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You’ve just heard the news that someone you know is engaged — how exciting! If you’re ready to share the joy with them, it’s time to think about sending a congratulations card or message.

Here’s how to wish the newly engaged couple “congratulations on your engagement” in a thoughtful way. We’ve included some sweet wording ideas along with engagement gift ideas to accompany your congratulations card. 

How to Congratulate the Happy Couple

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It might be as simple as calling up your friend and saying “congrats!” but other times you’ll want to put those well wishes in writing. Here are a few ways to celebrate the moment. 

Send a “Congratulations on Your Engagement” Card

One of the best ways to share your well wishes with the newly engaged couple is to send a greeting card. Pick up a congratulations card or an engagement-specific card and personalize it with your own message. Perhaps the easiest (and greenest) way to congratulate the happy couple is with a digital congratulations card. At Greenvelope, we have plenty of designs with different themes, styles, and color options so you can fully personalize your lovely greeting. 

Send an Engagement Gift

Sometimes a moment calls for sending a gift alongside a greeting card. If the couple is close to you, this is one of those times. While you could certainly wait for the engagement party to give a gift, you can also send a small token that shows how much you care about your loved ones and their future shared goals. In this instance, it’s really the thought that counts, so don’t worry about it being a grand gesture. It could be as simple as a nice bottle of wine, a small bouquet of flowers, or a gift card to a restaurant that covers dinner for two.

Share Well Wishes on Social Media

News travels fast these days, so you can often congratulate the wonderful couple right after the proposal moment has happened. As well as sending a thoughtful card or gift, you can also show your support for this incredible milestone on social media. While you likely won’t want to write an in-depth message in response to a photo of the engagement ring or newly engaged couple, sharing your wishes on their social media account is a nice way to show your support publicly. 

Other Ways to Say “Congratulations on Your Engagement” 

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Coming up with the perfect words to express how you feel isn’t always easy. Here are some lovely engagement card message ideas to inspire your own message. 

Simple Engagement Congratulations and Wishes

You don’t always need to go into great detail to express your sentiments. Here’s a handful of short and sweet messages to congratulate the newly engaged couple:

  • Congratulations, [Name]! Wishing you both the best!
  • Congrats on your engagement! You deserve every happiness!
  • Happy engagement, [Name] and [Name]! 
  • Congratulations to the beautiful couple on your engagement!
  • Excited to hear about your engagement, [Name and Name]. Congratulations! 
  • Congrats, [Name]. What wonderful news! 
  • Happiest congratulations, [Name]!
  • Congratulations on finding your perfect match. 
  • Huge congrats on the engagement! 
  • Congratulations to the future [bride/groom] and [bride/groom]! 

Engagement Wishes for a Dear Loved One

Did a best friend or family member just get engaged? Here’s how to share your excitement about the engagement for your nearest and dearest:

  • So happy to hear about your engagement, [Name]! You deserve everything good in this world! 
  • I’m so excited to welcome [Partner’s Name] to the family! Congratulations, [Name]!
  • Congrats on your engagement, [Name]! Lots of love from us all. 
  • It’s so special finding your soul mate. We’re thrilled that you’ve taken the next step together, [Name] and [Name]
  • Two wonderful people are about to join together. Congrats to you both! 
  • Here’s to a lifetime of love (and fun family get-togethers). Congrats you two! 
  • [Name], we couldn’t be happier that you’ve found your happily ever after with [Name]!
  • Ahhhh, congrats on the engagement, [Name]! 
  • You’re just the most perfect couple. Congratulations on getting engaged! 

Funny Ways to Say Congratulations on Your Engagement

Your engagement congratulations message doesn’t have to be serious. Here are some humorous ideas for letting the couple know you’re excited for them: 

  • Engaged, eh? Better start working hard to pay for the big day!
  • Time to start showering that future bride with appreciation. Congrats, [Name]! 
  • Congrats, [Name]! Fingers crossed we get to write something similar in your wedding card, too. 
  • Welcome to the preview of married life! 
  • Congrats on convincing [Name] to say yes, [Name]! 

Traditional Engagement Congratulations

Looking for something a little more traditional, religious, or formal? Here are some engagement wording ideas for you to consider. 

  • Congratulations on your engagement to [Name]! All our best.
  • Sending you best wishes on the news of your engagement. 
  • May God bless your union together now and always.
  • Congratulations on your engagement to [Name]. With warm wishes, [Name].
  • Congratulations as you enter this new chapter of your lives together.
  • May you be happy together for the rest of your lives. 

Gift Ideas for the Newly Engaged Couple

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Want to line up an amazing gift to go alongside your engagement congratulations card? Here are some great ideas to help you find the perfect engagement gift for the wonderful couple. 

Food and Drink

You can’t go wrong with some delicious baked goods or a bottle of champagne as far as engagement gifts go. Pick out a bottle of the couple’s favorite bubbly, wine, or spirits so they can toast the news in style. 

If they’re food lovers, you could offer to organize an at-home meal or delivery from their most-loved restaurant. Brownies, cookies, and cupcakes by mail are also super sweet engagement gift ideas (literally) — especially if you get them personalized with their initials. 

Personalized Housewares

Marriage marks the start of a new chapter together — and sometimes a new home. Even if the couple isn’t setting up home together for the first time, homeware is still a great engagement gift. Kick up your gift a notch by getting it personalized. Engraved wine or champagne glasses are a thoughtful gift, as is a personalized cutting board. You could also get a set of towels with the couple’s monograms embroidered instead.

Digital Gift Card

Sometimes it’s just not practical to send a gift by mail or carry one to an engagement party. If that’s the case, a digital gift card is the perfect option. 

With Greenvelope, you can add a gift card to your engagement congratulations card before you hit checkout. This means you can send a thoughtful gift to the happy couple (as long as they are in the U.S.) alongside your well wishes, no matter where you’re based. 

Contribution Towards the Wedding

Wedding planning can get expensive, which is why so many couples appreciate a contribution of cash or labor towards the wedding. Most people won’t openly ask for cash contributions, but it’s always an option if you want to help out with the expenses of the wedding day or honeymoon. If you’re a bridesmaid or close friend of the couple, you could also offer your support with wedding planning or any services they might need on the actual wedding day. 

Say “Congratulations on Your Engagement” the Best Way Possible

It’s always exciting to hear that a loved one is about to take the next step with their forever someone. Celebrating an engagement is fun, and there are lots of great ways to do it. Think about your relationship to the couple and pick out the perfect congratulations card — you could even customize a fabulous thinking of you card. Use our wording ideas to help you find the perfect heartfelt, funny, or simple congratulations message, then send it on its way to the happy couple.