Lesbian wedding: married couple walking down the aisle while guests throw petals

Planning your lesbian wedding is an exciting journey. Not only are you celebrating your love, but you also get to delight in the beauty of marriage equality. As with any wedding planning process, you can be as traditional or unconventional as you want with your nuptials.

To help you plan the lesbian wedding day of your dreams, we’ve gathered some of our favorite ideas, from where to celebrate to what to wear and how to style your big day

15 Lesbian Wedding Ideas for an Unforgettable Day 

Whether you’re planning a lavish destination wedding in an exotic locale or a cozy gathering in your backyard, here are some of our most loved same-sex wedding ideas

1. Create Your Dream Color Scheme

The right color scheme can do wonders to tie a wedding together. Think about both of your favorite colors and look for ways to combine them. You could also explore popular wedding colors if you’re in need of inspiration. Feature these hues across your bouquets, centerpieces, wedding stationery, favors, and all areas of your celebration. 

2. Choose a Wedding Theme

Lesbian wedding: Garden Window Invitation

Design: Plum Pretty Sugar®

Along with your wedding colors, a wedding theme can transform your event. Host a stylish rustic boho-chic ceremony and reception with florals and natural textures like wood, glass, raffia, and burlap. Or go for an 80s retro look with bright neon signs and arcade games. You can turn almost every hobby, interest, or passion into a wedding theme, so get creative! 

3. Choose a Wedding Reception Venue

Your special day only happens once, so use this as the perfect opportunity to host your celebration at an unexpected venue. If a traditional wedding venue, hotel, or resort doesn’t feel quite right, don’t be afraid to try an alternative — like your favorite local brewery, an art gallery, movie theater, or even a “haunted” house that captures your imagination. 

4. Make Your Own Wedding Traditions

Your wedding day is a wonderful opportunity to break with tradition and lean into your creative side. Instead of lining up seats in a row, arrange your ceremony seating in a circle. Ask for charity donations instead of wedding gifts. Or swap a walk down the aisle for a dance through the room. This doesn’t mean your gay wedding traditions have to be quirky or unusual, though — follow your heart and stay true to your own individual styles. 

5. Add Personalized Signage

The Missus Invitation

Design: See That There

There are plenty of “Mr. and Mrs.” signs out there, but there are also plenty of gorgeous signage options for same-sex couples. Look for “Mrs. and Mrs.” ceremony signs and chair decorations in a style and color to match your theme. You could even commission personalized versions with your last name(s) as a sweet touch. 

6. Create an Incredible Photo Space

A creative photo backdrop is becoming a key trend for weddings. Whether it’s a mural wall at your venue or your florist creates a beautiful floral arch or wall, set up somewhere impressive to take your wedding photos and casual snaps. You can even create your own DIY wedding photo backdrops to showcase your creativity — we love the idea of using a fringe curtain or 3D origami shapes in your wedding colors. 

7. Plan a Non-Traditional Wedding Party

Your wedding party doesn’t have to stick to the traditional bridesmaids and groomsmen. Many lesbian couples opt for a mixed wedding party, which is perfect if you have close friends of all genders. Opt for wedding party attire to suit your theme and formality, or encourage everyone to wear what they like and coordinate with mini bouquets, shoes, bowties, or hair accessories. 

8. Invite Your Pet to Play a Starring Role

Pets are members of the family, so it’s no surprise that many couples want to have them participate in their big day. If you have a beloved four-legged friend, look for a venue that’ll let them play a role in your wedding ceremony. Dogs make great ring bearers, but if you’re not sure Fido can handle it, simply tie some plastic rings on his bowtie or collar so he can at least play the part.

9. Match Your Outfits or Accessories

There’s no rule that says the two of you have to match or wear the same wedding attire, but it’s a fun look if you want to try it. Wear wedding dresses, wedding suits, or even jumpsuits in the same fit or color, or in complementary colors and fabrics. If that feels too matchy-matchy, pair up your accessories instead — think matching cufflinks, bouquets, flower crowns, socks, or jackets. 

10. Send Customized Wedding Invitations

Arched Windows Invitation

Design: Claudia Owen

Whether you’re planning a traditional ceremony or something a bit unusual, invite your guests to your big day with on-theme lesbian wedding invitations. Greenvelope offers a gorgeous range of designs so there’s something for every celebration, from contemporary chic to beach casual.

Once you find an online invitation you love, it’s easy to customize the colors, layout, photos, and wording to create something beautifully bespoke at a fraction of the price. (Plus, no paper invites mean no trees were harmed in the process!) You can also use our wedding wording tool to find the right words. 

11. Host a Rainbow-Themed Wedding

Honor all things pride with a rainbow-themed LGBTQ+ wedding celebration. Decorate your venue with colorful centerpieces, balloons, and confetti. Opt for rainbow candles and multi-hued floral arrangements. If you (or your wedding party) don’t want to wear full-on rainbow wedding attire, consider a pop of color with rainbow socks, nail polish, or even parasols.

12. Write Your Own Wedding Vows

Writing your own vows isn’t a must-have for a lesbian wedding ceremony, but it’s a beautiful way to express your love for each other in your own words. Make your ceremony feel completely bespoke by sharing sweet words about each other, or putting a fun twist on traditional vows. If you’re not sure where to start, these wedding words can help you add extra sentiment to your “I do’s.”

13. Have a Rainbow Wedding Cake

Love and Light Invitation

Design: Maria Hilas Louie Design

Create an exciting cake-cutting moment with an out-of-this-world rainbow wedding cake. Showcase a rainbow iced masterpiece or a tiered white cake with hidden rainbow layers. Take a look at these incredible rainbow wedding cakes for inspiration on how to add color to your cake in a way that fits your theme. 

14. Plan a Fun First Dance

At a traditional ceremony, the first dance is a romantic moment where the two of you gently dance across the floor before inviting your wedding guests to join in. More recently, choreographed routines with the wedding party have become the norm. Take inspiration from this and plan a first dance that’s filled with joy and energy — and create some great memories for your wedding video. 

15. Add a Custom Cake Topper

Want a lesbian wedding idea that takes the cake? Add a personalized wedding cake topper! Sites like Etsy are where you can order custom-created figurines in your likeness, whether you’re in your wedding outfits or dressed as your favorite movie characters or musicians. As another option, commission a wooden disc engraved with your names. That way, once you’re done using it as a cake topper you can keep it as a memento in your home. 

Host Your Dream Wedding with These Ideas

It’s time to plan your marriage ceremony, and you want to make it feel magical. Take inspiration from these lesbian wedding ideas to create an unforgettable event. 

Once you’re happy with your theme, look for wedding invitations that let your guests know what to expect right from the start. Whether you’re going all-in on florals, modern minimalism, or another theme, we have just the invite for you. Choose your favorite design, customize the layout, colors, and wording, and you’ll have beautiful wedding invitations in only a few clicks.