A Valentine's Day card with a funny letter board message

There are two types of people on Valentine’s Day. On the one hand, there are Cupid’s loyal devotees who can’t wait to wear pink and red, craft heart-shaped cards, and watch Hallmark  movies. The other camp is full of those who don’t take the holiday too seriously. Instead, they prefer to order pizza and binge on chocolate while trash-talking the latest celeb couples (rooting for you Justin and Hailey).

If you fall in the latter group, these hilarious Valentine’s Day card ideas are for you. Follow our easy steps to creating a gut-busting ecard to send to your significant other, bestie, or even your coworkers — after all, you’re known for bringing comedic relief to your office. Just follow this guide to make this year’s Valentine’s Day cards funny like never before.

1. Make Your Valentine’s Day Cards Funny with a Hilarious Photo Shoot

A way to make your Valentine's Day cards funny: Stage a funny photo shoot

Design: Laura Bolter Design

We love a sweet photo card to share the love on Valentine’s Day. But if your family or group of friends is all about the jokes, stage a funny Valentine’s Day card instead.

Take a page from the viral family Christmas card depicting a family full of couples holding signs. The parent’s said “Excited.” Another couple’s was “Engaged,” and another was “Expecting.” On the end, the one single member of the family held a sign that just said, “Emily.” The internet responded with a unanimous, “We are all Emily.” Single this year? Embrace it by staging a hilarious family photo, like that classic setup.

Another idea: Recycle your Halloween costumes for an ironic romantic Valentine’s card. Think: zombie bride, skeleton couple, or Frankenstein and his bride. Customize with a hilarious header like, “Love Never Dies” or “Dying for You,” and you have a hilarious DIY Valentine.

2. Make Your Valentine’s Day Cards Funny with a Personalized Pun

Everybody loves a cheesy Valentine’s card. There’s no better time of year for dad jokes and witty puns. Turn practically any greeting card into a funny Valentine’s card by customizing the text with the perfect pun. And feel free to lay it on thick — the goofier, the better. Watch and learn.

Pizza My Heart

A way to make your Valentine's Day card funny: A pizza party card turned into a valentine's day card with a "pizza my heart" pun

Design: Claudia Owen

Customize the text on this pizza-party invitation to read, “You have a pizza my heart. Sorry for the cheesy Valentine. But you were looking like a slice, and I had to let you know.” 

Perfect Match

A way to make your Valentine's Day card funny: A tennis card with a "perfect match" pun

Design: Clementine Creative

If you’re sporty, turn a tennis-themed card into the perfect Valentine’s Day greeting. For example, you could write, “When I met you, I knew I’d found my match. Let me serve you this Valentine’s Day with dinner at my place.”

Make It Cheesy

A way to make your Valentine's Day card funny: a cheese card with a "Brie mine" pun

Design: frau brandt

This cheese board design is just begging for dad jokes. We’ve got a lot in the arsenal for this one. Make the heading, “Brie Mine,” and riff from there: “This was the cheesiest Valentine’s Day card I could find, but I wanted to let you know how gouda you are. Let’s grow mold together so we’re never prov-alone.” 

Donut Know

A way to make your Valentine's Day card funny: A donut card with a "I donut know what I would do without you" pun

Design: Lissa Anglin

Turn a child’s party invitation into a sweet love Valentine. For this one, we love a simple, “I donut know what I would do without you!”

Sheepish Around You

A way to make your Valentine's Day card funny: A card with a sheep and an "I feel sheepish around you" pun

Design: Shari Margolin Design

Change the text at the top of this Smiling Lamb Invitation to read “Is this love? Baby don’t herd me.” Edit the banner to say “Happy Valentine’s Day” and add a personal message at the bottom. The result is equally cute and funny for every relationship in your life.

Slothin’ Around

A way to make your Valentine's Day card funny: a sloth card with an "I love you slow much" pun

Design: Jessie Steury

For the animal lover in your life, this adorable sloth design is a guaranteed winner. Add some punny text like, “I’m hung up on you,” or, “I love hanging with you slow much.”

Holy Guacamole

A way to make your Valentine's Day card funny: a guacamole card with an "Avo great Valentine's Day" pun

Design: Robinson Creative House

Avocados are definitely trending. For guacamole lovers, this card is perfect to send to all of your loved ones. Add a punny tagline and you’re all set. Try one of these goofy options:

  • “It’s never guacward when we’re together.”
  • “I’d spend extra on you.”
  • “Let’s avo-cuddle.”
  • “Avo great Valentine’s Day.”
  • “I just hass to have you!”
  • “Life’s the pits without you.”
  • “I love you even when you’re smashed.”
  • “If loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be ripe.” 

Roses Are Red

A way to make your Valentine's Day card funny: a card with a rose where you can write your own "roses are red" poem

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Customize practically any floral card with a hilarious poem. This Red Rose Invitation features the perfect layout for your faux love letter. Start with the typical, “Roses are red, violets are blue,” and write your own joke from there. A quick google search reveals options ranging from sweet to R-rated. The choice is yours.

Fish in the Sea

A way to make your Valentine's Day card funny: A fish card with a "let's make it o-fish-al" pun

Design: Patrice Horvath Design

You can’t go wrong with a classic fish-in-the-sea reference. To turn this brightly colored invitation into a punny Valentine’s Day Card, try one of these cute one-liners:

  • “You’re o-fish-ally awesome.”
  • “You’re a real catch.”
  • “I think you’re fin-tastic.”
  • “I’m hooked on you.”
  • “Let’s swim through life together.”
  • “You’re a reel great Valentine.” 

3. Make Your Valentine’s Day Cards Funny with a Meme

Are you the meme queen in your friend group? Turn any V-Day greeting into a funny card by adding a hilarious meme or gif. Greenvelope has powerful customization tools to make this a cinch. Here’s how to do it.

Once you’ve found a design you like, click “Start Customizing.” In the design interface, you’ll see an option to “Add Image.” Once you’re there, you can upload your own photo or search animated gifs powered by Giphy. Search Valentine’s Day for a ton of ideas, insert an inside joke, or find a meme from you and your honey’s favorite TV show.

For hearts day, there’s an endless array of pop culture references to choose from. For a Galentine’s Day card, we love a classic “Hey Girl” meme with Ryan Gosling. Say “I love you” with Corey and Topanga, Spongebob, or Austin Powers. If you prefer dry humor, go for a meme with Dwight from “The Office.” We like, “Yes I have a date for Valentine’s Day. It’s February 14.”

Shop options online, or use a free meme generator to create your own. Save it as a photo and upload it to your design. Who knows! Your card might just go viral.

Laugh with the Ones You Love This Valentine’s Day

For couples who love to laugh or friends who don’t take themselves too seriously, forgo a sappy Valentine this season. Instead, create your own design that’s positively hilarious. As it turns out, it’s pretty easy to create a LOL-worthy Valentine — even if you aren’t a comedian.

Come up with something punny and search an endless number of clever designs. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a Valentine. Customize the text on a birthday card, party invitation, or any greeting to create a hilarious Valentine. If you’re one for theatrics, stage a hilarious picture for an epic photo card. Recipients will be expecting a classic smooch or smiling family photo, and they’ll get your zombie family instead.

And when in doubt, add a meme. Use Greenvelope’s customization tools to search endless, hilarious gifs powered by Giphy. Or create your own meme with a free meme generator. Include your favorite inside joke or pop-culture reference that will have all of your friends in stitches. Happy chocolate binging!