Roaring 20s party: table setting with candles

Whether you write it as the Roaring Twenties or Roaring 20s, this party theme is one that never seems to go out of style. Not only is it a throwback to an iconic era of glitz and grit (think Art Deco, silent movies, and bootleggers), but it’s also one that lends itself to a variety of other themes — from Great Gatsby-themed parties to murder mystery events set in the Jazz Age

If you’re planning a Roaring 20s party of your own, you’re in good company. Use this list of party ideas —including tips for your venue, catering, decor, games, and invitations — to dream up, plan, and host a roaring good celebration.

11 Tips for Hosting an Incredible Roaring 20s Party

Unlike many other retro themed parties, Roaring Twenties parties tend to be less kitsch and more class. They brim with elegance and mystique. Some of the most standout imagery of the period includes gorgeous Art Deco designs, coupes of overflowing champagne, and fashionably dressed people on the dance floor. To bring some of that luxe atmosphere to life, consider these Roaring 20s party planning tips— from finding the right venue to deciding on your party favors.

1. Decide on a Theme for Your 1920s Party

When we think of a Roaring 20s party, we often default to Great Gatsby parties, especially for events like a birthday party or New Year’s Eve party. But there are other Roaring 20s themes to explore. 

For instance, you could throw a 1920s murder mystery dinner party in an Art Deco venue — either DIY or hosted by a group of talented actors. You could also host an elegant at-home soiree with a 1920s-inspired menu — hello, Oysters Rockefeller and icebox cake! You don’t even have to host a fully themed party and instead could take inspiration from the artwork, fashion, architecture, or music from the era.

2. Find the Perfect Venue

Once you have your party theme chosen, it’s time to look for a venue that can do your 1920s inspired dream justice. Naturally, your party venue will depend on your theme, budget, location, and needs, but there are plenty of options out there.

For a speakeasy party, look for a private bar that you can book for the night. Choose one with decor that already fits your theme so you don’t have to completely transform the place. Old hotels and historic buildings also make great venues, especially if you’re hosting a gala, charity event, or Roaring 20s casino theme night.

3. Send Customized Roaring 20s Party Invitations

Roaring 20s party: Misbehave Invitation

Design: Loree Mayer Design

With your perfect venue chosen and all the party basics covered, it’s time to get those invites out to your guests. Set the tone from the very start with customized invitations that match your party theme — like this Art Deco-inspired Misbehave invite.

Greenvelope offers a collection of 1920s-themed invitations that you can easily personalize with just a few clicks. Update the layout, fonts, and wording to create something that’s completely your own. Add your guests’ details, then send or schedule to send to their email address or cell phone number. Plus, these digital invitations give you the benefit of easy RSVP tracking so you can spend less time scrambling for replies and more time bringing your Roaring 20s party dreams to life.

4. Encourage Your Guests to Dress the Part

Fashion is definitely part of the fun when it comes to a Roaring 20s party. On your invitations, you can include a note about your dress code and encourage guests to dress up in their best 20s party attire. You can opt for full costume party mode or suggest looks inspired by the era.

Traditional looks for women include flapper dresses, sequin headbands, pearl necklaces, and feather boas. For men, think slim “jazz” suits, oxford shoes, and fedora or bowler hats. With your digital invites, you can even link to 1920s party outfits to give your guests ideas and inspiration to create their looks.

5. Dress the Space with Opulent Party Decor

Champagne Tower Tree Invitation

Design: Jen Montgomery

One of the best ways to set the scene for your Roaring 20s party is with the help of themed party decorations. The decade embodies glitz, glamor, and style so look for party supplies and party decor to match.

Feature ostrich feathers in oversized centerpieces on tables, credenzas, and even along the entrance walkway. Create champagne glass towers and use them as table decor — like you see in this Champagne Tower Tree invite. You can also add candelabras and metallic-hued confetti and strewn pearls on the tables for a luxurious effect. Continue the theme with a black and gold tablecloth or table runner. Opt for plain white napkins and plates with gold charger plates underneath.

6. Serve Delicious Cocktails and Mocktails

Classy Cocktails Invitation

Design: Llinella

Despite Prohibition and thanks to infamous bootleggers, the Roaring 20s is a well-known era of copious drinking. That’s why it’s also the era of the speakeasy (aka illegal bar) where people imbibed on moonshine (aka bootleg alcohol). Whether or not you serve booze at your party is entirely up to you, but be sure to create a fun menu of beverages. You can use a themed invite like this Classy Cocktails design.

Take inspiration from classic Roaring 20s cocktails to create a curated menu of drinks. Champagne and gin cocktails were highly popular, as were drinks made with white rum or vermouth. Makes sure your bar is stocked with era-appropriate spirits and mixers or hire a bartender if possible to work their magic with the ingredients.

7. Plan a Fitting Food Menu

For a Roaring 20s theme party, it makes perfect sense to serve food that was popular in the decade. Luckily, the 1920s brought us some delicious appetizers, mains, and desserts that are still loved today.

Take inspiration from popular 1920s party food and serve your favorites. Egg rolls, meatballs, and deviled eggs are great appetizers while Caesar salad and baked ham were popular dinner party options. For dessert, pineapple upside-down cake was the go-to.

8. Put Together a Roaring 20s Party Playlist

As with any party, the right music can put your guests in a great mood and encourage them to hit the dance floor. mPut together a playlist of jazz party classics and music that would fit your 1920s theme. If you don’t want to make your own mix, try this 1920s Great Gatsby-inspired playlist that’s filled with hits like “It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)” and “Let’s Misbehave.” You could even host a brief lesson on how to do the Charleston so your guests can hop on the dance floor and dance the night away in true 20s style.

9. Play Classic Board and Card Games

Alongside drinking and dancing, people loved a good card game back in the 20s. Use this as inspiration for your party activities, or theme your entire evening around it.

Popular card games and casino games included poker, gin rummy, blackjack, craps, and roulette. For board games, backgammon and parcheesi (Ludo) were well received. You could also opt for contemporary board games set in the 1920s or with an Art Deco theme like Scythe or The Magnificent.

10. Set up a Vintage-Style Photo Booth

Pearl Chandelier Invitation

Design: Inspired by Luly Yang

Everyone loves a great photo backdrop — especially at a beautifully themed party. Take it a step further and set up a DIY photo booth area where your guests can snap photos against a fun backdrop. Offer plenty of themed photo booth props (including signs with your party’s hashtag) and take inspiration from this gorgeous Pearl Chandelier invitation when thinking about Art Deco backdrop ideas.

Encourage your guests to share your event hashtag so you can collect the photos once the party is over. You’ll then have everything you need to create a fun photo book or digital album as a memento of the night — perfect for a charity event, milestone birthday, or anniversary party.

11. Give Your Guests Themed Party Favors

When it’s time for guests to depart, send them home with a party favor as a way to remember the night and to say thank you. As a wink to Prohibition, you can offer mini bottles of “moonshine” featuring one of your signature cocktails. Another great party favor option is a mini box of chocolate or candy, with a personalized Art Deco-style label.

Wow Your Guests with Your Roaring 20s Party

Your guests are sure to have a roaring good time if you follow these party ideas and tips. Style your venue, plan fun activities and games, and put together the perfect playlist for an unforgettable celebration. Be sure to kick off your Roaring 20s soiree with online invitations that you can easily customize in a matter of minutes. For more party inspiration, don’t miss our list of creative party themes for adults