2 anniversary invitations

All these years later, your love is still going strong. Sometimes, you’re not quite sure how you do it, but with a little patience, a pinch of tough love, and years’ worth of compromise, you fall deeper in love every year. And now, here you are, ready to send out your wedding anniversary invitations to celebrate another year of marriage.

Whether celebrating one year of marriage or 60, you want your friends and loved ones by your side. Some of them have been with you since the beginning — popping bottles at your bachelorette party, tearing up at your bridal shower, and holding your bouquet at the altar. But now, your family and group of friends have expanded, and you want all these new faces to gather with you at your anniversary party, too.

Because that’s what a marriage is, isn’t it? There comes a point when it’s no longer just about the two of you. Your lives have merged into one, bringing all your friends, family, children, and loved ones into it.

And these anniversary card invites ensure they’re right there with you, toasting to your “we still do” and your lives together. We’ve recommended invitations for different milestones, but each of these anniversary invites can be customized to match your stage of marriage.

10 Year Wedding Anniversary Invitations

So much has changed over the past decade, and you’re ready to celebrate it — not just with your spouse, but with all those you love. Invite all your friends, family, and loved ones to reminisce over the past 10 years with these anniversary party invitations.

Every design is customizable, so you can take these beautiful templates and change the layout, wording, colors, and fonts. Add your favorite couple’s photo — maybe one from your wedding cards — and invite your loved ones to celebrate the night away with you.

Send these personalized invites out, manage RSVPs in one place, and spend more energy getting excited about the big day instead of chasing your guest list.

1. Golden Decade Invitation

Anniversary invitations: Golden Decade Invitation

Design: Claudia Owen

How has a decade already gone by? This show-stopping invitation is as breathtaking as the most recent decade of your lives, complete with a deep blue and gold foil color palette.

An enlarged 10 takes up the bulk of the front of the card with the anniversary details transcribed in the zero. A luxe, all-caps font is used to write “10th Wedding Anniversary” at the top with the details of your reception printed in smaller font below.

2. Shimmery Surprise Invitation

Anniversary invitations: Shimmery Surprise Invitation

Design: Claudia Owen

Grab the glitz, glam, and confetti because you’re celebrating 10 years since the two of you got hitched. It’s been a decade since you two swore “forever” at the altar, and those words still ring true.

This modern invitation carries a bit of pizazz with a sparkling black and gold color palette. It’s the ideal way to toast to 10 years of marriage — and still swoon over each other like you did at your engagement party.

3. Bronze Statement Invitation

Anniversary invitations: Bronze Statement Invitation

Design: Raven Erebus

Can you think back to the night of your rehearsal dinner, and how nervous you were on the eve of your wedding? Now that 10 years have passed, you can’t help wondering what you were so scared of — because the past decade has been the most fulfilling of your life.

Sure, you have your ups and downs, but the two of you pulled through every challenge, opportunity, and hurdle presented over the past 10 years. To celebrate your partnership, send out this photo card invitation with its bronze and rose gold accents, bringing your friends and loved ones together for your 10th anniversary.

4. 10 Milestone Heart Invitation

Anniversary invitations: 10 Milestone Heart Invitation

Design: Jen Montgomery

It’s been 10 years but you can still remember that special day like it was yesterday. Whether or not you’re renewing your vows, this heart-themed invitation has plenty to offer.

Fill the space on the reverse with a sweet poem or a nod to your love for each other, along with all your party details and what your guests can expect.

25th Anniversary Invitations

You’ve spent a quarter of a century head-over-heels in love with one person. Some wedding anniversary traditions state that a spouse should gift their honey with silver on their 25th wedding anniversary, so perhaps you’ll get a gorgeous necklace, bracelet, watch, or pennant from your forever crush. Or consider decorating a reception hall in silver decor, giving a subtle nod to your 25 years spent together.

5. Costumes & Cocktails Invitation

Anniversary invitations: Costumes & Cocktails Invitation

Design: Claudia Owen

This luxe invitation is jaw-droppingly elegant, fit for a gala, masquerade, or, of course, your 25th wedding anniversary celebration. With a black and gold color palette, you may consider hosting a dolled-up cocktail hour or a black-tie-only affair for your anniversary party. The beautiful lettering and golden frame certainly add a touch of refinement, building excitement for your special evening.

6. Beautiful Forever Invitation

Beautiful Forever Invitation

Design: Claudia Owen

You two promised to be together forever, and 25 years later, you wouldn’t have it any other way. This simple, yet elegant invitation is fit for an intimate anniversary party with close friends and family.

Dust off the photo books, pull out keepsakes from your various travels, and scatter some photos in lieu of party supplies and decorations, reminiscing over the memories you created over the past quarter century. Surely, your children and other loved ones will enjoy looking through these mementos just as much as you.

7. Silver Celebration Invitation

Silver Celebration Invitation

Design: Stacey Meacham Design, LLC

You never could have predicted how the last 25 years turned out, but you’re sure happy you had your #1 by your side. To celebrate your forever partner, forever roommate, and forever friend, send out this luxurious anniversary invitation. With a large “25” written in white lettering across a navy background, it invites your friends and loved ones to join in on your silver anniversary.

8. Brushed We Still Do Invitation

Brushy We Still Do Invitation

Design: Pedaller Designs

I bet you can’t believe it’s already been 25 years and you still love each other the same way you used to, or even more.

Share that joy with this brush script font invite and ask others to join you as you celebrate a wonderful 25 years of married life.

50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Invitations

The one. The only. The big five-zero. The golden years. Your love has stood the test of time for half a century. You built a family together, who have now started their own families.

You moved into bigger homes to accommodate your growing lifestyle, and then you downsized when, once again, it became just the two of you. You are each other’s better halves, and you are just as excited to send out this 50th anniversary invitation card as you were to send your original wedding invitation.

9. Fifty! Invitation

Fifty! Invitation

Design: Claudia Owen

After 50 years of marriage, you still got it, baby! You can tell the youngsters to slide on over on the dance floor because you two have done the tango and cha-cha through half a century together, and it shows.

With this anniversary greeting card, “fifty” is proudly written in big, bold font for all to see (exclamation point included). Write the details of your anniversary reception on the right of the card, and remind guests to bring their dancing shoes.

10. Two Tone Watercolor Wash Invitation

Two Tone Watercolor Wash Invitation

Design: Claudia Owen

Some couples enjoy a large, jaw-dropping bash for their 50th and 40th anniversaries, but you? No — what you want is a quiet, intimate dinner with your spouse, children, and grandchildren.

This minimalist blue and gold invitation carries the aesthetic you had in mind, leaving just enough space to write the details of the dinner. The subtle design is ideal for your dream celebration, ensuring those you love most are with you to celebrate your golden anniversary.

11. Layered 50 Invitation

Layered 50 Invitation

Design: Lisa Travis

Celebrating 50 years of marriage together doesn’t mean you have to go all glitz and glam. This contemporary 50th wedding anniversary party invite feels fresh, modern, and perfect for couples seeking something more relaxing.

Invite your loved ones for a relaxed dinner at home, a family BBQ, or a night of listening to you recount your favorite moments of married life so far with this fun, papercraft-inspired design.

12. Elegant Foliage Invitation

Elegant Foliage Invitation

Design: Claudia Owen

Hosting a party in honor of your parents who’ve been married for 50 years now and want something that does their elegance and style justice? This greenery-inspired invitation is the perfect partner for this special day.

This invite works beautifully for an elegant dinner party where you’ll be toasting the happy couple and that lifetime of memories so far, along with all the wonderful moments still to come in the future.

Where Has the Time Gone?

You can still remember (with a slight cringe) indulging in the top tier of your wedding cake on your first anniversary. While it’s a fun memory to smile at, it’s not the most representative snapshot of your marriage.

Your marriage is the sum total of all the wondrous moments throughout the years: The birth announcements that elevated your family from “couple” to group status, the holiday cards you never once sent out on time, the birthday invitations you sent out for children and grandchildren, and the high school graduation invitations and college graduation announcements you proudly displayed on your fridge.

You built a partnership in the spaces between this annual date — the anniversary of your wedding day. And from all of us at Greenvelope, we wish you heartfelt congratulations and an even bigger thank you. Thank you for letting us play a small role in the baby showers, bridal showers, graduation parties, and birthday parties that weaved those years together.

Happy anniversary!