Maid of honor proposal: two women hugging each other

Whether you have a wedding date set or not, one of the first things many couples get excited about is asking their BFFs to join their wedding party. If you’re ready to make a maid of honor (or matron of honor) proposal to someone special, we know just how to make the moment unforgettable. 

Explore these ideas on how and where to ask, plus discover maid of honor proposal gifts to include when you ask the big question, “Will you be my maid of honor?”

Maid of Honor Proposal: 14 Fabulous Ideas

Maid of honor proposal: two women having a toast

Before you and your fiance say “I do,” you first need to ask your best friend if she’ll accept your maid of honor proposal. Here are 14 ways to surprise and delight her. Bonus: You can use these as bridesmaid proposal ideas, too!

1. Ask the Question Over Dinner and Drinks

For a relaxed way to ask the big question, invite your BFF over for drinks and a casual dinner. Make a toast to express how special she is, and then ask if she would do you the honor of being your maid of honor. To mark the occasion, you could give her an engraved wine tumbler with a bottle of wine to take home.

2. Send a Maid of Honor Box

While not necessary, a maid of honor proposal is always nicer with a gift. Much like a bridesmaid proposal box, a maid of honor gift box is typically filled with treats like scented candles, makeup bags, bath bombs, hair ties, and chocolate. You can put together your own DIY version with pretty confetti and tissue paper or try a pre-made bridesmaid proposal gift box that you can personalize with stickers and a handwritten note.

3. Write a Maid of Honor Proposal Letter

For a more traditional approach, consider writing a proposal letter. Ask your bestie to be part of your big day with words from the heart. Use the space within your letter to reflect on happy memories and share your excitement about the journey that’s still to come. 

4. Surprise Her with Personalized Jewelry

Ask your bestie to be part of your wedding party with a lovely piece of jewelry. Opt for a monogram design for a timeless gift, or “MOH” for a fun memento of the special day. Think about her favorite type of jewelry and what will work best for your wedding color scheme. For example, a dainty rose gold necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings would complement a variety of bridesmaid dresses. Personalized jewelry also makes a lovely bridal party gift for the rehearsal dinner or as a thank-you for the bridal shower

5. Ask with a Proposal Puzzle

For a little fun, surprise your maid of honor with a proposal puzzle. Ask her to help you complete it, then watch as she realizes what it says. You can find proposal puzzles on websites like Etsy, or try making your own jigsaw puzzle if you feel crafty.

6. Host a Shindig for the Entire Wedding Party

Want to go big with your maid of honor proposal? Plan a fun event for your entire wedding party. You can pretend it’s an engagement party or casual get-together and use the opportunity to surprise your guests — including your would-be bridesmaids, bridesmen, and groomsmen— by asking them to be part of your big day

7. Enjoy a Spa Day

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Some of the best gifts aren’t things — they’re experiences. For an experiential proposal, whisk away your BFF for a spa day of manis, pedis, facials, and massages. The good news is that you can always modify the activities to suit your budget. For instance, create an at-home spa experience with DIY treatments like sheet masks, eye masks, foot soaks, and hair masks.

8. Send Flowers with a Note

Flowers are a delightful gift for any occasion, and a maid of honor proposal is no exception. Deliver a dreamy bouquet by hand and pop the big question, or work with a local florist to send a special arrangement and handwritten note by mail. 

9. Make a Scrapbook of Memories

You and your best friend have so many lovely memories together. Celebrate all the amazing times you’ve had by making a scrapbook or photo album of your journey so far. On the last page, ask if she’ll be your maid of honor. Not only is this a unique gift for a maid of honor proposal, but it’s a sweet keepsake too. 

10. Send Personalized Cookies by Mail

Baked goods are always popular, especially if you can tie them into a fun moment like a maid of honor proposal. Bake some cookies and ice them with “Be my MOH?” or order sweet treats online and have them delivered. Send some personalized goodies to your chosen friend and encourage them to enjoy this tasty maid of honor gift

11. Ask with a Customized Bottle of Wine

A bottle of wine or bubbly with a personalized wine label makes a great maid of honor (or bridesmaid proposal gift). Your loved ones can open it up and toast their new role or keep it as a memento. If you want to make it an even bigger gift, add in some beautiful champagne flutes or a wine glass gift set

12. Take a Tour of the Wedding Venue

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Taking your proposed maid of honor on a tour of the wedding day venue with a toast or light lunch afterward is a lovely way to pop the question. This might be more difficult if you’re hosting a destination wedding, so in that case, make a slideshow and take them on a virtual tour before you make the ask. 

13. Write a Fun Maid of Honor Proposal Poem

If you’re not sure about writing a maid of honor proposal letter, perhaps a poem would do the trick. You can joke about the chaos of wedding planning or go heartfelt and express how grateful you are for their love and support. Take a look at these bridesmaid proposal poems to get inspiration for your own words. 

14. Send a Personalized Maid of Honor Proposal Card

Happy Paint Speckles Card

Design: Signature Greenvelope

One of the most thoughtful (and easiest) ways to ask someone to be your maid of honor is with a digital card. You can craft a personalized message without ever worrying about wasting paper, postage, or time. 

Greenvelope offers a beautiful collection of online designs (including bridesmaid proposal cards) that you can customize into your own unique maid of honor proposal card. You can also include a gift card to her favorite restaurant, shop, or service. 

Make Your Maid of Honor Proposal Moment Special

Asking someone to be your maid of honor is a special moment. We hope these proposal and gift ideas help you find the perfect way to surprise your best friend

For the timeliest option, you can’t go wrong with an online card. Choose your favorite design, change the colors, and customize the wording to turn any template into a beautiful, personalized maid of honor proposal card that’s sure to have her say “yes!”