Rehearsal dinner decorations: table setting with glasses, plates, candles, and flowers

Rehearsal dinners often look best when they’re minimally styled, which means you don’t need to invest heavily in rehearsal dinner decorations. But you can still add your personal touch to create a special pre-wedding event

To get the ideas flowing, look no further than this list of rehearsal dinner decorations that will work whether you’re hosting a colorful backyard BBQ or a sophisticated repast the night before your big day. 

How to Choose the Perfect Rehearsal Dinner Decorations

Before you head to the party supply store, nail down a few important rehearsal dinner ideas first. Here’s what to do when planning your rehearsal dinner decorations.

Consider Your Theme

Rehearsal dinner decorations: Boho Beach Party Invitation

Design: frau brandt

Many couples choose a rehearsal dinner theme that matches their wedding day — not only because they love it but because decor elements can be reused to save money (and waste). 

However, if you want a departure from your planned rustic wedding or beachside wedding, look for something completely different. Style the space in gorgeous jewel tones for a candlelit dinner, or go retro and head to an American diner for a casual pre-wedding meal. 

No matter what theme you choose, keep a cohesive look with your rehearsal dinner invitations. Greenvelope offers a beautiful range of customizable online invitations so you can update the colors and font, add your event details, and excite your guest list with an impressive design. 

Determine Your Color Scheme

Rehearsal dinner decorations: Color Block We Do Invitation

Design: itsibelli

As with your rehearsal dinner theme, your event’s color scheme can guide you toward selecting the right decorative items. Keep the color palette simple with one main color and a handful of complementary tones, then seek out rehearsal dinner decorations that match. 

This can be especially helpful in making your event feel more sophisticated. Use the same colors throughout your floral arrangements, table decorations, centerpieces, signage, and wall decor. For instance, if you want a soothing, nature-inspired palette, you could opt for mini bouquets of baby’s breath in small birch vases, white votive candles, and a burlap table runner as part of your tablescape.

Think About Your Budget

Rehearsal dinner decorations: Playful Gingham Invitation

Design: Annie Montgomery Design

Hosting a wedding rehearsal dinner can get expensive, so it’s understandable if you want to decorate as frugally as possible. Like other areas of wedding planning, it’s easy to go the DIY route and still achieve a gorgeous look. 

To keep things within your wedding budget, reuse home decor pieces and lovingly cared-for plants from your home or friends and family members. If you do decide to buy decor items, look for pieces that work for both the rehearsal dinner and wedding day decor — or for other celebrations beyond your wedding. 

10 Beautiful Rehearsal Dinner Decorations

Table setting with flowers, berries, and plates

Once you’ve settled on a few key elements, it’s time to have fun selecting your rehearsal dinner decor. Here are some of our most loved party decorations for your big pre-wedding celebration. 

1. Impressive Archway

Archways have long been a favorite of milestone birthdays, baby showers, and wedding receptions. Bring some of that grandeur to your rehearsal dinner with an archway to match your theme. Driftwood, eucalyptus, and greenery are perfect for a garden wedding, while an arch made from industrial poles is ideal for a contemporary celebration. 

2. Stylish Centerpieces

This event centers around the dinner table, so it’s no surprise that you can make a big impact with stylish centerpieces — and they have the bonus of being great to reuse for your wedding reception. Be inspired by your theme and find complementary objects and flowers to create a wedding table centerpiece that brings your vision to life. 

3. Flowers as Decor

Flowers are ideal as rehearsal dinner decor. Take cues from the blooms you’re featuring in your wedding ceremony and ask your florist to create some extra arrangements for your rehearsal dinner, lunch, or brunch gathering. 

4. Themed Tablescapes

Table setting with sunflowers, candles, and wooden plates

With all eyes on the table, your styled tablescapes give you plenty of space for creativity. Choose linens like tablecloths, table runners, and napkins that complement your chosen theme. Keep them simple for a sophisticated look, or add a texture, pattern, or bold color for visual interest. Your table settings can continue the theme — think vintage china for a boho-chic celebration or palm leaf-shaped side plates for a tropical-styled bash. 

5. Word Balloons

We love spelling things out with metallic letter balloons, and so do lots of couples planning their dream wedding day. While words like “love,” “I do,” “we do,” or “forever” are classics, feel free to get creative and express your personality. Phrases like “let’s do this,” “love and tacos,” “the I do crew,” or “eat, drink, be married” could all be fun messages for the night before the big day.

6. Personalized Signage

Bring out your chosen rehearsal dinner theme with signage that sends your guests in the right direction. A chalkboard is perfect for a rustic wedding theme, or you could hand-paint your own signs for a sweet pastel look. Ask your venue to put out a sign welcoming your guests to your private dining experience, or make your own signs to make your garden party or BBQ feel even more special. 

7. Atmospheric Lighting

Table setting at a restaurant

One of the major ways you can change the way a space feels is with the right lighting. Bring in some cozy lighting with the help of votives, tapered candles, and candelabras, or create an air of romance with dainty string lighting. Use brightly colored lights for a fun vibe, or stick to a warm glow for a more traditional dinner party ambiance. 

8. Inspirational Quote Cards

To liven up your rehearsal dinner tables without making them feel cluttered, a few well-placed quote cards can do the trick. Print out some of your favorite inspirational sayings or marriage quotes and display them in small frames across your table. You could even print and frame extras to hand out as rehearsal dinner favors

9. Photo or Memory Wall

This is a night to reminisce about your love story, so it’s only fitting that you feature a wall of photos and mementos from your journey so far. Pin up some of your most loved snaps or put together a video slideshow and project it onto a white wall. Ask your family members, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and wedding party members to contribute their favorite photos too. 

10. Themed Bunting

We love a bit of bunting, especially for a backyard celebration. If you already have some stashed away or want to invest in something fun and new, this simple decor makes a wonderful rehearsal dinner decoration. Burlap or natural fabrics are perfect for a rustic look, while patchwork fabrics are great for a more artsy vibe. If you’re creative, learn how to make your own bunting and proudly display it. If you’re not, there are lots of gorgeous designs available to buy.

Style Your Space for a Memorable Rehearsal Dinner

Table setting with plates, flowers, and glasses

Your rehearsal dinner is all about bringing people together to celebrate your love and upcoming wedding day. Take inspiration from these rehearsal dinner decoration ideas, then apply your own personal touch. Look for decor that matches your theme for that perfect put-together feel. 

When you’re set on a theme, don’t forget to choose rehearsal dinner invitations that suit your style. Greenvelope lets you customize any design to your heart’s content and you can send them out to your guest list in a matter of minutes. Here’s to a wonderful rehearsal dinner!