Baptism party ideas: baptism-themed table setting

Your child’s baptism is a sacred and special moment, so naturally, you want to celebrate the occasion with loved ones. Here, you’ll find plenty of creative and trending baptism party ideas, including decor themes and menu suggestions that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor celebrations. 

You’ll also find some of our favorite baptism invitation designs that will offer some inspiration for your upcoming event.

9 Baptism Party Ideas for a Joyful Celebration

Baptism party ideas: various desserts on a table

Whether you’re planning an event for your own child or another special family member, consider these baptism party ideas to mark this memorable moment.

1. Plan a Picnic

For your child’s baptism celebration, consider hosting a picnic in the park after the ceremony. (For a trending twist, consider setting up an aesthetic picnic for a dreamy setting.) Create cozy seating with blankets and pouf pillows as well as comfortable chairs for older guests. Decorate the space with fresh flowers and serve easily transportable finger foods like mini sandwiches, sliders, crudités, chips, dips, and fresh fruit. Don’t forget to order a beautiful cake to commemorate the special day!

2. Hire a Professional Photographer

Make memories and create keepsakes you’ll cherish forever by hiring a professional photographer to take photos of the special event. Ask the photographer to take pictures of your little one as well as your entire family. Afterward, you can create a photo book to save the memories.

3. Choose a Baptism Party Theme

Who says themes are just for birthday parties? A themed baptism party is an on-trend way to celebrate this special occasion — plus, it makes it easier to choose your baptism party decorations and supplies like tablecloths, napkins, and serveware. Consider popular themes including baby animals (as an homage to Noah’s Ark) or florals. You can also use seasonal inspiration like winter, spring, summer, or fall motifs for your theme.

4. Select a Meaningful Color Scheme

Choose a color palette that matches your party theme or reflects the significance of this moment. Pastel hues are popular for baby baptism parties with baby blues, soft pinks, and mellow yellows at the top of the trending list. You can also opt for other colors with meaning. For instance, white and neutrals symbolize purity while hues like lavender and mint symbolize spirituality and harmony.

5. Plan a Brunch or Afternoon Tea Party

Baptism party ideas: guests happily eating at a party

For your baby’s baptism party, consider hosting a brunch after the religious ceremony. If the ceremony is later in the day, an afternoon tea party is a good alternative. Serve classic fare including pastries, finger sandwiches, and savory treats. Incorporate fresh flowers as centerpieces and use fine china and serving platters for an elegant look.

6. Decorate with Religious Motifs

In addition to classic party supplies like balloons and streamers, consider decorating the event space with sacred iconography, such as crosses and rosaries. You can also incorporate these symbols into the cake topper and signage.

7. Craft a Special Menu

Need help planning the menu for your child’s baptism party? Consider hiring a caterer to handle this aspect of the big day. They can create a custom dessert table with cupcakes and a special baptism cake. They can also serve everything from a full three-course meal to a buffet-style feast featuring veggies and meats. Alternatively, make it a potluck get-together and ask guests to bring along a dish to share.

8. Book a Kid-Friendly Venue

One of our favorite baby christening party ideas is to book a kid-friendly event space. After all, you’re likely to have some small guests as part of the festivities. With a venue that caters to children, it’ll be easier for the whole family to celebrate without feeling stressed. Some ideas include kid party rooms, playgrounds, and activity centers.

9. Say Thank You with Gifts and Party Favors

Show your guests how much you appreciate their presence by sending them home with themed party favors. A popular gift idea is a rosary or mini Bible. Alternatively, you can give guests miniature packets of wildflower seeds if you’ve chosen a floral theme or a small stuffed animal if you’re doing a Noah’s Ark or woodland theme.

Be sure to pick out something extra special for the child’s godparents. A special piece of jewelry or cookware is a nice way to show your appreciation. Include a sweet note with words like “Thank God for wonderful friends like you” or “Thanks for being the best godparent to our little one.”

Baptism Party Invitations: 6 Styles for Inspiration

Invitation styles are constantly evolving, which means deciding which baptism invitation to send out to your guest list is no small task. To help pair you with the perfect style, consider these six on-trend designs to share the good news. 

1. Beautiful Baptism Invitation

Baptism party ideas: Beautiful Baptism Invitation

Design: Phrosne Ras

Make your baptism invitation — like this gorgeously whimsical design — stand out with the handwritten quality of embellished scripts. Whether you choose to feature stately calligraphy or gilded flourishes, it’s best to use embellished scripts sparingly and bring attention to key information. 

2. Delicate Greenery Invitation

Delicate Greenery Invitation

Design: Robinson Creative House

Greenery doesn’t just belong outdoors or in foyer and living room pots. Baptism invitations that feature greenery, like this elegant design, tend to be bright and grounded in nature. What we love most about them though is the warmth that extends from the notion that the invitation is full of life.

3. Border Cross Invitation

Border Cross Invitation

Design: Laura Bolter Design

Here’s a short list of adjectives that have been applied to letterpress invitations: trendy, chic, clean, and bold. But we’d like to add two words to that list: classic elegance. To say that letterpress baptism invitations are versatile would be an understatement. Use this stunning design to invite guests to your baptism party, whether it’s a garden celebration or brunch party.

4. Foil Cross Invitation

Foil Cross Invitation

Design: Stacey Meacham Design, LLC

Die-cut edges, like the ones on this sweet invite, are unique in that they take on shapes that stand out from the norm. The thing we admire most about die-cut edges is the precision involved in developing those shapes, and the variety of party styles they can be used for. This design features a romantic template that’s elevated with the addition of die-cut edges. 

5. Petite Daisies Invitation

Petite Daisies Invitation

Design: Paper Raven Co.

Similar to the greenery trend, florals brighten up this vibrant baptism invitation while grounding recipients in their organic-feeling elements. Serving key roles in celebrations of all shapes, sizes, and seasons, we love how florals demonstrate a timeless charm as well.

6. Romantic Vintage Blooms Invitation

Romantic Vintage Blooms Invitation

Design: Stacey Meacham Design, LLC

The term “vintage” often carries with it a feeling of transport, of going back in time. Vintage baptism invitations like this rich floral design aren’t just about timeless elegance, they’re about the details. Create a beautiful vintage look by sending an invitation with ornate accents and detailing, such as flowers, lace, or sparkle. It’s ideal for all types of celebrations including a baby’s baptism, baby showers, or a child’s birthday party.

Plan a Memorable Baptism Celebration

With these baptism party ideas, you can plan a special celebration that you’ll remember for years to come. From laid-back picnics to fancy brunch parties and professional photographers who can capture every second, there are plenty of special ways to celebrate.

When you want stylish designs to invite guests to your baptism, see Greenvelope’s full collection of baptism invitations. From floral and modern to vintage and gilded, there are designs for every style of religious celebration. Plus, each one is customizable so you can make it as perfect as your little one.

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