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Movie nights are the perfect way to celebrate a variety of occasions — from baby showers and bridal showers to birthday parties for adults and kids alike. They’re also a sweet way to throw an engagement party — especially if the celebration includes watching a romantic film. 

To help you plan and host an unforgettable movie night, we’ve brought together our best tips and ideas. You’ll find inspiration on themes and activities, plus some perfectly themed movie night invites to help you spread the word. 

Movie Night Theme Party Checklist

Ready to invite your favorite people for a fun-filled movie night? Here’s how to prepare for the kind of movie night party they won’t want to miss. 

Select a Venue

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While most movie nights happen at home in your cozy living room, they don’t always have to. There are plenty of spaces that work great for movie nights — like a community hall for a big family get-together, your backyard for an outdoor movie night, or even a private showing at a local movie theater. 

You might find the perfect way to bring everyone together isn’t even in one space together. Virtual movie nights are a great way to connect with friends and family wherever they are, and are ideal if people can’t travel to be with you for the day. Check out our guide on how to host a virtual party for more details.

Select a Movie to Watch

Just as you need to select a movie when you go to the theater, the same goes for planning your ultimate movie night. It might help to pick a theme for your event before you choose a movie. That way, you can narrow it down to a genre like romance, horror, sci-fi, comedy, or classic cinema. For a birthday party, choose the guest of honor’s most-loved movie as a special treat. If you’re having a tough time deciding, make it a group effort and poll your guests for their suggestions when you send out your online invitations

Choose Your Movie Night Invites

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Going to a movie night is a lot of fun, so it’s only right that your movie night invites reflect that. We love the idea of sending theme party invites to your friends and family members — it’s the perfect way to get them excited about the main event. 

To make it even easier on yourself, opt for digital invitations. (No postage, no paper, no problem!) Here at Greenvelope, you can choose from a selection of great movie night invites that work for different themes and occasions. Our editable invitation templates let you customize the design and wording, so it perfectly matches your special moment. What’s even better is that guests can RSVP directly online, so you can spend your time putting the finishing touches on your party instead of trying to follow up on RSVPs. 

Make the Event Special

With the basics sorted and your movie night invites on their way, it’s time to plan all the different elements of your party. Decide how to decorate your space and make your theme come alive, and think about which party supplies you’ll need to make it happen. 

Consider things like food, drink, games, and activities well ahead of your party date. Give yourself plenty of time to prep your printable cinema tickets or party games, or to head to the store for supplies for your DIY popcorn bar. You could also use printable decorations to transform your space into a movie theater. 

Our Favorite Movie Night Party Ideas

While everyone’s there for the main feature, there’s no reason why your supporting acts can’t be just as amazing as the movie itself. Here are some of our favorite movie night party ideas — from food to party games. 

Make It a Pajama Party

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Don’t want the fun to stop after the movie ends? Plan for your movie night to be part of a sleepover party. This is a fun birthday party idea for kids, but it’s also great for bachelorette parties or family reunions. 

Invite your guests to join you with their pajamas all packed, ready for an evening of watching movies, playing games, eating pizza, and staying up way too late. In the morning, treat everyone to delicious breakfast pastries and send them home with a themed cupcake and follow up with a thank you card

Set Up a DIY Popcorn Bar

It’s not a true movie night without popcorn, and this is a super fun way to honor the classic movie snack. Everyone likes their popcorn their own way, and this idea ensures you cater to everyone’s tastes. 

Set up a DIY popcorn bar at your party venue, whether it’s store-bought popcorn or freshly popped kernels. Lay out plenty of toppings and flavorings so guests can experiment. You could even turn this into a game by hosting a popcorn taste test with some unusual flavor combinations.(Ranch dressing popcorn, anyone?) 

Get All Dressed Up

Sometimes you want movie night to be a casual, relaxed affair. Other times, you want to embrace the theme by hosting a more immersive experience. 

This idea works best if there’s an overall theme to your movie night party — like horror, sci-fi, animation, or a particular film. Ask your guests to dress up for the theme. For example, maybe you want to throw a Great Gatsby-style soiree and have folks glam it up. Or perhaps you want everyone to don their spookiest costume — you don’t have to wait for Halloween either.

Play Games With a Movie Theme

Liven up your movie night experience with some family party games that can involve everyone. Give the classic trivia quiz or charades game a themed twist by making the questions or clues all about movies in general, a specific genre, or the movie you’ve just watched together. 

If you have the time, it might be fun to create your own trivia questions or games based on your event’s theme. If not, there are plenty of free printable games available — including this free printable movie night bingo board

Take Your Party Outside

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Movie nights don’t have to take place indoors. In fact, hosting an outdoor movie night is a great way to create a fun atmosphere — especially if you combine it with a sleepout under the stars. 

For a successful backyard movie night, you’ll want to invest in a high-quality projector, plus a screen if you can’t project onto a blank wall. Set up cozy outdoor cushions as seating, bring out the blankets, and gather together to watch a classic movie or the latest family release. 

Host a Hollywood Themed Event

Treat your party guests to an evening of Hollywood glamor with a vintage style movie night themed around the history of cinema and the star-studded world around it. This is a fun theme that’s great for a milestone birthday or family celebration. 

Lay out a red carpet for your guests as they arrive, and have someone on hand to take their photographs — much like a paparazzi would. Style up your party venue with plenty of reds and golds, and invite people to join you in their best dresses and suits to watch a big movie together. 

Hand Out Themed Party Favors

When it’s time to say goodbye to your party guests, send them home with a reminder of what a great time they’ve had at your movie night. Themed party favors are always a crowd pleaser.

Put together a goody bag filled with edible treats and fun little trinkets. Mini clapboards, star stickers, mini statues, and movie-themed merch are all a hit. For a sweet treat, feature a cupcake to take home — like these caramel popcorn cupcakes

Movie Night Invites You’ll Love

It’s time to start thinking about getting those movie night invites ready. Here are some of our favorite movie night invite designs — whether you’re sending a movie night birthday party invitation or making a DIY party invitation for an adorable baby shower. 

Movie Night Invitation

movie night invites: Movie Night Invitation from Greenvelope

Design: PrettyMeJoy

The bright fun colors and casual font on this movie night invitation make it perfect for kids’ birthday parties. The sweet graphics really catch your eye, and there’s no mistaking your party guests are in for a magical treat. 

Movie Party Invitation

Movie Party Invitation from Greenvelope

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Keep things casual and invite friends over to watch something epic with this vintage-inspired movie party invitation. We love the textured effects that give it a timeless feel, and it would work especially great for a relaxed birthday party or family movie night. 

Classic Movie Night

Classic Movie Night Invitation from Greenvelope

Design: Claudia Owen

Invite your party guests over for a sophisticated showing of a Hollywood blockbuster with this classic movie night invite. This classy gold and black design is perfect for an elegant engagement party or birthday party invite — especially if you’re showing a classic movie or a modern movie set in Hollywood’s golden era. 

Host a Super Fun Movie Night For Your Loved Ones

Movie nights are the perfect way to bring people together. You can all relax and chill out while you catch a classic rom-com, or huddle together scared as you peek out from behind the covers while watching a horror movie. 

Once you select your date and venue, you can start having fun designing your movie night invites, and plan your party activities, decor, and food. With some of these tips and ideas, you’ll soon be on your way to planning and hosting an unmissable movie night party.