8 year old birthday party ideas: portrait of a boy and his birthday cake

A special someone’s 8th birthday is coming up and it’s time to get in full party planning mode! Whether you’re looking for party theme inspiration, invitation designs, or a variety of 8-year-old birthday party ideas to weave into your existing plans, you’re in the right place. Explore 16 creative ways to celebrate a soon-to-be eight-year-old and plan an extra-special birthday party.

8-Year-Old Birthday Party Ideas: 16 Exciting Ways to Mark the Occasion

8 year old birthday party ideas: HAPPY 8 BIRTHDAY candles

Ready to throw the best birthday bash ever? With these 8-year-old birthday party ideas, you’ll find inspiration for the ultimate party the kiddies will love.

For some of these party ideas, we’ve also included matching party invite from Greenvelope. Our digital invitations are ideal for a kids’ birthday party as they’re easy to customize and send via email, text, or social media — plus tracking RSVPs is simple. Every design can be personalized so you can create an invite that’s as unique as your celebration. Alright, it’s time to start party planning!

1. Throw a Themed Birthday Party

8 year old birthday party ideas: Magic Scroll Invitation

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Matching invite: Magic Scroll Invitation

Themed parties are always a great idea, especially for kids’ birthdays. There are so many birthday party themes to choose from, so take inspiration from their favorite movie, characters, or music to come up with a fun birthday party celebration. For instance, you could host a Harry Potter-themed celebration and spread the word with a scroll-style invitation. Encourage guests to dress up, play themed party games, and send the kiddos home with themed goody bags filled with on-theme stickers and other party favors.

2. Host a Scavenger Hunt

Encourage young minds to use their problem-solving and investigation skills and send them on a scavenger hunt or a treasure hunt around your party venue. This is a fun party game for kids of any age, which means younger and older party guests can participate. At the end of the hunt, you can have the kids take their best swing at a piñata for tasty treats. 

3. Throw a Pool Party

8 year old birthday party ideas: Summer Waves Invitation

Design: itsibelli

Matching invite: Summer Waves Invitation

If the weather’s good and you have the opportunity, consider hosting a pool party as a fun way to celebrate your little one turning eight. Invite everyone to join you for a swim, add some colorful inflatables to the pool, and serve refreshing drinks and BBQ. You could also choose from our selection of other pool party invitations that really make a splash.

4. Make Your Own Pizzas

Pizza is usually a winner when it comes to kids’ party food, and there are plenty of ways you can customize the experience for different dietary needs and preferences. Get the kids involved with a DIY pizza party experience and offer a range of toppings. With digital invitations, you could even ask folks to reply with their favorite toppings to ensure you have something everyone will enjoy. 

5. Plan a Lego Party

Building Blocks Invitation

Design: Morgan Kendall

Matching invite: Building Blocks Invitation

Make a Lego fan’s birthday dreams come true by planning a party centered around these colorful building blocks. Set up a fun activity where kids can build their own creations or invite an expert to host a session on how to build a specific object, like a car or spaceship. Finish the day with a themed birthday cake and a small Lego set for young party guests.

6. Visit a Trampoline Park

Eight-year-olds are no strangers to bouncing around, so channel all that energy at a lively trampoline park. Invite the birthday kid’s closest friends along for a session at your favorite trampoline park, followed by a light lunch or a picnic at a local park.

7. Try an Obstacle Course

If your kid is super-active, an obstacle course might be the perfect way to celebrate. Find out where there’s an obstacle course adventure nearby, and book a party package. If that’s not an option, consider a DIY kid-friendly obstacle course at home.

8. Have an Ice Cream Party

Drippy Ice Cream Invitation

Design: Stacey Meacham Design, LLC (Photo courtesy of Angela & Evan Photography)

Matching invite: Drippy Ice Cream Invitation

Kids love ice cream so what better way to celebrate your birthday than with a yummy ice cream party? This is such a fun theme for a child’s birthday party and it’s easy to do at home and on a budget! Decorate your space in pastel colors, set up a DIY ice cream bar, and encourage guests to load their ice cream scoops with sprinkles, sauces, and other tasty toppings.

9. Go Ice Skating

If you’re lucky to have an ice rink nearby or you’re in the right season for outdoor rinks, this is a lovely 8-year-old birthday party idea. Ask the guest of honor’s best friends to join you at the rink for some skating fun along with classic food items like hot dogs, burgers, and fries.

10. Enjoy a Movie Night Sleepover

Slumber Squad Invitation

Design: Holly Whitcomb

Matching invite: Slumber Squad Invitation

A slumber party is one of the most tried-and-true 8-year-old birthday party ideas. (It works for any age, really!) Invite a small group of party guests to celebrate your child’s 8th birthday with a fun evening of movie-watching, snack-eating, and hanging out. Have plenty of popcorn, drinks, and snacks on hand for the ultimate movie night sleepover.

11. Sing Karaoke

If the soon-to-be eight year old loves to sing, this is a great party activity for their birthday bash. If you don’t have a karaoke machine, you can easily set up your own DIY karaoke with a TV and mic. Encourage party guests to get up and sing, dance along, and channel their inner rock stars.

12. Play Video Games

Level Up Invitation

Design: Elizabeth Silver

Matching invite: Level Up Invitation

If your eight-year-old loves playing video games, turn that into your party theme. Customize any game night invitations to invite friends over for an afternoon of playing fun games like Minecraft and Super Mario Bros. Add in a themed birthday cake and party favors, and you have the recipe for a memorable birthday bash.

13. Watch a Magic Show

For many eight-year-olds, magic shows still hold a sense of mystery, suspense, and excitement. Hire a professional magician to perform a show at your party or plan the entire birthday theme around magic and mystery. Either way, the birthday honoree is sure to love this magical experience. 

14. Host a Tea Party

Depending on the guest of honor, a tea party might be one of the best 8-year-old-birthday party ideas. If hosting your party at a tea house isn’t an option, simply follow our tea party ideas to create a lovely birthday celebration. Offer party guests an assortment of teas in adorable teapots, finger sandwiches on tiered cake stands, and dessert boards loaded with delectable sweets.

15. Try a Few Science Experiments

Super Science Invitation

Design: Bonjour Berry

Matching invite: Super Science Invitation

If you have a budding mad scientist at home, celebrate their love for science by trying out some kid-friendly experiments. This is a wonderful kids’ birthday party idea for boys and girls to stimulate curiosity and creativity. Settle on a few suitable experiments, get the proper supplies, and talk the party guests through each step for a dazzling party experience.

16. Decorate Your Own Cupcakes or Cookies

Whether you’re decorating cookies or cupcakes, this is certainly one of our favorite 8-year-old birthday party ideas. (And hopefully one the kiddos will love too!) Set up a table where your party guests can select cookies or cupcakes along with plenty of options for icing and decorations. Encourage guests to enjoy their creations and make an extra to take home as a party favor.

Have Lots of Fun with These 8-Year-Old Birthday Party Ideas

There are so many fun ways to celebrate this special age, so feel free to use these birthday party ideas to plan an exciting day for the guest of honor.

Pair your fun party plans with invitations that are just as creative. With digital kids’ birthday invitations, you can instantly spread the word about the big day, and enjoy benefits like creative customization, easy sending, and RSVP tracking. That way, you have more time to focus on making your child’s birthday bash all the more exciting.