How to write a thank you note: different kinds of thank you cards

People love feeling appreciated and sending a thank you card is a thoughtful way to express your gratitude. There are some obvious moments for sending a card — like after receiving a wedding gift or birthday present. But there are other times when sending such sentiments can be a sweet surprise — such as sending a thank you note to someone who inspired you to make an important change.

To help you find the right words, we’re sharing some tips on how to write a thank you note to someone special for whatever reason. Be it a brief handwritten note, lengthy letter, or digital card, these wording ideas will help you share your personal message of thanks. 

When to Send a Thank You Note

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There are many moments when sending a thank you note is appropriate. Some of the most popular reasons to thank someone with a card is because they offered you support during a difficult time or celebrated with you during a celebratory moment, such as a birthday party, baby shower, bridal shower, or wedding. A thank you note is also ideal to send after a job interview.

That said, there doesn’t have to be a big moment for you to send a thank you note. Perhaps a friend picked up groceries for you or introduced you to a potential employer. Maybe your neighbor took your pet for a walk while you were at an appointment or watered your plants while you were away. There’s always room for gratitude. 

How to Write a Thank You Note

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You know you want to say thank you to someone, but finding the words doesn’t always come easily. Here’s how to write a thank you note to let your recipient know just how grateful you are. 

Start with a Greeting

Every great thank you note starts with a salutation. The one you choose should reflect your relationship with the recipient and the reason for sending the card.

If you’re writing to a close friend to thank them for helping you move into a new apartment, “Hey [Name]” can work as a casual opener. For a family member who sent a generous wedding gift, “Dear [Name]” works well. If you’re writing to a hiring manager about the job interview you recently had, “Dear [Title] [Surname]” might be most appropriate. 

Express Your Thanks

Next, express gratitude and appreciation for what this person has done for you. This section doesn’t have to be long — especially if you’re both aware of the reason for sending thanks. 

A short and sweet “Thanks so much for the birthday gift!” is appropriate for a post-party thank you note. For someone who’s supported you through a recent challenge, “Thank you for being there for me” works well. 

Add a Personal Note

You can leave your message at “thank you” but often there’s more to say. Here’s where you’ll add to your line of thanks with a personal note that details exactly what you’re thankful for and why. 

Include specific details, like “I’ll always remember the way you helped me at [location]” or “I couldn’t have gone through this time alone.” When writing a thank you note for gifts, mention the gift and how you’ll use it. For instance, you might write “I can’t wait to spend this gift card at [Store] to buy new supplies for my latest creation.”

End with a Warm Sign Off

Conclude your thank you note with a warm closing. Like your first line, this should reflect the relationship you have with the recipient and the message you wrote within. 

For a loved one or close friend, “With love” is a fitting conclusion. If you’re writing about a job interview, “Best regards” or “Warm regards” are both good options. Say a few versions out loud to figure out which works best with the rest of your thank you note message. 

Thoughtful Thank You Note Wording Ideas

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Sometimes having a thank you card template is the best way to kickstart your message. Take a look at these sample thank you messages and note examples to help you put together your own personal version. 

Short and Sweet Thank Yous

Your thank you note doesn’t always have to be long or detailed. Sometimes it’s enough to send a text message or email just to say thanks. Here’s how to write a thank you note that’s brief but earnest: 

  • Thank you for being there, [Name].
  • Thanks so much for helping me with [experience]!
  • I’m so grateful for you, [Name].
  • Thanks again for your help! 
  • Sending you love and gratitude for your support.
  • Thanks as always, [Name]!

Thank You for a Gift

Whenever you receive a gift, a thank you note is a lovely expression that goes beyond simply saying the words. Whether it’s a wedding gift, baby shower gift, or birthday gift, the desire to express appreciation is the same. Here’s how to say thank you for a gift: 

  • Thank you for such a beautiful wedding gift, [Name]. 
  • Thanks for the incredible [item], [Name]! It’ll be put to good use!
  • Thank you for your generous gift. We can’t wait to use [item]! 
  • Thank you for your thoughtful gift, [Name]. It means a lot to me! 
  • I can’t believe you bought me a [gift]! I’m so excited, I’ve wanted one forever.
  • Words can’t describe how grateful I am for your generous gift of [amount]. It’ll go a long way towards saving for [desired item or experience].

Thank You for Support

From our closest loved ones and family members to acquaintances and coworkers, there are people who provide comfort and support during difficult times or other life-changing moments. If someone’s helped you or supported you recently, send a short thank you note to express your gratitude. Here are some wording ideas to say thanks for their act of kindness

  • The last few months have been tough. It’s been an incredible comfort to have you around, [Name]. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  • Thank you for supporting me on my journey to [goal]. I couldn’t do it without you! 
  • [Name], you deserve endless thanks for all your help with my studies. I finally achieved the grades I’ve always wanted! 
  • I’m so grateful for everything you do, but especially for your support with [task/event]. It means a lot to me and I appreciate you.
  • You’ve been my rock ever since [event]. Thank you for always being there for me. 
  • There’s nobody like you, [Name]. Thank you for being an incredible friend to me. 

Thank You for Attending an Event

Sending a thank you message after an event remains popular, whether it’s a handwritten letter or a quick text message. Here’s how to write a thank you note to someone who attended your event: 

  • Thank you for coming to my birthday party! It was wonderful to see you.
  • It meant a lot to [Name] that you could make it to celebrate her upcoming wedding. Thank you from the [Name] family. 
  • I didn’t think I’d see you at the [event]. Thank you for making the extra effort. I’m so glad you were there!
  • Thanks so much for coming to my baby shower, [Name]! The gift you chose was adorable! 
  • It was an honor to welcome you as a guest at the conference, [Name]. Thank you for being a key part of it.
  • Hosting an event like that isn’t easy, but your presence brought such warmth. Thank you for being there, [Name]. 

Thank You for an Interview

When searching for a job, it’s usually recommended to write a thank you email or note to the hiring manager after the job interview. It’s a great way to stay on their mind and to express thanks for their time. Here’s how to do it: 

  • Thank you for your time, [Name]. It was wonderful to meet you and the rest of the team.
  • I’ve never felt more welcomed into a workplace than when I walked through the door at [Company]. Thank you for being such incredible hosts.
  • Thank you for meeting with me and for listening so intently through my interview presentation. I loved the question you asked about [topic]. 
  • I’m grateful for the chance to interview with such a prestigious company. Thank you for your time. 
  • Thank you so much for your time and generosity, [Name]. It would be amazing to work alongside you. 
  • It was an honor to meet with you today. I’m grateful for the time we spent together, and hope it’s the beginning of a great partnership. 

Thank You for a Service

Sometimes we’ve enjoyed a service so much that it deserves a heartfelt thank you. Maybe you’ve hired fantastic caterers for your wedding, or an entertainer brought your child’s birthday party to life. Here’s how to write a thank you note for a service provided: 

  • The way you styled the [item] for our [event] was incredible. You’re the best. Thank you!
  • Thank you so much for your hard work at [event]. It didn’t go unnoticed and I’m forever grateful.
  • Thank you, [Name]. You’ve been our favorite vendor to work with. We’re excited to recommend you to all our friends! 
  • Thank you for giving me peace of mind and looking after our beloved [pet/plants] while we were away.
  • Thank you for your dedication and thoughtful service at [event]. You made the day beautiful. 
  • Your approach to customer service left me speechless, and I hope that your manager rewards you appropriately. 
  • Five stars all the way! Thank you, [Name] for the best [massage/manicure/facial] I’ve ever had. 

It’s up to you how you express your gratitude. You could send a handwritten letter or notecard by snail mail, an online greeting card, or a text message to say thank you. Find the medium that best matches the moment and your relationship with the recipient. 

Express Your Gratitude with a Sincere Thank You Note

There are so many wonderful ways to say thank you, and we’ve covered just a few of them in this guide. Use our tips to help you write your own thank you note, or borrow some of our sample wording ideas and make them your own. 

If it’s time to send your heartfelt thank you message on its way, choose one of our online thank you cards to help you do it. Our collection has a card for every moment, and each can be customized. Change the layout, colors, and wording to create something that feels as personal as your note.