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A new baby’s on the way, what a special time! As the moment gets closer, it’s time to start thinking about what to write inside the baby shower card for your friend, family member, or colleague.

To help you craft a sweet baby shower card message, we’ve brought together all our best tips, ideas, and inspiration. Before you know it, you’ll find the words to express your love, care, and excitement for the parents-to-be and the new arrival.

What to Write in a Baby Shower Card

Baby shower card message: pregnant woman receiving gifts from her friends

Writing a baby shower card message is a lot like any other greeting card. Address the recipient, share your wishes, and offer a sincere sign-off. Here are a few quick tips for putting it all together.

A Fitting Greeting

Begin your baby shower card message with a greeting that matches the relationship you share with the parent(s)-to-be. This might be a traditional “dear,” a casual “hey,” or simply their name. There’s not much to say about the greeting line, so you can keep this short and sweet.

Thoughtful Baby Shower Card Message

Next is the main part of your message — your well wishes for the growing family. This can be as simple or as detailed as you like, perhaps with a personal anecdote or a special quote.

Tailor your message to the recipient. If you’re writing to a best friend, a heartfelt message about how you can’t wait to see the mom-to-be embark on this new journey is a great idea. For a coworker or someone you don’t know very well, you might instead write a simple congratulations message or wish them a safe delivery.

Sincere Sign-Off

Lastly, it’s time to sign off your baby shower card message. Again, this should match the tone of your overall card and the relationship between you and the recipient. It also makes sense to match the formality of your greeting — keep things formal with “best wishes” or sign off with “lots of love” followed by your name for a more relaxed message.

Tips for Writing a Baby Shower Card Message

Baby shower card message: group of friends at a baby shower

The structure of a baby shower card message is simple, but you can elevate your message or add some extra personality by following these tips.

Share Your Joy

To make your card stand out, include a line or two that highlights how excited you are for the parent-to-be’s new adventure. Talk about how it’s such an exciting time filled with joy, that you can’t wait to meet their precious baby, or that you’re looking forward to showering them with support before and after their baby arrives.

Make It Feel Personal

Add a personal touch to your baby shower card message with an anecdote, a common reference point you have with the recipient, or a fun memory. Mention how you remember the mom-to-be joking about having twins and now it’s actually happening or how you’ve always known they’d be an amazing parent because they’re so caring and thoughtful.

Share a Bit of Wisdom or a Quote

While new parents are often showered with advice, it might make sense to offer a useful snippet of wisdom or a quote about parenting. If you’re a parent yourself, consider sharing a tip about the best way to tackle those first few diapers, or add a sweet new baby quote that celebrates the love and joy of parenthood.

38 of the Sweetest Baby Shower Card Messages

Pregnant woman reading a letter

It’s time to jump into the good stuff and sort through sweet, funny, and thoughtful message ideas for the expecting parents. We’ve grouped them into sections so you can quickly find a greeting that matches what you want to say. Use these wording ideas as they are, or as the foundation for your own message that you can personalize.

Short and Simple Baby Shower Wishes

Your baby shower card message doesn’t need to be paragraphs long to make an impact. Express your new baby wishes with only a few words with one of these short and sweet greetings.

1. I can’t wait to meet you, little one!
2. Congrats! You’ll surely become the best parents in the world.
3. Excited to welcome little [Baby’s Name] to the family.
4. Here’s to countless snuggles with your little bundle of joy!
5. Congratulations, [Name]! I know how much this little one will be loved.
6. We’re all excited to meet your little miracle.
7. You’ll be amazing parents, [Name] and [Name]!
8. It’s almost time to meet your bundle of joy — hooray!
9. Woo hoo! So happy for you and your new arrival.

Baby Girl Shower Card Messages

It’s a girl! Celebrate the expecting parent’s excitement with a personalized baby shower card message that talks about their new baby girl and the dreams they have for her.

10. I’m overjoyed that you’re expecting a sweet baby girl. I know she’ll be loved and treasured. Congratulations!
11. Congrats on adding a little princess to your growing family!
12. You’re going to be the best girl mom ever, [Name].
13. Are you ready to feel outnumbered, [Dad’s Name]?
14. I can’t wait to see how you raise a darling little girl!
15. [Name] and [Name], you two are going to be the most incredible girl moms ever!
16. I already know that your beautiful baby girl will follow in your footsteps and become a powerful force to be reckoned with!
17. You’re going to be such incredible dads to little [Baby’s Name]. Congrats!

Baby Boy Shower Card Messages

Are the parents-to-be ready to welcome a little boy? Express your warm wishes with one of these messages that celebrate their hopes and dreams for their little guy.

18. Oh boy, it’s a boy! We’re all so excited to meet him.
19. Can’t wait to give your sweet little guy the biggest cuddles!
20. All little boys should be able to grow up with an incredible dad like you, [Name].
21. There’s a sweet little prince on the way!
22. All babies are a treasure, and I know your little boy will be loved beyond measure.
23. Your little guy is so lucky to have you both as caring, fun, and loving fathers!
24. I’m so excited for all the fun adventures [Baby’s Name] will have with you as his parents!
25. Boy moms are the best, and the two of you are going to ace this role!

Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Card Messages

If the baby’s gender is a surprise, or you’re attending a gender-neutral baby shower, look for a message to match. These gender-neutral message ideas are filled with love and well wishes for the new baby.

26. We’re so eager to meet your new addition to the family! I can’t wait for those newborn snuggles, first smiles, and exciting moments.
27. The little bundle of joy isn’t here yet, and they’re already so loved. Wishing you a safe delivery and the easiest first few days that any parent can hope for.
28. I know how much you’ve longed for this moment, [Name]. Sending you all my love and good wishes for the new arrival!
29. Congrats, [Name]! I’m here to cheer you on as you embrace an exciting new role as a parent.
30. There’s nobody I can imagine as a more loving and kind parent than you, [Name]. Your little one will be so lucky!
31. Your life is about to change forever in the most wonderful of ways. Congratulations on parenthood!

Funny Baby Shower Wishes

Share a bit of your sharp sense of humor or tap into the recipient’s sense of fun with a baby shower message that highlights parenthood’s unexpected moments.

32. I bet you can’t wait for all those sleepless nights, can you? Congrats on parenthood!
33. Welcome to the world of dirty diapers and mountains of laundry.
34. Congrats on having zero free time or me time for the next few months (or 18 years!)
35. Once the baby arrives, you’ll wonder how such a little bundle of joy could ever create such a mess … every single day! Get ready for a whole lot of fun!
36. If you think you’re strong-willed, get ready to meet your match. Here’s to your new arrival!
37. Sleep, what sleep? Time to stock up on the coffee. Congratulations on your new adventure!
38. Parenting is a tough job with long hours and no pay. Good job, it’s so rewarding!

Share Your Excitement with One of These Baby Shower Cards

Your message needs somewhere to live, and we think the perfect spot is in one of our baby shower cards. At Greenvelope, we have designs across a wide range of baby sprinkle and baby shower themes, color schemes, and styles — so there’s something for every taste.

In fact, you can choose a birthday card, baby shower invitation, or congratulations card and easily turn it into a baby shower card by updating the wording. You can also customize the way the card looks and feels by changing font colors and styles.

Even better, you can add a gift card to one of our designs, so you can send a thoughtful and practical baby shower gift with your digital card.

Here are some of our favorite cards and invitations that can be transformed into an adorable baby shower card with your personalized message.

Blooming Congratulations Card

Blooming Congratulations Card

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Express your congratulations with this bold and beautiful floral card. It’s available in a host of color options and offers plenty of space on the inside for even the longest of baby shower card messages.

Love Bug Invitation

Love Bug Invitation

Design: Jamie Alexander

Swap out the wording on this bug-themed baby shower invitation and you have a fun and quirky congrats card to the parent(s)-to-be. Include your message on the reverse side, where there’s room for a short greeting, quote, or poem.

Little Cutie Invitation

Little Cutie Invitation

Design: Merimoi Press

If the expecting parents are having a little cutie-themed baby shower, this orange-themed invite is an ideal way to join the fun. All you need to do is replace the party details with your own words and well wishes for a super sweet baby shower card.

Wish Them Well with These Baby Shower Card Message Ideas

Whether they’re a coworker, neighbor, loved one, or your close friend, a heartfelt baby shower card message is a lovely way to show you care about the exciting new adventure they’re about to embark on. Use this guide to help you create a personal message that captures how you feel.

With your message ready, you’ll need a way to get it to your recipient. Choose one of our congratulations cards or customize another online card and turn it into the best baby shower card that you can send in minutes.