30th wedding anniversary gift: man surprising his wife with a gift

Another big milestone is coming up soon — 30 years of marriage! Whether you’re throwing a big party to celebrate your own anniversary or want to honor someone else’s, a thoughtful 30th wedding anniversary gift goes a long way.

In this guide, we’ll share some tips on choosing a lovely 30th wedding anniversary gift, as well as some of our favorite gift ideas and inspiration.

What Makes an Ideal 30th Wedding Anniversary Gift?

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You might already know that there are traditional wedding gifts for each year of marriage. Your first anniversary is paper, the 10th is tin or aluminum, the 20th is china, and the 30th is one of the best of all — pearl!

This means that to celebrate your pearl anniversary, any gift inspired by mother of pearl makes a wonderful choice. Pearl jewelry, home decor, and accessories are all great options, and there’s something available for every budget.

As you choose a gift to celebrate your (or a loved one’s) wedding anniversary, also keep the recipient’s personal tastes and interests in mind. Maybe your partner would adore new golf clubs for their hobby, or maybe your mom and dad would enjoy an experience gift like a cooking class? Think about what they’d love the most, and surprise them with a gift that feels heartfelt and personal.

At the same time, don’t put too much pressure on yourself to find the perfect gift. Often you don’t need to spend a lot to show you care. Send an online greeting card filled with words of happiness and joy, or show up and celebrate with them at their anniversary party. What matters most is your company, support, and love.

15 Beautiful 30th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for inspiration for a 30th wedding anniversary gift, we have you covered. Explore some of our favorite gift ideas for them, him, or her — whether the gift is for your partner, parent, family member, or friend.

1. Gemstone Bracelet

Gemstone or diamond jewelry is always a winner, especially if the recipient loves to add to their collection over time or wants a new piece to treasure forever. This lovely 30-year anniversary gift is an ideal way to mark this milestone moment.

2. Pearl Necklace

30th wedding anniversary gift: woman wearing expensive jewelry

If you’re looking for a nod to the 30th pearl wedding anniversary, a classy choice is a classic pearl necklace. Pair this with pearl earrings to complete the set or with a bunch of their favorite flowers or chocolates.

3. Photo Frame

We love thoughtful gifts that double as usable home decor, and a picture frame is one of the best choices for this. Choose a pearl frame or one in a color or style to match the recipient’s home, and complete it with a photo of the happy couple.

4. Monogram Accessories

Personalized gifts are always popular, and one of the best things is you can add a monogram to almost every accessory out there — making this perfect for a hobby-themed gift. Add a monogram to towels, travel accessories, makeup bags, hobby totes, watches, and tech accessories to level up the gift and make it truly personal.

5. Sterling Silver Cufflinks

If the recipient is in need of a new set of fancy cufflinks to wear, or would love some as a keepsake, a sterling silver pair is a great choice. To match the traditional anniversary theme, you could even look for a pair with mother of pearl as part of the design. Get the cufflinks engraved for a personal touch.

6. Pearl Bracelet

For those that love the traditional style but don’t want a necklace, a pearl bracelet could be the perfect gift idea. Choose a design that features lots of pearls, or something more subtle with an ocean theme and mother of pearl details.

7. Love Story Wall Art

Showcase the story of your love with a personalized wall art print that features your wedding date and milestone moments throughout your journey together. This is a fun, unique gift idea that is not only a keepsake but looks great hung on your wall too. If you’re looking for a romantic gift that isn’t jewelry, this is one of our favorites.

8. Champagne Flutes

Couple clinking their glasses

Get ready to toast your anniversary celebration with a new set of champagne flutes. We love this 30th wedding anniversary gift idea as it’s not only sweet but practical too. Celebrate many more years as a happy couple by bringing the flutes out on every anniversary as a new tradition.

9. Pearl Watch

Jewelry isn’t for everyone, but if you still want to feature pearl in your gift for this special occasion then another way to do this is with a pearl watch. You can get lots of stunning watches with a mother of pearl face, in a variety of finishes — making it easy to match to the recipient’s usual style.

10. Personalized Stainless Steel Tumbler

If you’re looking for an affordable gift that also feels unique, a personalized tumbler is a winning idea. This is a great gift for a family member or parent, or if you’re on a budget. Choose the recipient’s favorite brand, in a color they love, and have it engraved with a special message in honor of their long-lasting love story.

11. Scented Candles

Another budget-friendly gift that we love is giving scented candles. It’s the perfect gift if the recipient loves to scent their home — especially if you know their signature scent or can find a candle with a smell that reminds them of their wedding day.

12. Personalized Travel Map

Couple looking at a map

For travel lovers, a wonderful keepsake anniversary milestone gift is a customized travel map. Have a map created that highlights all the amazing places you’ve (or they’ve) been, along with space to add in destinations they’re yet to visit. This unique gift is both thoughtful and practical, reminding them to continue their travels long into the future.

13. Framed Poem or Quote

If the happy couple isn’t into traveling, another sweet gift idea is to find a poem or quote that resonates and have it framed. You can easily buy famous quotes or poems in beautiful designs from marketplaces like Etsy, or you could create your own using free software like Canva. Choose a matching frame and present it as a thoughtful 30-year wedding anniversary gift.

14. Memory Book

One of our favorite anniversary present ideas for couples is a memory book or scrapbook filled with all those moments and memories from your journey so far. This super special gift is best given from one partner to another, or worked on together as a fun anniversary idea. Show everyone the gift at your anniversary party and remember to leave space in the book for you to add future memories!

15. Gift Card

Scripted Congratulations Card

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Like we said before, you don’t need to spend a lot to give a meaningful 30th wedding anniversary gift. All you need is one of our anniversary cards and some wedding anniversary wishes. If you want to make your gift go further, add a gift card to any of our online greeting cards for free.

Your recipient will be able to spend their gift card in hundreds of places online — giving them the ultimate choice. Encourage them to treat themselves to something they’ve been drooling over, some new supplies for a hobby, or an indulgent treat they wouldn’t normally buy.

Express Your Joy with These 30th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Finding the best anniversary gifts isn’t always easy, but luckily our gift guide is here to help. Use this guide to inspire your shopping and choose a unique and thoughtful gift for a loved one to celebrate this milestone anniversary.

Once you’ve found a gift you love, pair it with one of our congratulations cards to wish the happy couple or the recipient well. Every design is customizable, so you can turn a simple template into a heartfelt greeting with just a few clicks.