50th wedding anniversary: senior couple happily hugging each other

Whether you and your spouse are celebrating your golden wedding anniversary or you’d like to host a celebration for the special couple, it’s time to mark the moment with a 50th wedding anniversary party. Here’s how to plan an unforgettable anniversary party, including themes to consider, decor ideas, activities, food, drinks, and gifts. 

Sweet 50th Wedding Anniversary Party Themes

50th wedding anniversary: Fifty! Invitation

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From big celebrations to intimate get-togethers, a theme can set the tone and make the party planning process much more cohesive. Here are a handful of our favorite themes for a 50th wedding anniversary

1. Go Golden

Celebrating 50 years of marriage is a milestone anniversary that is often referred to as the golden wedding anniversary. Like the precious metal of gold, this anniversary symbolizes beauty, strength, and resilience through the ages.

With this as your inspiration, throw a gold-themed event. Transform your venue into a glittering gold oasis, with everything from metallic-flecked napkins and tablecloths to golden centerpieces and balloons in this gorgeous hue

2. Inspired by Memories

After 50 years together, there’s no doubt that the happy couple has shared countless memories both great and small. Honor these moments by highlighting some of their favorite memories during the event. 

Consider hosting the event at the park or restaurant where the couple first met or had their first date. Dance to their favorite songs as part of the festivities. Set up a video slideshow with photos that span the last five decades. 

Fun tip: When sending out your online invitations, ask guests to email you their favorite photos with the couple so you can include them in the slideshow. 

3. What Makes Us Different

Even the closest of couples have their own distinct interests, hobbies, and preferences. Use this moment as an opportunity to celebrate them by hosting a fun party themed around each of their interests. Play a round of golf, enjoy afternoon tea, have a go at pottery, play board games — whichever two (or more) activities they love the most. 

Once you choose a theme, kick off the excitement with 50th wedding anniversary invitations to match.

Fun 50th Wedding Anniversary Decor Ideas

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Hosting a 50th wedding anniversary party can be lots of fun, especially when it comes to party decor. Consider these 50th anniversary decorations to make the event even more memorable. 

4. Photo Wall

Wedding anniversaries are all about honoring the happy couple and their life together. Ask friends and family members to send you their favorite photos of the couple and display them together on a photo wall. (It’s easier if you request digital versions that you can simply print.) Add in some wedding photos and funny photos to create a heartwarming display that’s not only great decor but also the perfect tribute to the couple. 

5. Floral Displays

Fresh flowers can bring a place to life, so find a way to work some into your party decor. Violets and yellow roses are the traditional flowers for a golden wedding anniversary. You could also use the same types of florals they had on their wedding day for an extra sentimental touch. 

6. Personalized Banners

Celebrating 50 years together is a special occasion that’s worth honoring. Do that in style with a personalized banner. You can get creative and DIY your own banner with paper and markers, or commission a custom 50th anniversary banner from sites like Etsy. For instance, the banner could say “Just married, 50 years ago,” “We still do 50 years later,” or “Cheers to 50 years!”

Activities and Entertainment for a 50th Wedding Anniversary

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Celebrate the happy couple with some fun and games. Whether that’s drinking and dancing the night away or sitting down to revisit a lifetime of memories. Here are some of the best ways to celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary

7. Play “Name That Tune”

Whether you hire a DJ or simply have a playlist, enjoying a round of “Name That Tune” is an easy and fun activity for a 50th wedding anniversary. All you have to do is select a variety of songs from the decade when the couple got married. Play the songs for a few seconds, then stop the music. Folks can raise their hands or call out the name of the song. Whoever guesses the most tunes correctly wins a prize.

8. Toast the Special Couple

Weddings aren’t the only big moments where toasts are expected. Make room in your party schedule for a round of toasts for the happy couple. Ask close family members or friends to write a short speech and toast to a happy anniversary and many more to come. 

9. Relive the First Dance

Bring back memories of that special day by inviting the honored couple to relive their first wedding dance all over again. This is especially great if the couple plans to host a vow renewal as part of the celebration. Hire a live band to perform that special song or break out the sound system and watch as they dance together. Don’t forget to join in afterwards and dance the night away. 

Menu Ideas for a 50th Wedding Anniversary

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One of the best parts of any party is the food. Treat your guests to something special with these fun menu and catering ideas for a delicious 50th wedding anniversary bash. 

10. 50th Wedding Anniversary Cake

As with weddings, the anniversary cake can be a real showstopper. Bake your own creation at home, or ask your favorite bakery to create something special for the occasion. Ask the guests of honor for their favorite flavor, colors, and topping ideas — or surprise them with a wonderful cake based on what you love most about them. 

11. The Happy Couple’s Favorite Dishes

We love the idea of going big on emotion and nostalgia for a golden wedding anniversary, and what better way to do that than with food? Theme your anniversary party menu around the starters, mains, snacks, and desserts that the couple loves the most. 

12. Focus on Classic Cocktails

No menu would be complete without drinks, so don’t forget to include some stellar sippers for the celebration. Offer drinks that were popular during the decade of the couple’s wedding. Or serve wine from their favorite vineyard. The key is to weave in as many thoughtful elements as possible throughout the event.

Fun tip: You can’t go wrong with classic cocktails. You can even create a fun bar menu and give each drink a special name that alludes to the happy couple. For example, the Williams Whiskey Sour or the Rodriguez Mule.

50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Whether you’re celebrating a family member, close friend, or colleague, here are some wonderful 50th anniversary gift ideas to share your warmest wishes. 

13. Beautiful Photo Frame

After 50 years of marriage, the two guests of honor have more than their fair share of memories. Consider giving them a new photo frame to display one of their favorite moments. Look for a picture frame that matches their personal style or home decor, or surprise them with a digital photo frame so they can enjoy all their photos throughout the day. 

14. Keepsake Wall Art

The best gifts are often those that feel personal and unique. We love the idea of commissioning a piece of keepsake wall art as a memento of this special moment. Personalized maps featuring the pair’s wedding date and location are popular, as are family trees. Choose something that you know the couple will love and happily display in their home. 

15. Engraved Wine Glasses

If your loved ones enjoy relaxing with a glass of wine, personalized wine or champagne glasses make the perfect gift. Look for high-quality glasses and have them engraved with the couple’s names and anniversary date, or a special quote that means a lot to them. 

Host a Memorable 50th Wedding Anniversary 

Playing host for a unique 50th wedding anniversary party is a big job, but it’s an honor that you can definitely pull off. Take inspiration from this guide for your theme, decor, food, and entertainment and you’re sure to make it happen. 

Browse our collection of wedding anniversary party invitations and choose one that matches your theme. Customize the layout, colors, and wording, and you’ll have an invite that’s just as unique as your guests of honor.