bar. Offer lots of pastel ice creams with candy to use as toppings or to enjoy separately. Have some all-important gummy bears in rainbow colors on hand, alongside a variety of the guest of honor’s favorite childhood candy and chocolate. You can also encourage your guests to take home sweets in a favor bag. 

Thoughtful Teddy Bear Baby Shower Favors

The guest or guests of honor will likely receive lots of beautiful gifts at the baby shower, but it’s just as sweet to send your guests home with a token of gratitude too. Take a look at these baby shower favor ideas to inspire your own gift-giving. 

Gummy Bears

Classic gummy bears are always a great idea when it comes to teddy bear theme baby shower favors. You could opt for a giant gummy bear for each guest or a jar filled with them with a personalized label. Use this as a small thank you gift, or as part of a bigger favor bag or box for your guests. 

Personalized Teddy Bears

If you have a little more budget to play with, look into getting some teddy bears personalized with your guests’ names or initials. This is a lovely way to give them a keepsake to remember the day by, and something that will always remind them of the soon-to-be new arrival. 

Jars of Local Honey

Bears love honey, and so do many of us humans. For a really practical and totally delicious party favor idea, give your guests a jar of local honey to enjoy at home. Create your own DIY stickers or labels to commemorate the event, and include a recipe or serving idea for them to try. 

Adorable Teddy Bear Theme Baby Shower Invitations

If there’s something we love, it’s matching your invitations to your baby shower theme. Get your guests excited about the celebration with these beautiful teddy bear baby shower invitations. Plus, these online invitations are easy to personalize for a truly customized experience. 

Teddy Bear Hearts Invitation

Teddy Bear Hearts Invitation

Design: Mint Parcel

This Teddy Bear Hearts invitation is simply the cutest. That fuzzy little teddy bear surrounded by hearts just fills us with joy. Stick with this sweet blue, or choose the perfect color match for your event. 

Balloon Bear Invitation

Teddy bear theme baby shower: Balloon Bear Invitation

Design: Melissa Egan Design

Get carried away with this charming Balloon Bear invitation. With such a sweet little face and gorgeous watercolor effects, this invitation is ideal for a beautiful teddy bear-themed baby shower. 

Baby Bear Invitation

Teddy bear theme baby shower: Baby Bear Invitation

Design: Colin Cowie

Opt for something more classic with this Baby Bear invitation. We love the detail on this curious illustrated bear, and the glamorous spot background and stylish font options. It all comes together to create an invite with a very regal atmosphere. 

Celebrate a Joyful Moment with These Teddy Bear Theme Baby Shower Ideas

There’s so much to be excited about when there’s a new baby on the way. Help the guest or guests of honor feel relaxed and full of joy by planning an unforgettable themed baby shower. 

Use these party ideas to help you style the event space, plan games, and create a fun menu that ties the event together. Then, when you’re ready to spread the word, customize one of our adorable teddy bear-themed baby shower invitations to make it happen.