100th birthday balloons and colorful confetti

A 100th birthday is an incredible milestone that’s certainly worth celebrating. In fact, only about one in 5,000 people get the privilege of becoming a centenarian. To help you celebrate this milestone birthday in style, we’re sharing top ideas for throwing a 100th birthday party and marking this special occasion for the beloved guest of honor.

16 Wonderful Ways to Celebrate a Loved One’s 100th Birthday

Family celebrating the 100th birthday of their grandmother

There’s nothing quite like celebrating a loved one’s 100th birthday. Get ready to break out the confetti and toast to a century’s worth of wisdom, memories, and love! With these 100th birthday party ideas, you’ll have everything you need to honor someone special.

1. Choose a Party Theme

100th birthday: Sparkling Bubbles Invitation

Design: Stacey Day

Planning a 100th birthday party is truly an honor. And what better way to get into the celebratory spirit than with a fun party theme?

Maybe the birthday honoree loves a particular decade. For instance, you could host a Roaring 20s party, a funky 70s party, or an awesome 80s theme party. Or perhaps your loved one has a favorite film or song that would work as a theme. You could also host a red carpet event or consider other milestone birthday party ideas. Style the celebration around something that’s important to them, and coordinate with 100th birthday party supplies to match.

When you’re all set with a theme, choose one of Greenvelope’s adult birthday party invites to share the news. You can customize any template to match your theme — including this gorgeous rose gold invite that’s perfect for a timeless, elegant 100th birthday celebration.

2. Display a Photo Gallery Wall

Showcasing all your favorite photos of the guest of honor is a lovely way to reflect on everything they’ve done and loved throughout their life.

Hang a birthday banner alongside a display of your most-loved photos. You could place photos on mini easels, hang them on the wall in frames, or make your own DIY photo garland as a sweet 100th birthday party decoration

For an extra-personal touch, when you send your invites, ask guests to send you (either by mail, email, or text) one of their favorite photos with the birthday honoree. Then, you can print those as part of your display. When you use our online invitations, you get the benefit of tracking RSVPs and easily sending messages in one central dashboard.

3. Request a Presidential Message

Did you know you can request a presidential message for key moments, like birthdays and wedding anniversaries? Yes, it’s true!

All you need to do is make a presidential greeting request from the White House. Just make sure to send it at least two weeks in advance — the sooner the better. It’s a unique and unexpected way to mark the moment and create a memento for your special centenarian.

4. Tell Your Local TV Channel or Newspaper

Woman showing a laptop to her father

Local news stations and papers are always keen to feature good news stories. It’s not every day that a local resident turns 100, so it’s something worth shouting about.

Check with your loved one if they’d like this kind of attention in the press. If they’re happy with it, email your local TV station, newspaper, or magazine and let them know all about the special occasion. If you’re lucky, they’ll feature your 100-year-old and share their story!

5. Make a Scrapbook

Scrapbooks are a great way to keep memories alive and enjoy them for years to come. Not only is this a fun activity, but it makes a wonderful 100th birthday gift idea.

Ask loved ones to contribute their favorite photos with the story behind them. While you could do this on the day of the celebration as a group activity, it might be better to create the scrapbook beforehand and present it to the birthday guest of honor as a special gift.

6. Play a Memorable Playlist

Your loved one has lived through many decades of incredible music. Now’s the ideal time to put all their favorite hits together into one playlist for you to enjoy at the big birthday celebration.

Ask the birthday honoree for their all-time favorite songs, then use a service like Spotify or Amazon Music to create a playlist. Play the songs throughout your event as background music, or ask loved ones to get up and dance along to their favorite upbeat hits.

7. Create a Video With Messages From Loved Ones

It’s heartwarming to see and hear loved ones on the screen —even if they can’t make it to the birthday bash in person. As a tribute to the guest of honor, ask family members and friends to send video clip messages. 

Along with their happy birthday greetings, ask folks to recount a shared memory or a story that makes them laugh. Put all the clips together in a video and surprise your loved one with a birthday gift they’re sure to cherish.

8. Send a Personalized 100th Birthday Card

Happy Bday Frame Card

Design: Signature Greenvelope

While you’re thinking about getting personalized birthday greetings from family members, it’s the perfect time to consider the greeting card you’ll give the birthday guest.

Wish your loved one a happy 100th birthday with a beautiful personalized card. Greenevlope’s collection of birthday cards has something for every taste or interest, with both traditional and contemporary designs. This photo bday card is a lovely option, as you can share a photo of the two of you together. Like our party invites, these are customizable, so you can make it feel completely bespoke.

9. Write a List of 100 Things You Love About Them

There are undoubtedly more than one hundred things you can celebrate about your loved one, but we’re sticking with the theme here. Write a list of 100 things you love about the centenarian and then place it in an album or scrapbook.

Encourage party guests to add to the list in your guest book, or invite contributions beforehand to turn into a beautiful keepsake book or birthday poster.

10. Display Their Family Tree

You might be celebrating the 100th anniversary of a loved one, but their family history goes back further than that — and extends into the present day too! Use this moment to compile a family tree so you can reflect on loved ones past and present.

Research your family tree together as a feel-good family activity, or do this independently and surprise your loved one with a beautifully designed poster or wall hanging featuring their closest family members.

11. Feature “100” in Your Decor

A centenarian birthday is a theme in itself, so feel free to run with it! This 100th birthday idea can be incorporated with many of the others on this list, which makes it quite easy.

For instance, you can create a centerpiece that has 100 pieces of your loved one’s favorite candy. You could hang 100 photos as part of your photo gallery or scrapbook. Or you could make a playlist with 100 favorite songs, or display 100 beautiful roses (or their favorite flower) throughout the venue.

12. Create a Timeline of Their Achievements

Your loved one has achieved so much in the time they’ve been here. From family moments and career achievements, to personal projects and fears they’ve conquered — it’s time to highlight and celebrate them.

Recall all the achievements in their life, both big and small, and create a display or timeline that acknowledges them. Write dates, notes, and share photos if you have them. This is a lovely way to show everyone how incredible their life has been so far.

13. Serve Their Favorite Food and Drink

Cute senior couple eating together

If you can’t enjoy your favorite dishes at your 100th birthday party, then when can you? This is the ideal opportunity to indulge in your loved one’s most-loved food and drinks.

Plan a birthday party menu featuring all their favorites. Use family recipes passed down through generations, or order in dishes from their favorite restaurant. If your birthday guest is a real foodie, this is yet another thoughtful way to honor their passion.

14. Make a Speech

Speeches are expected at weddings and engagement parties, but they’re also a lovely addition to a milestone birthday party.

Raise a toast to your beloved 100-year-old and say a few words about how amazing they are. Share a treasured story, recount a moment where they helped you, or highlight all the things they’ve achieved. Invite everyone to join you to toast their life and all the love they’ve given.

15. Go Big With Cake

It’s not a birthday party without a cake, and a 100th birthday cake should be one for the books! Make sure to choose a show-stopping cake that’ll do the guest of honor justice.

Choose their favorite flavor and be sure to add a themed birthday cake topper or a photo of the centenarian. You could also opt for cupcakes instead of cake or as a party favor for guests to take home.

16. Offer Fun Birthday Party Favors

Treat guests to a party favor they’ll actually enjoy after the big bash is over. For instance, you could give a keepsake photo frame or customized baked goods, soaps, or candles. Mini bottles of wine, olive oil, or hot sauce with personalized labels could also be fun.

It’s Time to Celebrate This Milestone Moment 

This is a big moment in your loved one’s life, and it deserves a celebration to match. Use these ideas to help you plan a memorable 100th birthday celebration that honors your favorite 100-year-old the way they deserve.

When it’s time to tell others about your party plans, use our birthday party invitations to spread the word. It’s sure to be the party of the century!