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Planning a quinceañera is a big deal. It’s that special day in a girl’s life where everyone comes together to celebrate her as a blossoming young woman. While this lovely tradition is rooted in Mexican culture, it has become increasingly popular throughout Latin America and beyond. To create a celebration she’ll always remember, take a look at these show-stopping quinceañera themes. 

12 Quinceañera Themes and Party Ideas

quinceanera themes: Masquerade Ball Quinceañera

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Stage a magical quince for the birthday girl that she’ll remember forever with these fun quinceañera themes. There’s something here for every taste and interest — from a gala fit for a princess to lively family fiestas. Once you choose a theme, you can kick off the festivities by customizing your quinceañera invitations.

1. Masquerade Ball Quinceañera

Treat your guest of honor and her friends to a wonderfully fun masquerade ball-themed quince. This is perfect for the birthday girl who’s a fan of mystery, drama, and creativity. 

Decorate your home or party venue to transform it into the perfect setting for a masquerade ball. Go bold and colorful, with designs and decorations inspired by Mardi Gras, or opt for something sophisticated and regal — like you’d find in a royal palace. 

You can have lots of creative fun with this quinceañera theme. Set up a crafting station where your party guests can create or customize their own DIY masquerade mask.

2. Disney Princess Quinceañera

Transport your guests back to their childhood with a Disney princess-themed celebration to mark the big moment. It’s a sweet nod to all things fairy tale, and ideal if your quinceañera girl is still a huge Disney fan. 

Choose one classic Disney princess and set the stage for your very own Cinderella castle, or find a way to involve all the royal characters. A great way to do this is to incorporate princess names on tables, party games, or to create your own signature mocktail. 

This theme works perfectly with a quince celebration since the guest of honor almost always wears a princess-style quinceañera dress (think tulle, organza, or chiffon) replete with a tiara. 

3. Paris-Themed Quinceañera

quinceanera themes: Paris-Themed Quinceañera

Design: Loree Mayer Design

Can’t make it to France? No problem. Bring the City of Light to your celebration with a beautifully styled Parisian-themed quinceañera. Let your guests dance and party in style against a backdrop inspired by the French capital city. 

Add grand decorations like sweeping fabric backdrops and sophisticated floral displays in soft, delicate colors. Bring in a large Eiffel tower to take center stage on the sweets table or as a decor piece for a photo area. 

Treat your party guests to a menu inspired by French cuisine, and get creative with a wonderful birthday cake, themed cupcakes, and an array of macarons. This is an ideal quince theme for a birthday girl who absolutely loves the magic of Paris. 

Suggested invitation: Paris Quince Invitation

4. Winter Wonderland Quinceañera

Add some sparkle to your guest of honor’s quinceañera with a winter wonderland celebration. All you need is a hint of snow, gorgeous blue hues, and snowflake designs.

Find a local party supply shop or hire an event designer to transform your venue with faux trees, snow, twinkling lights, and glistening twigs that create a magical archway for your party guests to walk through. Continue the theme across your tables with glitzy centerpieces and a light blue color scheme inspired by the snowflakes of winter. 

5. Under the Sea Quinceañera

quinceanera themes: Under the Sea Quinceañera

Design: Ruby the Fox

Take your party guests under the sea with this super fun quince theme. Go for a traditional aquatic party with sea creature motifs, or try a whimsical mermaid-themed party instead. There’s lots of space to get creative. 

Swap your traditional party games for underwater-themed versions. Send your party guests on a scavenger hunt for nautical treasures, or play an under-the-sea bingo game. 

Transform your party venue into an underwater world with blue fabrics, jellyfish streamers, and pastel balloons. Create a real sense of atmosphere with some colored LED light bulbs, or blue string lighting. 

Suggested invitation: Festive Fiesta Invitation

6. Hollywood-Themed Quinceañera

Celebrating a quinceañera is a big moment, and what’s bigger than a Hollywood theme party? Treat your guest of honor like a true VIP with a decadent celebration for her and their friends. 

Set out a red carpet for guests and set up a fun photo booth where they can snap photos together, or hire an event photographer to pose as a paparazzi. (For more ideas, don’t miss our guide on how to host a red carpet event.)

Transform your party space into a Hollywood venue, or set up your tables and a stage inspired by an awards ceremony. Add plenty of stars and movie-inspired decor to complement your theme. When it comes to food and drink, hand out mini bags of popcorn and colorful mocktails to your party guests — just like you’d find at a movie premiere. 

7. Enchanted Forest Quinceañera

Invite the birthday girl and her most treasured guests to take a journey through a fairy tale land with this enchanting party idea.

Let your party guests suspend reality and adventure through a mysterious forest filled with towering faux trees and overflowing floral arrangements. Use vibrant greens, rich purples, and pops of pink to really bring out the magic and create an immersive atmosphere. 

Lay on a lavish feast of delicious food and drinks, with cupcake toppers and tableware inspired by forest animals and flowers. Use delicate china and glassware to tie the theme together, as your guests dine on a long table underneath a canopy of leaves and string lighting. 

8. Fiesta-Style Quinceañera

Fiesta-Style Quinceañera

Design: Sogi’s Honey Bakeshop

Celebrate the Mexican origins of this wonderful birthday celebration by staging a more traditional fiesta. Fill your party venue with balloons, giant flowers, streamers, bunting, and fabric curtains in bold rainbow colors. Continue this warm, vibrant color palette across your tables with fun, bright glasses, tableware, and centerpieces. 

Hire a mariachi band to play music for guests to enjoy, or create a dancefloor and have a DJ play some modern hits. This is one of those quinceañera themes that’s sure to get people smiling and dancing.

Suggested invitation: Llama Love Invitation

9. Arabian Nights Quinceañera

Transport your quinceañera guests to a magical place inspired by Moroccan sights, sounds, and flavors with an Arabian Nights celebration. 

This quince theme is perfect if your guest of honor loves the story of Aladdin, with its rich colors and fanfare. Set the scene with party decor in deep jewel tones like purple, teal, and orange — don’t be afraid to go a little over the top with your styling, as it all adds to the fun. 

For an exceptionally lavish feel, host this themed quince inside a giant tent and drape the indoor space with colorful fabrics. To continue the theme, add some Middle Eastern dishes to your buffet, and feature a fun tiered birthday cake designed to look like stacked pillows. 

10. ​Luau Quinceañera

Luau Quinceañera

Design: Sandra Picco Design LLC

Add a little island flair to your birthday girl’s special day by throwing a luau-inspired quinceañera. Bring in some lovely bright, modern colors and decor items to create an island paradise. Mix key decor trends like palm trees, flamingos, and pineapples with bright teals, pink, yellow, and dark green. Take your party outdoors and create a sandy beach along with other Hawaiian party elements. 

Plan party games like hula hoop and limbo, and hand guests traditional floral leis as they arrive. As the party ends, they can take these home with them as sweet party favors to remind them of the special day. 

Suggested invitation: Floral Fiesta Invitation

11. ​Alice in Wonderland Quinceañera

Welcome to the tea party! Throw an amazing party bash for your guest of honor with an Alice in Wonderland-themed quince. 

There’s so much you can do with this idea. Play up the tea party aspect and stage a Queen of Hearts-inspired event with reds, blacks, and quirky decor. Make sure there’s plenty of giant clocks and playing cards making an appearance. 

If that’s not your birthday girl’s style, focus the decor and theme on Alice herself instead and create something that feels magical and whimsical. Style up candelabras as centerpieces and bring out some vintage tea sets to set the stage for a wonderful celebration. 

12. Great Gatsby Quinceañera

Great Gatsby Quinceañera

Design: Jessica Williams

Head back to the Roaring 20s and transform your party venue into an epic Great Gatsby gala. This is perfect if your guest of honor wants something that feels ultra-glam and luxurious. 

This quince theme is all about sticking to a decadent color palette of black, gold, and white. Bring these colors into your event through stylish balloon arches, chandeliers, string lighting from the ceiling to the walls, and feather centerpieces sprayed with gold. 

Introduce fun mocktails and pass canapés to your guests as they chat, laugh, and dance to 1920s themed playlists. Encourage your guests to dress on theme, and have a luxe attention-stealing quince dress ready for your birthday girl. 

Suggested invitation: So Chic Invitation

Find the Perfect Quinceañera Party Theme For Your Celebration

A quinceañera isn’t just another birthday party. It’s a big day that’s designed to be a grand celebration of turning 15 years old. Use these quinceañera themes to spark your creativity and share them with the birthday girl to see what she likes best. You can also check out our guide for even more party theme ideas. Once you find the perfect one, you can then start planning an exciting celebration to mark the moment and begin customizing your digital invitations.