Twin pregnancy announcement cards and some baby toys

There’s nothing like sharing the joyful news of a new baby — except maybe when you’re announcing the arrival of two little bundles of joy! If you’re having twins, you get to have twice as much fun sharing the news with the ones you love. Consider this list of creative ways to share your twin pregnancy announcement along with digital card designs you can customize to send your message.

12 Twin Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Twin pregnancy announcement: pregnant woman sitting on a bed beside two teddy bears

When it comes to twin pregnancy announcement ideas, the options are endless. You can choose to share the surprising news with an irreverently comical announcement or opt for a sweet message featuring older siblings or the whole family. Here are some creative ways to share your joy that are double the fun.

1. Sugar and Spice, but Two Times as Nice!

Announce your twin pregnancy with a dessert-inspired party that surprises guests with the doubly good news. You can order a large cake with the message “sugar and spice but two times as nice” or put it on a banner to greet guests at the baby shower or announcement party.

2. Oh Boy! It’s Two Boys

Oh boy, there’s more than one! Celebrate the double blessing of twin boys with this cheeky greeting. It’s perfect for adding to your announcement card or using as part of the decor at your baby shower.

3. Double Trouble

Double the chaos, but also double the fun! Share your enthusiasm about your twins with a double trouble-themed baby shower. You can decorate the space with balloons spelling out the words “Oh, babies” or hang a “Double Trouble” banner to reflect the theme. Serve foods in twos and play twin trivia that focuses on fun facts about twins — like the fact that they start interacting in the womb at 14 weeks!


Buy-one-get-one-free sales are the best, especially when you’re getting two bundles of joy. Celebrate your twin pregnancy with a flat-lay photo of twin onesies or baby bodysuits that feature barcodes — one features the words “buy one” and the other reads “get one free.”

5. Make Mine a Double

Love craft cocktails or beer? Sure, the mommy-to-be will have to ditch the booze, but you can still get some laughs with this cheeky theme. Create a special drink with your favorite mocktail recipe, then raise a glass (or two) to share the good news at the baby shower. If you don’t want to wait until then, you could create a mini video of the expectant parent(s) raising a glass, then send it off to your nearest and dearest.

6. Two Buns in the Oven

What better way to share your pregnancy reveal than announcing that there are two buns in the oven? Take a photo holding the ultrasounds in one hand and a tray of two buns in the other. Feature it on your pregnancy announcement card, then share it on social media to surprise all your friends.

7. Peaceful Ultrasound Picture

Hire a photographer to snap a picture of the twin parents holding up the peace sign next to their ultrasound photo. The peace sign cleverly doubles as the number “two,” helping recipients grasp the fact that there’s not just one bundle of joy, there are two!

8. Plot Twist: We’re Having Two

Whether you’re a bibliophile or a cinephile, a plot twist announcement is the perfect way to share the happy news. You could add a message like “Plot twist: We’re having two happy beginnings!” or “The best things in life are often unexpected. And pregnancy is no different. Plot twist: We’re having two!”

9. I’m Eating for Three

Make your friends and family do the math as they discover that you’re having twins. Your twin baby announcement can feature a picture of you eating three of the same item — like three scoops of ice cream or three slices of pizza. If you’re not sure folks will understand, you could always add a photo of your ultrasound somewhere in the image.

10. Big Sister or Brother-To-Be

Announce the good news by featuring the proud big brother or sister. You can have the child hold a letterboard sign announcing their new status or you can custom order T-shirts for the photo.

11. I Was Planned, I Was Not

Not all twins are planned. Pay homage to the joy of this surprise with a funny pregnancy announcement. You can get the phrases “I was planned” and “I was not” printed on onesies as part of your announcement photo. Or you can set out two pairs of baby shoes with the words on a chalkboard sign.

12. We Asked for a Miracle — We Got Two

An announcement like this is all about expressing gratitude for two blessings. Whether you create a photo card or simply send a sweet message via email or text, focusing on the miracle of twins is a wonderful way to share the big news.

Twin Pregnancy Announcements That Double the Joy

Twin pregnancy announcement: ultrasound pictures of twins and 2 pairs of baby shoes

When it comes to your pregnancy announcement, the choice is yours to include whatever information you want to share. While some are overjoyed to share every last detail — from the gender reveal to the due date, IVF journey, and baby names — others prefer to share a simple message and keep other details under wraps. You can also add a baby registry or details about the upcoming baby shower in your announcement. 

Greenvelope offers dozens of pregnancy announcement templates that you can customize, whether you want to update the colors, alter the fonts, or upload your own photos. Here are a few of our favorite twin pregnancy announcements that you can personalize to suit your own style.

1. Tea Party Reveal Announcement

Twin pregnancy announcement: Tea Party Reveal Announcement

Design: Tamara Hilje Design

This adorable birth announcement doubles as a gender reveal card if you’d like that to be part of your message. Available in three colorways — pink, blue, or green — with a torn-edge envelope liner, this design is both stylish and playful. When recipients flip the card, they’ll discover the gender of the babies. 

2. Sweet Peapod Announcement

Sweet Peapod Announcement

Design: Niru & Baku

This chic pregnancy announcement makes it easy to share your message whether you’re having fraternal twin boys, identical twin girls, or aren’t sharing the gender at all. This design comes in six different color options, each with a coordinating glittery envelope liner, so you can pick the hue that you love most.

3. Plot Twist Announcement

Plot Twist Announcement

Design: Kate Ross Design (photo courtesy of Sachi Anand Photography)

This twin pregnancy announcement photo card is perfect for announcing the best plot twist of your life. It’s double-sided so you can include a longer message on the back and make a statement by uploading a photo from your pregnancy photo shoot on the front.

4. Really Big News Announcement

Really Big News Announcement

Design: Tennie & Co.

This funny twin announcement is perfect for sharing the doubly big news. The supported backside has room for a longer message or you can choose to announce the gender if that’s your style. 

5. The Best is Yet To Come Announcement

The Best Is Yet To Come Announcement

Design: Jessica Williams (photo courtesy of Angela & Evan Photography)

This sweet and joyful announcement shares the happiness of your new bundles of joy. Upload your favorite family snap — featuring the parents-to-be or siblings who are getting promoted to big sister or big brother status. You can also add more details on the card’s backside.

6. Romper Reveal Invitation

Romper Reveal Invitation

Design: Hudson Meets Rose

This announcement onesie isn’t just ideal for sharing the news of one new baby. When recipients turn the card over, they’ll find out if you’re having two boys, two girls, or a combination!

Having Twins Makes Everything Twice as Nice 

One of the happiest occasions is announcing the arrival of a new baby. The only way it gets better is if you’re announcing the arrival of two new babies! With these twin pregnancy announcement ideas, you’re sure to find fun ways to share the exciting news.

If you’re looking for more ideas to share news about your pregnancy, take a look through our selection of fall pregnancy announcements, winter pregnancy cards, and twin birth announcements.