Girl's getaway weekend invitation displayed on an iPad with some femme clothing and nail polish nearby

Whether it’s a celebration of your upcoming nuptials, a milestone birthday, or a trip just because, make your girls’ weekend getaway the best it can be with a little proactive planning. You can be as organized (or loose!) as you want when it comes to all the details, but here are some helpful tips to ensure your trip runs smoothly!

Plan Ahead

Better yet, plan way ahead. The sooner you decide on a date, the sooner you can start planning some of the more fun details. (Hello, wine tastings and spa treatments.)

Send Digital Invitations

You can avoid any confusion or scheduling complications by sending an invitation for your weekend getaway. Digital invite companies, like Greenvelope, offer a practical, easy way to keep your whole group in the loop. Be sure to search for a design that fits with your destination or overall theme (like Las Vegas or tropical).

Stick to a Budget

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to have a fantastic trip (unless you want to!) In fact, there are ways to pull off a fabulous experience on even the tightest of budgets. Picking a location within driving distance, mooching off family and friends for lodging, or planning meals in are all things you can do to cut back on added costs. Ask your group how much they want to spend for the weekend and make sure your plans fit accordingly. Their input will help you finalize a realistic per-person budget.

When it Comes to Activities, Plan but Don’t Overplan

One thing is for sure, too many planned activities will wear your group out. Plus, one of the best things about a girls’ trip is all the chatting and catching up. Don’t hesitate to incorporate plenty of downtime into your itinerary. You can plan a few fun activities—like winery visits or touristy sightseeing—that won’t take up your whole day.

Have Fun with Your Theme

Whether it’s matching shirts for a bachelorette party, party hats for a birthday, or balloons just because, have fun with a theme. Things like colorful streamers or one-of-a-kind garlands won’t take up much room in your suitcase, but they’ll set a fun tone for your weekend!