Coed baby shower games: pregnant woman and her friends taking a groufie

Baby showers are all about fun and celebrating the arrival of a new bundle of joy. And what’s more fun than baby shower games? Whether you enjoy games like trivia that help you learn more about the parents-to-be or over-the-top activities to make you laugh, coed baby showers can be a blast.

With these 18 coed baby shower games and activities, you’ll plan the perfect party entertainment for everyone on your list.

Coed Baby Shower Games: 18 Ideas for a Hilariously Good Time 

Coed baby shower games: diapers in a basket

Ready to play? With these fun coed baby shower game ideas, you’ll find everything from ridiculously cringe-worthy games to enjoy with close friends to lighthearted activities you can play with anyone, including colleagues and extended family members.

1. The Dirty Diaper Game

Among the most hilarious baby shower games, the infamous “dirty diaper”guessing game is sure to have people laughing, or at least wrinkling their noses! To play this game, melt various chocolate bars and drizzle them onto different diapers. Participants have to smell the diapers and guess the type of candy bar to win a prize.

2. Baby Bottle Bowling

For a fun baby shower game that requires no diapers, try baby bottle bowling! Set up 10 baby bottles in a triangle shape just like bowling pins. Lay out a carpet or piece of plastic to create the bowling lane. Have guests roll a small ball down the lane and see how many pins they can knock down.

3. Baby Bottle Chug

Coed baby shower games: Modern Baby Blocks Invitation

Design: Bonjour Berry

This drinking game kicks off the fun with a little friendly competition. Fill small baby bottles with water, milk, or juice. Place the filled baby bottles on a table at one end of the room. Have the participants line up at the other end and when you give the command, they’ll run to the table, grab a bottle, and chug it as fast as possible. The first team or person to finish wins a prize.

4. Blind Diaper Changing Contest

One of the funniest games on this list is a friendly competition to see who can change a diaper the fastest while blindfolded. Make it a team event and have guests pair off. Give each team a stuffed teddy bear or baby doll, a diaper, a blindfold, and clothes pins

When you say go, each team member has to put on their blindfold and change the diaper on the doll or teddy bear. If you’re playing in teams, each team member has to change the diaper before the game can end. The first person or team to finish wins.

5. Baby Shower Charades

If you have a small to medium-sized guest list, playing baby shower charades is a fun way to keep everyone entertained. Before the party, create a deck of cards with people, places, things, and baby-related activities the participants will act out.

Fun ideas for charades include:

  • The mom or dad-to-be
  • Burping a baby
  • Playing peek-a-boo
  • Pumping milk
  • Rocking a baby to sleep

You can even include a few blank slips of paper for guests to come up with their own ideas. At the party, divide the group into two or three teams and get a timer. Each person has one minute to act out the phrase or word. Give teams a point for each correct guess. The team with the most points at the end takes home a special baby shower favor or gift. 

6. Baby Bump Twister

Coed baby shower games: Soft Leaves Invitation

Design: Claudia Owens (photo courtesy of Angela & Evan Photography)

Take the classic game of Twister and put a baby spin on it. On each circle, tape a baby-related word like “diaper,” “bottle,” or “pacifier.” When each person spins and lands on a colored circle, they have to call out the word on the circle.

7. Pacifier Pong

This baby shower-appropriate spin on beer pong switches things up with pacifiers. Fill six to 10 cups with beer, water, or another beverage of your choice. Instead of shooting ping pong balls into the cups, guests have to use a pacifier. Every time someone makes a cup, the other team has to drink that cup and remove it from the game. The team that runs out of cups first loses.

8. Baby Food Tasting Game

Guests playing guess the baby food

For this fun baby shower activity, pick up several jars of baby food from the store and remove the labels. Have guests taste each one and guess the flavor. The person with the most correct guesses wins a prize.

9. Guess the Celebrity Baby Name

If you love pop culture, you’ll love this celebrity baby shower game. Make a list of celebrity baby names picking unusual celebrity names — like Blue Ivy, North, and Apple — to make guessing a little easier. Participants have to guess the celebrity parents for each baby name. Read the answers out loud and give points to everyone who gets the answer right. The person with the most points at the end of the game wins. 

10. Guess Who (Are You That Baby?)

This guessing game is a fun way to get to know other guests and works well as an icebreaker activity. Before the baby shower, ask guests to send you a picture of themselves as a baby. Print out the baby photos and attach them to a large poster board, which you’ll place near the entry. As guests arrive, ask them to look at the baby pictures and guess who each one is by writing their name and guesses on a piece of paper. 

11. Baby Shower Trivia

Baby Gift Grid Invitation

Design: Lisa Travis

This coed baby shower game is the perfect way to get competitive and learn more about the guests of honor. Best of all, you can find printable trivia questions that match just about any baby shower theme. Make a list of trivia questions including clever baby facts, questions about the expecting couple’s parenting style, and trivia about the mom-to-be‘s childhood.

12. The Price Is Right

Having a little one can be expensive, but just how much does raising a child cost? This fun game aims to find out. Make a list of the most common baby gear or expenses and ask guests to guess how much each item costs. The person with the most correct answers can spin a wheel to win a prize.

13. Baby Shower Bingo

This classic baby shower game keeps the entertainment going while the guest of honor opens baby shower gifts. Before the party, print out bingo cards with baby items like diapers, wet wipes, and baby books. As you open your gifts, guests will check off the items on their bingo cards. The first person to get bingo wins.

14. My Water Broke

Don’t like complicated games? “My Water Broke” is a waiting game that takes care of itself. To play this game, simply fill ice cube trays and add in miniature plastic baby dolls. At the baby shower, guests will get one of these ice cubes in their drink. Once the ice melts and the baby doll is freed, the guest has to shout “My water broke!” to win a prize.

15. Baby Stroller Races

New Wheels Invitation

Design: Jennfier Wick

If you want to get moving, the stroller race is one of the best baby shower games. Get a kid’s toy stroller and have each participant run with the stroller to a predesignated point. The fastest person wins a prize. To make it a team game, set up a relay and have each person on the team run one leg of the relay before handing off the stroller to the next team member.

16. Baby Shower Pictionary

This classic party game is easy to play with all baby shower guests. Give each team a piece of paper and create a deck of cards with baby items — things like diaper pins, onesies, and diaper bags. Have one person select a card from the deck. They’ll have to draw the item and get their teammates to guess the word or phrase without using words or gestures.

17. Don’t Say Baby

One of the most popular coed baby shower games is harder than it sounds! The rules are simple: you can’t say the word “baby.” If you do, you lose. To play, give each guest a clothespin when they arrive and ask them to wear it in a visible spot. If they say the word “baby,” another guest can take their clothespin. The person with the most clothespins at the end of the party wins.

18. Guess the Nursery Rhyme

Woodland Storytime Invitation

Design: Jennfier Wick

If your guests love music, try this listening trivia game. To start, create a playlist of popular nursery rhymes. During the game, play only a small snippet of the song and ask guests to guess the name of the tune. You can allow one person at a time to guess or ask guests to raise their hand first to be selected. To make the game more interesting, choose from trending new songs as well as old classics. This fun baby shower game is ideal for small gatherings, virtual baby showers, and parties with younger children.

Have a Blast with These Fun Baby Shower Games

With these coed baby shower games and ideas, you’ll have plenty of laughter and good times celebrating the new arrival. 

Once you’re ready to ask guests to attend the special celebration, browse our selection of baby shower invitations. When you find one you love, customize the design by choosing color palettes that match your baby shower theme and add fun design elements like music. When you’re done personalizing the invitation, upload your contacts and send it out to everyone on your guest list.

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