Adoption party ideas: family having a picnic party

The adoption process is different for everyone. For some, it can take years while for others it can seem to go by in a flash. Whatever your experience has been with adoption, welcoming home a new child to your family is one of the most special moments in your lifetime. 

Whether you’re adopting a newborn or a teenager (or even a fur baby), these adoption party ideas — including party theme ideas, DIY party decorations, and foods will help you celebrate this momentous occasion. 

6 Magical Adoption Party Ideas

Adoption party ideas: couple carrying their children

Like the adoption process itself, adoption parties can vary from family to family. Some like to celebrate with a “Happy Gotcha Day” celebration each year on the day the child joined the new family. Others prefer to call the event Finalization Day to reflect the end of a long journey and the beginning of a new adventure. Other families like to call the day Adoption Day, Homecoming Day, or Family Day. 

Whatever you choose, these adoption party ideas are a great way to gather with loved ones and share the beauty of this moment. Whether you’re hosting a baby shower party to welcome home your adoptive bundle of joy or looking for adoption party ideas for an older child, you’ll find something that works for you.

1. Missing Puzzle Piece Adoption Party

Adoption party ideas: Mod Geometrics Announcement

Design: Claudia Owen (photo courtesy of Angela & Evan Photography)

Invitation Pick: Mod Geometrics Announcement

A “Missing Piece” adoption party is a great way to celebrate the new addition that completes your world. Set the scene by incorporating puzzle-themed decor in your event space. You can use modern geometric shapes to create an artsy air for an older child, or you can make it more whimsical for a young child with DIY puzzle piece garland and vibrant colors in your decor.

For this adoption baby shower theme, set out puzzles on every table and let guests form teams to see who can finish the puzzle the fastest. The winner can take home a special painting made by the child or a tasty treat. 

For food, decorate cupcakes and arrange them to look like a puzzle. You can simply arrange them with similar frosting colors or create a design. You can also work with a caterer to create a puzzle featuring a photo of your adoptive family.

2. Officially Ours Adoption Party

Adoption party ideas: Officially Ours Announcement

Design: Monika Drachal

Invitation Pick: Officially Ours Announcement

Show how proud you are to be new adoptive parents with a fun take on the new little love being officially yours. While you can send an “Officially Ours” party invitation, you can also consider an “O-Fish-ally Ours” party with an underwater theme that will make any young child feel right at home. 

For DIY decor, hang a large piece of blue butcher paper on the wall or use a blue sheet. Using construction paper, cut out fish and other sea creature shapes like octopi, starfish, and turtles. Glue the shapes onto the butcher paper or sheet for a cute backdrop.

You can also hang streamers in ocean colors like green and blue around the room. Decorate with balloons, sprinkle blue confetti on tabletops, and use paper plates with sea themes to complete the look. For food, you can check out these inspirational ideas, which include mermaid cupcakes, grape and kiwi turtles, and starfish peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

3. Written in the Stars Adoption Event

Be Ours Invitation

Design: Creo Study

Invitation Pick: Be Ours Invitation

Feel like fate brought you together? Celebrate an adopted child or foster care child with a Written in the Stars adoption shower. This party blends whimsy and glamour for a fun event that shows family members just how special this day is. Use twine to hang metallic stars and shimmering moons throughout the room. 

Play fun baby shower games like trivia or nursery rhyme quizzes. Serve sweet treats like gold-dusted cupcakes or a birthday cake featuring glittering stars. You can also cut sandwiches into star shapes or serve croissants decorated to look like the crescent moon. Star photo frames featuring a picture of the adopted child make excellent decor items and they can double as keepsakes or party favors for guests.

4. Family Tree Party

Adoption Shower Invitation

Design: Jen Owens Illustration

Invitation Pick: Adoption Shower Invitation

With this fun party theme, the decor should center on trees. Tape a large piece of butcher paper to the wall and draw the outline of a large tree. Set up a photo booth where family members can snap a photo of themselves and tape it to their spot on the family tree. Alternatively, you can have guests fill out a family tree book that you can give to your adoptive child as a keepsake.

A fun activity can also include painting picture frames and letting guests snap a photo in a booth. They can take home the frame at the end of the day to remember the special moment. For snacks, consider tree-shaped cupcakes or opt for a photo cake featuring a picture of the entire family. 

5. Our Sunshine Adoption Celebration Party

Adoption party ideas: Our Sunshine Announcement

Design: Jen Montgomery (photo courtesy of Angela and Evan Photography)

Invitation Pick: Our Sunshine Announcement

Let your new family member shine with this adoption party idea. Use colors like yellow and orange to create a cheerful space—think vibrant yellow tablecloths and paper suns throughout the room. Place a large chalkboard at the entryway and tie yellow and orange balloons to the stand. Write a sweet message like “Join us in welcoming our ray of sunshine” to greet guests. If you don’t have time to make your own decor, you can order streamers and balloons from sites like Etsy and Amazon or look for free printables online for easy decor.

To carry the sunny theme with your food and drinks, focus on vibrant fruits, colorful veggies, and lemonade and mimosas.

6. Fur Baby Party

Adoption party ideas: Fur Baby Announcement

Design: Milk and Marrow

Invitation Pick: Fur Baby Announcement

Adoption parties aren’t just for humans. If you’re bringing home a new furry family member, this is a great adoption theme party idea. Get your “pawty” on with party decorations featuring adorable paw prints and other animal-centric motifs. 

Let everyone in on the fun with a doggy (or kitty) photo shoot where guests can take a snap with the new fur baby. You can set up a photo booth, hire a professional photographer, or enlist the help of a friend. If you want, consider inviting friends and family with their own pets to make it a fun multi-species celebration.

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Adoption party ideas: mom carrying a baby

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