Rainbow wedding theme: bride and groom walking while guests throw confetti

Rainbows are all around these days. These bright, sunny reminders of beautiful things to come make perfect sense as a wedding theme. This is one wedding trend that’s likely to stick around, thanks to its joyful energy. Whether you want to add a sprinkle of color to your big day or go all-in on the rainbow wedding theme, we’re here to help.

Take a look at our collection of rainbow wedding ideas and tips for inspiration to help you build the colorful wedding day of your dreams. 

17 of Our Favorite Rainbow Wedding Theme Ideas

You can introduce a rainbow theme in so many different ways — from your wedding stationery to your flowers, from your venue decor to your wedding cake. Here’s all the rainbow wedding inspiration you’ll need to transform your plans into reality. 

1. Rainbow Wedding Theme Save the Dates

Rainbow wedding theme: Mod Mood Save the Date

Design: Ashley DeMeyere Design

If you have your heart set on a rainbow wedding theme, introduce this to your guests with rainbow-themed save the dates. This is a fun way to get them excited about what’s to come on the big day itself. 

At Greenvelope, we have lots of beautiful save the dates that work for a rainbow theme — including this Mod Mood Save the Date. You can also customize most of our invite designs to add your signature wedding colors, whether they’re rainbow bright or subtle pastel shades. 

2. Rainbow Aisle Carpet

Make a big statement at your wedding ceremony by replacing the traditional aisle carpet with a brightly colored version. Seek out a design that features rainbow stripes or an ombré from red to violet. If there won’t be a carpet or changing it up isn’t an option, use floral arrangements with colors in rainbow order along the aisle to create a similar effect. 

3. Colorful Wedding Website

Another way to celebrate your love for all things rainbow is to personalize your wedding website with plenty of color. Find a template that works for your style, then customize the colors to include your favorite shades. You can also upload photos of the two of you in brightly colored outfits. 

4. Rainbow-Inspired Wedding Outfit

There’s no rule that says you have to wear a white dress or a fancy monochrome suit for your special day. Wave goodbye to tradition and wear a fun, brightly colored wedding dress or ensemble instead. Dress in bright yellow or blue, opt for a Hawaiian-inspired print shirt or swap your suit trousers for colorful shorts. For a more subtle look, keep the traditional outfit but add pops of color with your shoes, tie, jewelry, socks, or jacket.

5. Rainbow Balloon Arch

Rainbow wedding theme: Stained Glass Window Invitation

Design: Tennie & Co

Balloon arches are always popular for weddings, and they work especially well with a rainbow wedding theme. This wedding decor staple gives you the perfect way to display colors alongside each other, in an arch that mimics a rainbow itself. Feature your arch at the end of the aisle, as decor above your dessert table, or as a backdrop for your wedding photos.

6. Brightly Colored Wedding Party Outfits

Dressing in color doesn’t have to be reserved only for the happy couple. Invite your wedding party to help you showcase the shades of the rainbow with some beautifully chosen bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen outfits. Have everyone dress in different colors, or wear accessories that reflect the entire rainbow spectrum. 

7. Rainbow-Themed Tablescapes

Any rainbow wedding theme needs tablescapes to match. Add a giant rainbow wedding centerpiece or a vase filled with blooms in all the colors of the rainbow. This is a lovely way to add some rainbow color to other wedding themes, too — like a boho rustic wedding — through the subtle introduction of colorful table decorations and bright vintage glassware. 

8. Rainbow Wedding Theme Invitations

Ombre Sunset Invitation

Design: Raven Erebus

Your stunning rainbow-themed wedding day will need an invitation that’s just as impressive — like this Ombre Sunset Invitation. Seek out a design that matches your style and theme, then personalize it with your event details. 

Take a look through our wedding invitations and explore our range of designs. There’s something for everyone — contemporary, classic, floral, bold, and more. Our online invitations are highly customizable, too — so you can add your own rainbow colors, photos, and wording. 

9. Colorful Signature Cocktails

Continue your rainbow wedding theme across your food and drink selections. Take inspiration from the best rainbow-colored cocktails to build a selection of drinks in every hue, or choose one or two wedding colors that really stand out to you. Ask your bartender to give them a fun, signature name to make it easy for your guests to order one of your colorful creations. 

10. Brightly Colored Hair Accessories

If you want to brighten up your wedding party but want to keep the outfits understated, lively hair accessories are the way to go. Colorful floral crowns or barrettes are a lovely idea for the bridal party, or you could opt for bright tiaras, hair ties, or ribbons instead. For a special touch, ask your florist to give you some fresh flowers that match your wedding bouquet to add to your hairstyles, too. 

11. Rainbow Garlands

For a fun and simple rainbow wedding decoration, string together some themed garlands and hang them up across your wedding venue. Stick with rainbow colors or choose a design that features rainbows themselves. This works perfectly for a backyard wedding where you can hang decorations between trees, or in a contemporary venue space above tables or around the dance floor. 

12. Rainbow Photo Backdrop

Everyone will want to capture moments from your special day, so give them an amazing backdrop for photo opportunities. Stage an area within your wedding venue where people can gather to snap photos. Use a rainbow backdrop, a floral backdrop in rainbow colors, multi-hued streamers or pom poms, and have signs and props that your guests can have fun with. 

13. Colorful Lighting

Love and Light Invitation

Design: Maria Hilas Louie Design

When the light goes down, use brightly colored lighting to take your rainbow wedding theme from day to night. Whether you add LED-colored bulbs to your light fixtures or ask the DJ to bring in some lighting equipment, this will liven up your wedding reception and encourage people to get out on the dance floor. 

14. Rainbow Wedding Bouquet

Flowers often steal the show at weddings, and there’s no reason you can’t let yours showcase your rainbow theme. You could order hand-painted rainbow roses, or ask your florist to put together a custom mix that features shades of your favorite colors of the rainbow. Mix in bright and pastel shades of colors to add more depth and interest to your wedding bouquet, and ask for mini versions for your wedding party and the flower girl to hold, too. 

15. Colorful Wedding Cake

Ready For Cake Invitation

Design: Solmade Studio

A rainbow-themed wedding wouldn’t feel complete without a cake to match. Whether you commission a rainbow wedding cake from a local baker or you bake cupcakes at home instead, there are so many ways to add color to your dessert. Keep it simple and add rainbow confetti sprinkles to the top, order a customized rainbow cake topper, or surprise your guests with rainbow-colored layers on the inside. 

16. Rainbow Candy Station

If there’s one part of weddings that’s always a hit, it’s a candy bar. With a rainbow wedding theme, you can create something special with your favorite treats in all shades of the rainbow. Invite your guests to DIY their own mix to enjoy throughout the celebration or to take home with them. 

17. Colorful Party Favors

Get playful with your party favors and choose something to match your rainbow wedding theme. Bright retro candy is a great idea, as is a mini cupcake topped with rainbow icing. Another sweet idea is a packet of wildflower seeds with a personalized, rainbow-themed logo, stamp, or sticker on the front. For younger guests, a rainbow-themed coloring set works well. 

Celebrate in Full Color with These Rainbow Wedding Theme Ideas

Throwing a rainbow-themed wedding is so much fun. You get to play with color and introduce your guests to something a little different than the usual wedding themes. Use this list of rainbow wedding ideas to help you plan your special day your way.

Once you’ve figured out your plans, invite your guests with rainbow-themed wedding invitations. Browse our collection of invites to find something special, then customize the layout, colors, and wording to create your own unique design.