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Best friends. Life partners. Your first call. You two are everything to each other, having shared years of compromises, tough decisions, and endless love. Was it easy? Of course not. But all these years later you wouldn’t walk through life with anyone else, and you intend to say so in front of all your loved ones. In preparation for saying “I do” — once again — you’re on the hunt for a timeless vow renewal invitation.

You have no idea what the next few decades hold for the two of you. But ever since your (original) wedding vows, you’ve faced every impossible life decision together. You’re forever partners and each other’s better half, and every day, you choose to make one another’s lives better.

For your vow renewal ceremony, the two of you promise to continue the partnership you’ve built. Through good times and bad, through sickness and health, you’ll face each joy and hardship together. We included 10 of our favorite vow renewal invitations to ensure you’re surrounded by family and friends when you make that promise — again.

10 Vow Renewal Invitations for the Rest of Your Lives Together

Children, grandchildren, new homes, old friends — it’s hard to put years’ worth of marriage into words. And while you can’t predict what the future holds, you know you want to experience it together. To continue this path of love, compromise, and partnership, here are 10 invitations to serve as the prelude to your vow renewal ceremony.

1. All You Need Is Love Invitation

All You Need Is Love vow renewal invitations from Greenvelope

Design: Pink House Press

How the years have passed. It seems like just yesterday you were stuffing envelopes with your original wedding invitations, and here you are selecting them for your vow renewal. This simple wedding vow renewal invitation is a wonderful fit for the occasion, featuring a favorite photo, a clean color palette, and sans serif typography. Choose a recent photo or share one from your original nuptials, giving a little nod to all your years spent together.

2. 50 Milestone Heart Invitation

50 Milestone Heart vow renewal invitations from Greenvelope

Design: Jen Montgomery

Your 50th wedding anniversary is just around the corner, and you can think of no better way to celebrate than renewing your vows. This elegant 50th anniversary invitation features an all-black background with a gold foil heart at the center and a large “50” printed at the forefront.

Enclosed in a white, gold-lined envelope, this invite is representative of the formal ceremony you enjoyed all those years ago. Send it out to your family, friends, and loved ones, inviting them to stand with you as you celebrate the next half a century together.

3. Wreath Monogram Invitation

Wreath Monogram vow renewal invitations from Greenvelope

Design: Stellax Creative

When you first exchanged marriage vows, you were overcome with nerves and excitement. You spent months going over every detail within the wedding planning process. Now that you and your partner promised to renew your vows, you want all the love and celebration without the stressful planning.

This clean vow renewal invite carries the simple vibe you’re going for, decorated with a mat black background, small gold foil illustration, and calligraphy monogram. Send it out to all your loved ones for your effortlessly minimalist ceremony.

4. Bronze Statement Invitation

Bronze Statement vow renewal invitations from Greenvelope

Design: Raven Erebus

A decade after your special day, you can’t imagine spending your life with anyone else. This renewal vows invitation celebrates 10 years together, and it can be easily customized for a 35th or 25th wedding anniversary. Simply change the bronze “10” to the milestone you’re celebrating, personalize the invitation wording, and send it out to all your guests.

5. We Still Do Invitation

We Still Do vow renewal invitations from Greenvelope

Design: Jen Montgomery

All these years after you originally said “I do,” you still choose one another every single day. And you can think of no better way to celebrate your anniversary party than with a reaffirmation of the promise you made long ago.

With this bold, clean invitation, invite your friends and family to stand with you (again) as you swear to spend forever (and ever) together. Available in black and white, navy blue, and gold foil color palettes, it’s a beautifully simple design to send out on your second special day.

6. Rustic Eucalyptus Invitation

Rustic Eucalyptus vow renewal invitations from Greenvelope

Design: Owl and Toad

With a watercolor illustration featuring eucalyptus laurels, vines, and greenery, this floral vow renewal invitation is beautifully rustic. With classic, cursive typography and a rustic wood-colored background, it’s an elegant yet playful design to send out to all of your guests. Choose from color palettes varying from black and white to teal and violet, inviting all your loved ones to be present for your renewal of vows.

7. Scrapbook Invitation

Scrapbook vow renewal invitations from Greenvelope

Design: Jen Montgomery

At your first wedding ceremony, everyone you loved most in the world sat in the pews or stood with you at the altar. Your wedding party included your best friends, siblings, and now in-laws — people who promised to support your marriage through thick and thin.

All these years later, that inner circle expands to your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and new friends — and you want each of them to witness the love you still share. Send this wedding anniversary invitation to those amazing humans who weren’t there for your first ceremony (and the ones who were), inviting them to stand with you as you promise forever … again.

8. We Still Do Heart Invitation

We Still Do Heart vow renewal invitations from Greenvelope

Design: A Fresh Bunch

With a heart filled with henna and paisley detailing, this vow renewal party invitation is reminiscent of Indian wedding stationery. Featuring a rustic, weathered background and vibrant, teal illustrations, it’s a rustic-chic invitation to send out to all your guests. Celebrate the years spent together (and welcome the good times yet to come) by inviting your loved ones to witness you and your partner renew your promise to each other.

9. Vintage Floral Frame Invitation

Vintage Floral Frame vow renewal invitations from Greenvelope

Design: Signature Greenvelope

With yet another wedding anniversary fast approaching, you can’t believe how the years have flown. It seems like just yesterday you walked down that aisle, and here you are planning to do so once again. Renewing vows is a magical way to express your continued love, appreciation, and support in your marriage. To bring your family and friends together to witness your renewed partnership, send out this elegant gold invitation to your family and close friends.

10. Engagement Bands Invitation

Engagement Bands vow renewal invitations from Greenvelope

Design: Stacey Meacham Design, LLC

While this invitation design template could easily be customized as an engagement announcement or wedding invite, it makes a beautiful vow renewal invitation. Featuring a center photo of you and your partner, gold foil detailing, and simple sans serif fonts, its elegance comes from its simplicity. Customize the invitation wording to include the details of your vow renewal, including the date, time, and location of the ceremony.

Cheers to Saying “I Do” Again

Marriage isn’t easy — it takes patience, compromise, and unabiding love. Yet, year after year, the two of you make things work. And no matter what tough decisions you have to make, you make them together.

Thank you for setting such a great example of what a partnership truly is. From all of us at Greenvelope, we hope your second marriage ceremony is as beautiful as your first, and your vows as heartfelt as the first time around. (We’re sure your wordsmith abilities have strengthened over the years, along with your marriage.)

There were many friends, family members, and other loved ones who couldn’t RSVP “yes” to your original nuptials. Now that you get a second chance to exchange your vows, we hope that Greenvelope’s online invitations make it easy for them to stand with you at your second.