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From your first conversation, you knew it was meant to be. The number one thing that attracted you to your soon-to-be partner for life was their sense of humor. And now that your big day is drawing near, you’re thinking that funny wedding invitations would be extremely fitting for your love story.

Your wedding day is the ideal opportunity to keep that humor rolling. Here’s your guide to funny wedding invitations — what to write, how to approach important details, and how to customize your invites to match your personality perfectly.

What to Write on Your Funny Wedding Invitations 

Funny wedding invitations: Open Bar Invitation

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Having fun with your phrasing doesn’t have to be reserved only for bachelorette party invitations or relaxed bridal shower invites. Your wedding day — and wedding invites — should represent your personality too. If having a good laugh is important to you, there’s no reason not to include a funny one-liner or clever pun on your invitation suite, from your wedding announcements to your funny save the date cards.

Here are a few short funny wedding invitation wording examples to make your guests smile:

  • We’re getting hitched! Be there on October 20th … or else!
  • Prepare yourself for hijinks and surprises at the wedding of the year.
  • Join us as we say goodbye to the fun times and hello to married life!
  • We can’t believe we want to get married either … but here we are!
  • Save our wedding date. If we forget it, we can always ask you.
  • We’re tying the knot and there’s an open bar — what else do you need to know? 
  • Witness our vows to annoy the hell out of each other for the rest of our lives!
  • Sh** just got real. Join us on our big day on September 31st.
  • Never again will our parents ask us why we’re still single. That alone is worth saying “I do.”
  • Come and watch us laugh while we try to say our “I dos.”
  • Free beer! Oh, and a wedding too.
  • It’s time to party and make a scene on the dance floor. 
  • Come celebrate our decision to (hopefully) not die alone! 
  • We’re excited about years of gifts on wedding anniversaries. Turns out you need to have a wedding first, so here we go!
  • We’re vowing to put up with each other for life. Will you put up with us (and our photographers) for one evening?
  • Say cheers and drink beers with us on our wedding day
  • Love free drinks? We do too! Please join us to toast our happily ever after.

How to Share Important Details Without Ruining the Fun Vibes

Jubilant Invitation

Design: Lisa McLean Design

Your invited guests love to have a good time — just like you do. But your wedding day will likely have a few earnest moments too. For instance, you’ll want to get a few once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunities, you’ll want all eyes on you as you walk down the aisle, and you’ll want everyone to hear the wedding toasts

Sometimes, it can feel a bit stiff to ask your fellow guests to put their phones away, quiet down, or respond promptly with their RSVP. However, there are some fun, offbeat ways to get your point across in your funny wedding invitations. In fact, by writing your wedding invitation wording with a sense of humor, you can cherish those more matter-of-fact moments without bringing the party to a halt. 

To keep your guests laughing and enjoying their evening, try these upbeat phrases on your unique wedding invitations:

  • To encourage people to RSVP by the due date: Please respond by May 6th. If you respond on or after May 7th, you’ll have to figure out your own food and seating arrangements!
  • To remind your friends that an open bar still has limits: Please enjoy our open bar, but remember that we paid professional photographers thousands of dollars to capture your drunken moments. For all time. 
  • To inform your guests that an open bar does not mean a full bar: Drinks are on us! Unless you do shots — that’s on you. Weddings are expensive!
  • To direct people where to sit at your wedding ceremony: Grab a seat, either side, you’re loved by both the groom and bride.
  • To remind guests to be respectful of magical moments: My fiance waited 10,367 days for this. We want to see your faces in the wedding photos, not your phones.
  • To get guests to plan ahead for a destination wedding: The best wedding gift you can give us is getting your passport in time. Especially if you’re part of the wedding party. So get your sh*t together now!
  • To remind guests that it’s a themed wedding: It’s a Halloween wedding, so it’s time to get spooky. Forget traditional wedding guest outfits — wear something unusual and fun!
  • To encourage guests to visit your wedding website: Before you ask, check our wedding website — we’ve got almost every detail listed there.
  • To ensure you get to see every last photo: We can’t get enough of ourselves. So please tag any photos on social media with #WillBeWed 

Fun Phrasing for Questions on Your Wedding RSVP Cards

Ready For Cake Invitation

Design: Solmade Studio

It seems as though one of the most stressful components of wedding planning is tracking RSVPs. Or better put: tracking down your guests to get their RSVPs. 

With online invitations from Greenvelope, you can say bye-bye to the stress of tracking RSVPs. With our advanced guest tracking system, you know when your guests receive, open, and respond to your invitations. 

Plus, unlike printable wedding invitation cards, there’s no need to hassle Aunt Carole for not mailing her RSVP card on time. Guests can simply click “yes” or “no” upon receiving their invite. For those who respond “yes” to your funny wedding card, your big day can be automatically added to their calendar. It’s RSVP made easy.

What’s more, you can include funny survey questions (and receive hilarious responses) with your RSVPs. Here are some creative questions that you can customize for your own invitation:

  • To ask guests to submit a song to the DJ for the wedding reception: What’s it going to take to get you to bust a dance move? Write your favorite jams below. 
  • To ask their meal preference: Dinner’s on us. What’s your order? 
  • To ask about any allergies or intolerances: Weddings are for fun and dancing — not hurling and rashes! Do you have any food allergies or intolerances we need to know about?
  • To ask for evening snack ideas: We know snacks are the real deal. What should we stock the tables with for after-dinner treats?
  • To ask for the name of their “plus one” if they have one: Who are you bringing to this wedding then, [Name]?
  • To get the best marriage advice before your big day: What’s the best piece of advice you have for us on our big day? Just please don’t talk us out of it — we already paid the caterer. 
  • To get date night ideas: We said “Until death do us part,” so we want to keep our marriage alive. What’s a fun date idea we can use as newlyweds? 
  • To get suggestions for future kids’ names: We aren’t ready to graduate from being paw parents just yet, but if our puppy had a human brother or sister, what should the name be? 

How to Customize a Funny Wedding Invite

Dancin' Shoes Invitation

Design: Loree Mayer Design

With Greenvelope, you can make virtually any wedding invitation design a funny one. Simply select the design you want, customize it with your color scheme, then change the text to include a pun or funny one-liner.

With so many different wedding invitation templates available — from retro to contemporary, elegant to boho, eye-catching to minimalist — you’re sure to find a design to match your own personal style. And yes, that includes a dramatic all-black wedding, a charming rustic wedding, a vibrant rainbow wedding, or an elegant gothic wedding.

Cheers to Years of Laughter

Your wedding day is a chance to express your love of laughter as much as it is to celebrate your love. If laughter plays a major role in your relationship, consider funny wedding invitations and wedding ideas that capture your sense of humor.

Once you find a wedding invitation design you love, customize it with your own color and layout options, then sprinkle some of your joy throughout with funny wedding invitation wording. You’re sure to make your guests smile and create happy memories of your special day to last a lifetime.