Funny anniversary cards: anniversary cards, a champagne glass, and a bottle of champagne

A milestone anniversary is coming up and you want to celebrate it in your own special way. Forget overtly romantic cards or generic greeting cards — you’re all about sending a funny anniversary card to someone who means a lot to you.

If humor is a central part of your relationship, you can’t go wrong with funny anniversary cards. Whether you’re celebrating a friendship or a wedding milestone, these ideas will help you craft a memorable, humorous, and cute anniversary card.

Cards for Different Types of Anniversaries

Funny anniversary cards: couple happily hugging each other

While we think of anniversaries to celebrate wedding dates, that’s not the only occasion. Here are some fun moments in life when a humorous anniversary card would do just fine.

Relationship Anniversary

You don’t have to get married to celebrate an anniversary with your significant other. Sharing a love card or anniversary greeting card — like this teeny hearts card — to honor the moment you first met is a great way to continue a tradition. Put your own twist on celebrating your first date with a funny greeting card or a humorous message to the one you love.

Wedding Anniversary

It goes without saying, but your wedding anniversary is certainly a day to honor. While some couples like to keep things sweet, a funny wedding anniversary card can often feel more meaningful if that’s how the two of you connect. Find a husband or wife card that matches your style and add a personalized message as part of your fun anniversary ideas. If you’re planning a wedding anniversary party, you can also weave in some of your classic humor into your wedding anniversary party invites.

Friendship Anniversary

Sending funny anniversary cards isn’t limited to romantic relationships. This is also the perfect excuse to send a funny yet cute anniversary card or ecard to your closest friend to celebrate the moment the two of you walked into each other’s lives. The two of you will likely have some hilarious stories and memories together, so reflect on those in your wording to send a truly special card.

Work Colleague Anniversary

Many of us are lucky to have coworkers that we’d consider friends or even besties. If you know they’d appreciate it, send them a funny greeting card to honor the moment when you joined the company or when they became your work BFF. Not only can you joke about how work brought you together, but you can also recall the funniest moments throughout your time together.

Messages for Funny Anniversary Cards

Funny anniversary cards: Teeny Hearts Card

Design: Signature Greenvelope

There are lots of great moments for sending someone a happy anniversary card, but the trick is knowing what to write inside it. After all, that’s where you can really let your sense of humor shine. If you’re looking for ideas on one-liners to accompany your jokes and storytelling, try these funny anniversary card wording ideas.

For a Partner

When you’re writing to your long-term partner, you can be completely free to let your humor and bad jokes take center stage. Take inspiration from these wording ideas to sprinkle in some sincerity and fun to balance out your witty takes.

  • I love you so much! Thank you for being there for me now and for when I become even more annoying in the future.
  • Thinking of you today and always, [Name]. Let’s celebrate another [XX] years together … if the world can handle us for that long!
  • I love that we’re celebrating our [XX] year anniversary today. I can’t believe we made it this far. Seriously. We really didn’t like each other at first. Now look at us!
  • Even when things suck, we make the perfect pair, don’t we? Happy anni, babe!
  • There’s nobody else I’d rather suffer through the boredom of life with. Happy anniversary!

For a Friend or Coworker

It’s always fun to celebrate a work bestie. Whether it’s your first workiversary as friends or you’re celebrating a major milestone, here are some lighthearted ways to honor the moment.

  • Happy anniversary of us working together, [Name]! I’m glad you’ve been here to make the process a whole lot easier!
  • I didn’t get you an anniversary gift, but I did get you this sweet card. Aren’t I the best work bestie ever? Happy work anniversary, [Name]!
  • Thanks for always being there for me, [Name]. Even when I’ve been a major pain. Happy friendiversary!
  • You’re the best friend anyone could ever ask for. Let’s continue to make bad decisions and cry (and laugh) about it together!
  • I may not always remember to get you a birthday gift, but you’re still my favorite work [wife/husband]!

For a Couple Celebrating Their Anniversary

It’s common to send a card to celebrate a couple’s anniversary — especially if it’s their first wedding anniversary or a milestone year, such as a 50th wedding anniversary. Use these wording ideas to help you craft a funny anniversary card note to a couple who’ll appreciate a little playfulness.

  • Happy anniversary to a very special couple. Congrats on lasting longer in your marriage than I did!
  • Fingers crossed that [Name] remembers this year, huh? Happy anniversary to the both of you!
  • Happy anniversary to my two favorite people who somehow make marriage look like it’s fun!
  • Happy anniversary, you two! It’s so inspiring to see two people annoy the hell out of each other with such love and dedication!
  • Wow, is it really [XX] years already? I hope [Name] has bought you something special. If not, this might be the last anniversary!

Our Favorite Funny Anniversary Cards to Inspire You

Ready to find the perfect card for sharing your witty anniversary wishes? We’ve brought together some of our favorite greeting cards to suit your message. These occasion cards give you a fun backdrop to share your heartfelt (and funny) anniversary message.

Quite the Catch Card

Funny anniversary cards: Quite the Catch Card

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Tell your loved one how glad you are to have them by your side with this Quite the Catch card. The fun fish illustration and text offer an ideal anniversary card message if you want to keep things silly yet simple.

We Still Do Card

We Still Do Invitation

Design: Jen Montgomery

Opt for a minimalist card design and let your humor shine through in your wording with this We Still Do card. Although it’s styled as a wedding anniversary party invite, it’s easy to transform this into a funny card for your partner.

Whoopie! Card

Whoopie! Card

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Celebrate the big day in a fun way with this Whoopie! card. Turn it from a fart-themed Father’s Day card into a funny anniversary card by switching out the wording for your own creation that’s sure to make your spouse (or friend or coworker) laugh out loud.

Burnin’ Love Card

Burnin' Love Card

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Swap out the Valentine’s Day wording on this Burnin’ Love card and you have the perfect backdrop for your witty anniversary card. The bright flame illustration and colorful lettering catch the eye, and there’s plenty of space for a funny message below.

Getting Older Card

Getting Older Card

Design: Signature Greenvelope

It’s true — you don’t have to get old and serious as the years go by. Take this Getting Older card and swap the “happy birthday” text for your favorite funny memory or hilarious message for your bestie, life partner, or work spouse.

Celebrate Your Time Together with These Funny Anniversary Cards

No matter what type of anniversary you’re celebrating, it’s a moment to reflect on your special relationship and share some fun-loving wishes. Take note from the ideas above to create something upbeat and fun that shows your special someone just how much you care.

Unlike paper greeting cards that are pre-printed, digital greeting cards from Greenvelope allow you to customize just about any design that strikes your fancy. So if you find a funny birthday card or funny Valentine’s Day card that you love, you can simply swap out the wording and transform it into a unique anniversary card. To find the perfect design for your funny anniversary message, explore our collection of greetings cards. And, of course, have a blast making it your own and putting a smile on someone’s face!