50th wedding anniversary invitations: White and gold

So, you have a 50th wedding anniversary coming up? Congratulations! There’s no better reason to celebrate with the people closest to you. Whether you make it a big glitzy bash or a small family get-together, your special anniversary is a milestone well worth celebrating.

Before you can gather friends and family, you’ll need to select and send the perfect 50th wedding anniversary invitations. Here’s our simple guide to help you get started, including delightful wording ideas and beautiful invitation designs that will inspire you.

What to Include In Your 50th Wedding Anniversary Invites

You’re ready to plan a beautiful celebration to mark your golden wedding anniversary. There’s just the small matter of getting the invitations out first. To ensure you don’t miss a thing, here are our recommendations for what to include inside your 50th anniversary invitations.

Date and Time

Your guests will want to know when exactly you’re celebrating this milestone, so include the party date and time. If you’re hosting a virtual get-together, include the time zone too. This is especially helpful for guests joining you from afar.


Feature the full address of the party location on your 50th wedding anniversary invitations — even if it’s at home and your guests know where you live. If the party venue is in a secluded spot or isn’t easy to find, be sure to add directions.

If you have guests traveling in from other areas, pull together extra information to include with your digital invitations. For example, Greenvelope has a Google Maps integration and an easy-to-use dashboard to share information pertaining to hotels, flights, and more.

Dress Code

Your 50th wedding anniversary doesn’t come around every day, so consider this the perfect opportunity to party in style. If you’re going for a luxurious celebration, let your guests know there’s a formal dress code. If you’re happy to keep it casual, make this clear on your invitations. Your guests won’t want to show up overdressed or underdressed, so this helps ease any concerns they might have.

Gift Ideas

For such a remarkable occasion, your guests will likely want to bring a gift for the two of you. Help them find the perfect gift by including your registry information. (You can do this with Greenvelope’s online invitations.) Alternatively, you could let guests know that there’s no need to bring a gift and that their company is more than enough.

Fun and Sweet Wording Ideas

A 50th wedding anniversary is something magical. Here’s a handpicked selection of sweet and funny ideas to help you invite your closest friends and family to this milestone bash.

“_______ and _______ are celebrating 50 wonderful years of marriage. Join us as we celebrate with a good old-fashioned party!”

“Come and join us for a celebration like no other for our 50th wedding anniversary!”

“Can you believe we’ve been together this long? Let’s party before we change our minds!”

“We’re delighted to invite you to celebrate our golden wedding anniversary with a garden party at ______.”

“Join us as we mark 50 years of tolerating each other!”

“We’re so lucky to have found each other. Please join us for afternoon tea to celebrate our golden wedding anniversary!”

“It’s time to party! Find us at _____ where we’ll be enjoying delicious food and reminiscing about our time together.”

“We’d love for you to help us celebrate our golden wedding anniversary in style.”

“What’s better than being married to ______ and ______? Being married for 50 years! Join us as we celebrate this special moment.”

If you run out of space on your anniversary party invitations, these phrases and quotes would also look great on posters or handwritten on a DIY chalkboard at the event.

Our Favorite 50th Wedding Anniversary Invitations

50th wedding anniversary invitations: Old couple kissing
To help you celebrate your momentous occasion in style, we’ve put together a collection of our favorite 50th golden wedding anniversary invitations. There’s something to match every taste and party theme. Whether you opt for the traditional gold or go for something brighter, you’ll find plenty of inspiration here.

50th Celebration Invitation

50th wedding anniversary invitations: Black and gold

Design: Jessica Williams

Set the tone for a glamorous event with this glitzy 50th wedding anniversary party invite. The classic colors and chic stripes create a powerful impact — one that’ll have your guests ready to send their digital RSVP cards back pronto.

Scrapbook Invitation

50th wedding anniversary invitations: Scrapbook style

Design: Jen Montgomery

Pull a couple of your favorite photos together and share them with loved ones in this cute scrapbook photo invitation. You can easily customize it and swap out the placeholder dates and details. This design works perfectly for a rustic 50th anniversary party, or a casual get-together at home.

Layered 50 Invitation

50th wedding anniversary invitations: Shades of green

Design: Lisa Travis

Venture away from traditional gold and head towards something bright and contemporary with this layered 50th anniversary party invitation design. Choose from three fun color schemes or create your own custom invitation design using your favorite colors. The wave motif on this invitation card makes it great for a summer or beachside celebration.

Fifty! Invitation

50th wedding anniversary invitations: Blue and gold

Design: Claudia Owen

Don’t be afraid to shout from the rooftops just how far you’ve come. This glitzy 50th anniversary invite really draws attention with its metallic text and bold color palette. We love this invite design for a luxurious celebration dinner, or for a sparkling family celebration at home.

We Still Do Invitation

50th wedding anniversary invitations: We Still

Design: Jen Montgomery

Keep it simple with this gorgeous modern wedding anniversary invitation. Opt for the traditional color palette with a golden finish, or try one of the other fun color options on for size. The little heart on this design adds a sweet touch of love, and makes it ideal for an unfussy golden 50th anniversary party.

Filigree Tile Invitation

Filigree Tile Invitation

Design: Laura Bolter Design

This beautifully detailed filigree tile golden anniversary invitation adds plenty of elegance, making it the perfect way to invite guests to a glamorous get-together. The gold foil finish looks stunning against a white or black backdrop, or you can swap the colors for your favorites instead.

Milestone Circlet Invitation

Milestone Circlet Invitation

Design: Jessica Williams

Weddings are where two lives are joined together as one, and what better way to mark an anniversary than with this circlet design? Glimmering gold accents take center stage against a dramatic watercolor backdrop. It’s a wedding anniversary invitation card that’s ideal for both casual and formal celebrations.

Florescence Invitation

Florescence Invitation

Design: Septembre Papeterie

Stand out from the crowd with this botanical-inspired invitation design. Mixing modern florals and greenery with a contemporary color palette, this is a wonderfully refreshing 50th anniversary party invitation design. It’s ideal for an outdoor party or a fun anniversary dinner with friends and family.

Gold Frame Invitation

Gold Frame Invitation

Design: Jessie Steury

Put all the focus on the two of you with this gorgeous gold frame invitation. Pick out your favorite photo as a couple — or feature a throwback from your wedding invitations — to take center stage. Customize with your details and then send out to loved ones, requesting their presence at your golden anniversary celebration.

Celebrate Your Golden Wedding Anniversary in Style

Your 50th wedding anniversary is a milestone moment. The two of you have been inseparable for what seems like forever, and now it’s time to bring friends and family together again to celebrate. Crack open some Champagne, break out the confetti, and toast to a long, happy marriage. However you decide to mark the moment, we hope you have a wonderful day.