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Is there anything more exciting than welcoming a new baby? It’s such a wonderful moment for the proud parents, their families, and everyone around them. If you’re in the lucky position of sending baby congratulations, here’s our short and sweet guide on how to do it. We’ve rounded up our best advice on writing a baby congratulations card, and included wording inspiration and some cute gift ideas too. 

How to Send Your Baby Congratulations Wishes

Having a new baby or babies in your life is such an exciting time. As soon as you hear the news, you’re jumping at the chance to welcome the little one. Here’s how to craft the perfect baby congratulations message to send to the happy new parents. 

Find Out All the Details

Sometimes all you’ll have is the happy news that the baby has been born, but other times you’ll know the new baby’s name — which you can include in your well wishes. If you’re especially close to the new parents, you’ll probably be privy to other details too. 

Most times, all goes well at the birth and the new parents can enjoy those first moments together in a sleepless yet blissful state with their healthy baby. In some cases, mom or baby may need some extra support at the start — be mindful of this when you word your message, and send them lots of love. 

Craft a Personalized Message of Well Wishes

Welcoming a new family member or a friend’s new arrival is such a joyful moment, and it doesn’t happen every day. Take some time to come up with a beautiful, personalized message that expresses just how excited you are for the new parents. 

While many people send congratulations messages when the baby is born, you might also send a thoughtful card and gift for a baby shower. If that’s the case, switch up your wording so that you express your excitement about getting to meet the little bundle of joy soon. 

Keep your well wishes short and sweet with a “Congrats on the new arrival!,” or include a few lines about how you know they’ve been waiting so long for this gorgeous new baby boy or girl. If you’re stuck for ideas on what to write, we’ve included some useful inspiration in the section below. 

Choose a Beautiful Congratulations Card


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Your well wishes are the star of the show, but choosing a beautiful new baby card or congratulations card adds some extra cheer. It’s a sweet way to brighten up your thoughtful note, or a fun way to remark on one of the parents’ hobbies — like music or football. 

Look for an online greeting card that speaks to the new parents’ tastes and is something you know they’ll love. Whether that’s baby elephants, rainbows, or floral patterns — we have plenty of great options you can customize and make your own. 

What to Write in a Baby Congratulations Card


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If you’re looking for ideas for your baby congratulations wording, here are some of our favorite options to send your warmest wishes. 

Short and Sweet Baby Congratulations Messages

If you want to keep it short but still send some thoughtful words their way, here are some lovely wording ideas for new parents on the birth of their baby. 

  • Congrats on your new arrival! 
  • Congratulations on the birth of your gorgeous baby! 
  • He’s/She’s here! Congrats, [Name] and [Name].
  • Congrats on the smooth arrival of your new baby, [Name]! 
  • Big welcome to your new arrival. What an exciting time! 

Heartfelt New Baby Wishes

Sometimes you’ll want to write something a little more in depth — like if the new arrival is a close relation or you’re known for your lengthy well wishes. If that’s you, here are some great wording ideas. 

  • We are so excited to welcome the little one to the family! Let’s catch up soon.
  • Congrats on your gorgeous new bundle of joy, [Name]. He’s/She’s wonderful! 
  • We can’t believe there’s a new little baby for us to spoil with love. Congratulations [Name] and [Name]! 
  • [Baby’s Name] is such a beautiful baby! You two have created a truly wonderful little guy/girl. 
  • Huge congratulations on your gorgeous new arrival. We wish you all a lifetime of happiness! 

Lovely Ways to Celebrate Adoption

Adoption is a magical gift for families. If someone close to you is basking in this moment, here are some lovely ways to share the joy you feel for them.

  • Congratulations on welcoming this gorgeous new baby boy/baby girl to your family, [Name]! 
  • Congrats on adopting little [Baby’s Name]. You’re going to be amazing parents! 
  • Big congratulations on your little bundle of joy. S/he is so lucky to have found you! 
  • Congratulations on the wonderful news! We can’t wait to meet the little one soon. 
  • [Baby’s Name] is such a lucky baby. The two of you are the kindest, most supportive people I know. 
  • We heard the wonderful news — congratulations on the adoption! 

Baby Congratulations Messages for Twins and Multiples

Is someone close to you now the proud parent of twins, triplets, or more? Here are some great baby congratulations messages for this busy yet amazing time in their life. 

  • Welcoming one baby is challenging, but two is more than a handful! Sending you our best wishes on this wonderful journey.
  • Congratulations on your new life as twin parents! 
  • Congrats on your little bundles of joy! Enjoy this special time together while they’re tiny. 
  • They’re twins! Congratulations on your gorgeous little ones — and have fun! 
  • Congratulations [Name]! Each of your babies will be so loved by the both of you. 

Thoughtful Gifts for New Parents


Your thoughtful message is more than enough to put a smile on the new parents’ faces. If you want to add something extra, here are some lovely gift ideas to welcome a new baby to the family or your friend group. 

Personalized Blanket

A personalized baby blanket is a really sweet gift idea for a newborn baby. It’s something they can snuggle up with right away, and keep with them as they grow. Look for a blanket that’s soft in a breathable fabric and gorgeous color. Have it personalized with the baby’s initials or first name for a really thoughtful gift. 

Homemade Hamper

If you live near the new parents, a homemade hamper is a great new baby gift idea. You could put together a care package filled with sweet treats, home essentials, and practical things for the new family. Homemade chocolate chip cookies or easy to heat meals if you cook would make lovely additions too. 

Gift Card

With a new baby, most of the focus is on the little one and gifts designed with them in mind, but a gift card is a lovely way to celebrate the new parents too. A gift card allows them to buy those new baby essentials like diapers or to help save some money on the cost of a big purchase like a stroller or cot. 

If you’re sending a digital card with Greenvelope, we now have the option for you to add a digital gift card to your order. This means it’s even easier to send a sweet little gift over to the new parents. 

Custom Family Portrait

A personalized gift is always thoughtful, and that’s especially true when you’re celebrating a growing family. Commission a custom family portrait to mark the moment, and send a gift they can display in their home forever. Look for an art style that matches their home decor tastes then have the artwork made up with the family’s names and years of birth. 

Congratulate the Happy New Parents in a Sweet Way

Welcoming a new baby is so exciting. It’s a huge life moment for the proud parents who have a lifetime of firsts and joyful moments ahead of them. Share that excitement with them by choosing a gorgeous congratulations card, finding the perfect wording, and sending a thoughtful gift.