quinceanera party: Two invitations on a marble surface with flowers on the side

One of the most special ways to commemorate a girl’s 15th birthday is with a quinceañera. This culturally rich celebration is a rite of passage for many young women, and there’s so much planning that goes into it. To help you out, we’ve created this guide on how to throw the ultimate quinceañera party, including tips on all stages of the journey — from choosing a theme to creating the perfect invitations. 

How to Plan a Quinceañera Party

When you’re ready to start planning your guest of honor’s big day, these are the main steps to take. For even more details on how to plan the perfect party be sure to check our complete event planning checklist

Set a Budget

A quinceañera isn’t like any regular 15th birthday party. It symbolizes the birthday girl’s coming of age and passage to adulthood, so naturally you want to plan an amazing event. 

That said, before you get too carried away with planning the ultimate quinceañera party, set a budget and check in with potential sponsors like the birthday girl’s godparents and other family members who may want to contribute in some way. It’s not uncommon for loved ones to pay for items like the birthday cake, dress, jewelry (such as the tiara), or DJ. Once you have that conversation, you can better set your budget (and expectations) for the celebration. 

Plan Your Guest List

Everyone’s excited to rally around the birthday girl to celebrate her quinceañera. This means the guest list may run into the dozens (and even hundreds!) with friends, family members, and friends of the family all wanting to join you for the big day. 

Start building your list with the people you feel must be there, such as close family members, and the birthday girl’s best friends, including those she plans on asking to be in her court. You can then begin to add more guests to your list, depending on your budget. 

Select Your Venue

Once you know how many people you’re inviting, you can look for the perfect place to host the quinceañera bash. Banquet halls are a popular option, as they give you plenty of space to relax, entertain, and dance away. You could also look at traditional wedding venues as they’ll offer a similar mix of space, entertainment, and catering options. 

Choose a venue that feels right to you and suits the birthday girl. Tour a few to walk the space and picture how the dream quinceañera party might look there. Think about the practical side of things too — if you’re having a traditional mass at church to start the celebration, choose a venue close by to reduce travel time. 

Decide on a Quinceañera Theme

One of the most exciting parts of planning a quinceañera party is selecting a theme. Consider the birthday girl’s favorite things and interests and plan a quinceañera party that’s unique to her. Popular quinceañera themes include Mexican fiestas, Paris parties with Eiffel Tower centerpieces, and under-the-sea-inspired bashes with aquatic motifs like mermaids. 

When you’ve settled on a theme, bring it to life through the different elements of your party design. Choose decor, food, drink, activities, and party favors that match your theme for a super fun experience. 

Send Your Quinceañera Party Invitations

quinceanera party: For a Princess Invitation by Greenvelope

Design: Claudia Owen

Once you’ve chosen a theme, it’s time to share it with all your invitees by sending out quinceañera invitations. Aim to send these out around eight weeks before your party to give guests plenty of time to save the date. 

Since a quinceañera is usually a large affair, mailing out physical party invitations can get quite expensive. Sending digital invitations with Greenvelope not only saves time (no trips to the stationery shop or post office!) but it also saves you money on paper invitations and stamps — giving you more budget for other aspects of the party. Plus, with nearly unlimited ways to customize your design, you’re sure to create beautiful invitations that match your theme perfectly.

Check In With Your Church

Most quinceañera celebrations begin with a church service, and if that’s true for your event, you’ll want to stop by your church with the birthday girl to confirm all the details. 

This is also an opportunity for you to ask the church some questions about whether there are any preparations or contributions required ahead of the big day. Some girls are requested to take part in courses, spend time at church, or contribute funds. 

Confirm Your Court of Honor

It’s not a quince without a court of honor supporting the birthday girl through the day and making it extra special. These friends are there to help her shine and create a magical experience. 

While it’s traditional to have a court of fourteen chambelanes and fourteen damas, you don’t have to stick with this. Some girls opt for a court of only their female friends, while others mix things up with a smaller coed court or opt for no court at all.

Find the Perfect Outfit

The birthday girl deserves to feel and look fabulous at her quinceañera party. Many girls love an over-the-top tulle ball gown, either in a traditional shade of pink or a vibrant color to match their party theme and color scheme. But perhaps your birthday girl wants a more modern silhouette or subdued palette. This is her chance to showcase her personality, so find the style that speaks to her.

Also, you can choose more than one quinceañera dress — many girls have two or three dresses and change for different parts of the party. Whatever you decide, don’t forget to have a pair of comfortable (and color-coordinated!) flats at the ready in case her feet get sore from wearing high heels.

Book Your Vendors

When planning a quinceañera party, ask around to get recommendations on the best vendors for quinceañeras in your area. Think about all the different elements of your party and what kind of experience you want to create for your guests. 

You’ll need tables and chairs if they’re not provided by the venue, as well as all your party decorations like centerpieces, balloon arches, and lighting. Include fun activities and the people you’ll need involved here too — like hiring a photo booth, DJ, or photographer to capture every moment. 

As with any party, food and drink are key. From local caterers to food trucks to even potlucks, there are many ways to treat your guests to delicious food. Depending on your budget, you can determine which option makes the most sense. As for the quinceañera cake, choose something that matches your theme, be it a traditional multi-tiered cake with frosting rosettes or cupcakes with mini “15” toppers.

Finalize the Details

A quinceañera party isn’t complete without all the little details that make it come to life. As your party date starts to draw closer, make sure you have a complete rundown of the day’s events. Think about all the things you might’ve missed — like scheduling in time for the birthday girl’s changing of the shoes or making sure you have cash on hand to tip your vendors at the end of the party. 

Our Favorite Quinceañera Party Invitations

There’s nothing quite like a quinceañera. For a fun, lavish, or sleek way to invite your party guests, be sure to check out some of our top quinceañera party invites. Below are a handful of our favorites.

Mis Quince Años Invitation

quinceanera party: Mis Quince Años Invitation by Greenvelope

Design: Raven Erebus

Invite your guests to a chic and modern quinceañera with this gorgeous Mis Quince Años invitation that features bold florals. Choose from five colors (including pastels) or customize it with your own hue for a striking look. 

Sweetheart Quinceañera Invitation

quinceanera party: Sweetheart Quinceañera Invitation by Greenvelope

Design: Jen Montgomery

If you’re looking for something shimmering and shining, this Sweetheart Quinceañera invitation is the perfect choice. It’s available in a rainbow gradient or a handful of other glistening colorways. 

Girly Gown Invitation

quinceanera party: Girly Gown Invitation by Greenvelope

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Set the tone for an elegant quinceañera with this Girly Gown invitation. The design features a beautiful watercolor image of a traditional pink quinceañera dress with sophisticated lettering to share all the event details. 

Folk Art Frame Invitation

Folk Art Frame Invitation by Greenvelope

Design: frau brandt

We love the gorgeous, bright florals in this Floral Art Frame invitation. There’s also space for a lovely photo of the birthday girl, giving you the perfect reason to book a photo shoot for her special day. 

Royal Quinceañera Invitation

Royal Quinceañera Invitation by Greenvelope

Design: Becky Nimoy Stationery

If you’re planning a fairytale-inspired quinceañera, it doesn’t get better than this Royal Quinceañera invitation. The mix of soft neutrals, beautiful illustration, and contoured edges create a timeless, romantic look. 

Celebrate in Style With a Beautiful Quinceañera Party

A quinceañera is one of the most memorable experiences a young woman will ever have. It’s a time-honored tradition filled with her best friends, closest relatives, and other loved ones — all gathered to celebrate her becoming a young woman. From setting your budget to selecting a theme to sending out stunning party invitations, taking a step-by-step approach will help you create an unforgettable celebration she will always cherish. For more inspiration on how to throw the ultimate event, don’t miss our guide on creative birthday party ideas.