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There’s nothing quite as fun as a quinceañera. It’s a day where everyone can put on their best attire, gather with loved ones, and celebrate a momentous occasion honoring the birthday girl as she crosses this milestone. It’s a day filled with amazing food, dancing, and grandeur. If you’re getting ready for an upcoming quince, you’re probably already thinking about what gift to buy. 

Since it’s such an important event, it’s important to put some time and thought into your quinceañera gift. Not sure what to get? We’ve got you covered with this quinceañera gift guide. You’ll find everything from traditional gifts to modern tech tools the birthday girl will use every day. 

Quinceañera Gift Guide: 9 Presents for the Sweet 15

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If you’re heading to a quinceanera, you’ll want to bring an appropriate gift for the special birthday girl. With this guide, you can pick out the perfect present whether you’re going to a traditional quince event or a more modern 15th birthday bash.

1. Religious Relics

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If you’re attending a traditional quinceañera with a special quinceañera mass at the church, consider a religious gift. Religious items like a Bible, rosary, or scepter can be great quinceañera gifts if the young woman practices the Catholic faith. Other options include medals featuring protective saints as well as crosses. The Virgin Mary and Saint Christopher — who offers protection for travels — are good options.

2. Gift Card

There’s a reason gift cards are among the most popular birthday gifts. They let the birthday girl pick out something she’ll love. You can buy a gift card from her favorite store, or you can choose a generic Visa gift card that she can use anywhere she’d like. There is no required amount so you can give whatever you think is appropriate. On average, quinceañera guests spend around $50 on a gift, but this amount can increase or decrease depending on how close you are to the gift recipient.

3. Tiara

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Honor the 15-year-old girl with a stunning tiara that makes her feel like a princess on her special day. This birthday gift can be as fancy or simple as you want. You can choose a custom-made tiara if the honoree is a close family member, or you can opt for a simpler design. To take this birthday present up a notch, add an engraving on the inside with the date or a special phrase like “mis quince.”

4. Jewelry

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You can never go wrong with a beautiful piece of jewelry. You can opt for a personalized necklace or choose birthstone jewelry like earrings, rings, or bracelets. If you don’t know the birthday girl very well, look for a simple design. If you’re closer to the quince honoree, you can look for pieces of jewelry that suit her style and personality to make the gift even more special.

With jewelry, there’s a great gift option for every budget. Sterling silver and gold-plated designs are more affordable, or you can select a fancier gift by choosing real yellow, white, or rose gold and authentic gemstones.

5. Keepsake Box

A keepsake box is a great way to celebrate the birthday girl’s coming of age. The special lady can look back fondly on her big day every time she sees the box. To make this gift extra special, place a piece of jewelry inside.

6. Gift Basket

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A quinceañera is all about spoiling the birthday girl. Spoil the birthday girl with a pampering spa kit or gift basket. You can create your own kit with individual items or you can order pre-made baskets on sites like Amazon and Etsy

Some gift basket items to include are: bathrobes, candles, face masks, or tasty treats like chocolates, snacks, and charcuterie. For something that celebrates Latino culture, look for traditional textiles and add fun elements like llamas or Latin American treats like Gansitos, Takis, and Alfajores.

7. Tech Tools and Cases

In today’s modern world, quinceañera gifts aren’t just the traditional rosaries and jewelry. Since this day celebrates a not-so-little girl coming of age, tech tools are a great way to honor their future potential. If you’re close to the birthday girl, a tablet or computer can support their educational goals. Alternatively, you can select a case or tote that the teenage girl can use to carry her supplies to and from her school and extracurricular activities. 

8. Trip Tickets

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If you’re very close to the birthday girl, give her the trip of a lifetime. It’s a great way to reflect on her coming of age and celebrate the bright future in front of her. To make this gift great, talk to her parent or parents to decide on an ideal locale. This can include somewhere local, like a national park or a yoga retreat, or somewhere international, like Europe or Latin America. You should also discuss who will accompany the young lady on the trip if needed.  

Instead of a trip, you can also give tickets to an event or show. Find out the girl’s favorite musical artists or ask if there’s an event she has her heart set on attending. It’s best to buy at least two tickets so she can bring a friend. If the tickets are pricey, team up with other family members or friends to buy this item as a joint gift.

9. A Party Item

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If you’re a close family member or friend, ask the birthday girl if there is something she wants for the party to complete her dream day. This may be a special dress for the after-party or a sentimental item for the religious mass. It could also be a party favor to remember the day or a fancy tiara to complete her outfit. Whatever she chooses, you’ll love knowing you gave her something she really wanted and helped make the party planning a little easier.

Make Her Quince Special

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Whether you need a fancy gift or something simple for an upcoming 15th birthday celebration, these quinceañera gift ideas are sure to hit the mark. From traditional quinceañera gifts like rosaries and bibles to modern favorites like gift cards and tech cases, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for the special young lady.

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