Baby shower ideas for boys: women talking to each other at a baby shower

Baby showers are a dream to plan. There are so many wonderful themes, decor ideas, food options, games, and stationery to choose from. To help you get started, we’ve curated a collection of our most-loved and trending baby shower ideas for boys to help you create the ultimate celebration. 

9 Adorable Baby Shower Themes

Whether you want something whimsical, traditional, modern, or over the top, boy baby shower themes offer plenty of creative freedom. While these delightful party ideas and themes are perfect for baby boys, they’re also great for gender-neutral baby showers.

1. Space-Themed Baby Shower

Transport yourself and your guests to outer space with a star-themed baby shower. It’ll coincide perfectly with feeling over the moon about the new arrival. 

Fill your space with planets, stars, spaceships, and other must-have decor. Add in themed props for a DIY photo booth and galaxy cupcakes for the dessert bar and you have everything you need for a superstar bash. If you’d like a more traditional take on the star motif, you’ll love a Twinkle Twinkle Little Star baby shower.

2. Safari Baby Shower

Baby shower ideas for boys: safari-themed cupcakes

Take a walk on the wild side with a safari-themed baby shower. This is one of our favorite baby shower ideas for boys — and girl baby showers too! 

Decorate with animal prints and textures that remind you of a safari adventure. Bring in a few oversized plush or cardboard elephants and giraffes to bring the theme to life. Don’t forget safari-style cupcakes and party games like Pin the Tail on the Elephant! 

3. Ice Cream Baby Shower

Who doesn’t love an ice cream social? For this sweet baby shower idea, focus on a fun color scheme with ice cream-themed decor. Deck out your venue with pastel-themed goodies and giant ice cream cones. Use scented candles to make your venue smell like an ice cream shop. Go all-in with other desserts including donuts, sugar cookies, and cake pops alongside your very own ice cream bar. 

4. Blue Baby Shower

It doesn’t get more traditional than an all-blue theme. One of the easiest baby shower ideas for boys, you can simply stick to soft blue pastels, bold blue colors, or mix it up so you have a dreamy backdrop for your baby shower. 

Create the perfect space to relax in with soft blue fabrics, bunting, and tableware. Add in a few details that’ll stand out — like a golden teddy bear topper on a cake, or gold balloons spelling out your little one’s name. You could even mention a dress code on your digital invitations and ask guests to come dressed in blue or bring a color-themed baby shower gift

5. Nautical Baby Shower

Baby shower ideas for boys: nautical-themed cake and decorations

Ahoy there! Start your journey into parenthood with a nautical theme baby shower. Opt for a traditional nautical look with aged anchors and rustic rope as part of your decor. Or switch it up with a more whimsical, animation-focused style with giant cutouts of cute ocean animals and boats

Order a fondant cake with seashells and other nautical motifs, and serve up a buffet of your favorite seafood mixed with party classics. You could even have juices and mocktails named after captains, ships, and other seafaring classics.

6. Rubber Duck Baby Shower

What’s more adorable than a rubber duckie? A rubber duck-themed baby shower! This is one of the cutest baby shower ideas for boys — it’s hard not to love the simplicity and charm of it. 

Style your space so that it looks and feels like a relaxing bathtub scene. Mix soft whites with baby blues, and, of course, plenty of rubber ducks to decorate. Feature them within centerpieces, on bunting and balloons, and perhaps a larger-than-life inflatable to make your guests smile. 

7. Woodland Baby Shower

Lead your guests on a whimsical adventure among the trees with a magical woodland-themed baby shower. There’s a lot of fun you can have with this cute baby shower theme, whether you’re working with a small indoor space or your baby shower is taking place in someone’s backyard. 

Use warm, twinkling fairy lights to create a magical atmosphere. Add in rustic decor for your tableware, centerpieces, and signage. Decorate with miniature versions of woodland creatures with an adorable deer cake topper to match. 

8. Storybook Baby Shower

Bring the magic of a children’s book to your baby shower with a storybook theme. You can choose from popular tales including “Winnie the Pooh,” “Peter Rabbit,” or “Where the Wild Things Are.” Order plates, cups, and napkins that match the storybook theme and ask guests to bring their favorite children’s book as a gift for the new arrival’s library. Your sweet baby will love reading each tale as they grow up.

9. Little Pumpkin Baby Shower

Hosting a fall or Halloween baby? Plan a little pumpkin baby shower or gender reveal featuring an autumn wonderland. Host the event at a local farm or ranch or turn your backyard into a mini barnyard party venue. Decorate tables with mason jars filled with string lights and small gourds. Serve BBQ and adorn the space with colorful balloons in autumn hues like red, orange, and yellow.

Send guests home with a special baby shower favor to say thanks for attending. Order custom-made cookies or sweet treats in shapes like onesies, bottles, and blue bow-ties. Alternatively, miniature pumpkins and carving kits make a fun seasonal addition. Pumpkin-shaped candles, journals, and keychains also make special keepsakes.

Baby Shower Decor Ideas: 3 Adorable Ideas

Baby shower ideas for boys: colorful macarons at a baby shower

With a party theme in mind, it’s easier to incorporate other elements like decor, food, and party games. As you start to plan your celebration, here are some cute baby shower decoration ideas to add to your collection.

Floral Backdrop 

We love floral backdrops for most events, and they’re especially lovely at a baby shower. Whether the guest of honor loves roses, baby’s breath, or succulents and greenery, floral backdrops are a beautiful way to bring nature indoors — even if they’re not real flowers. 

Hire a local event supplies company to create a dreamy floral backdrop, or work your magic for a DIY creation to match the look and baby boy shower theme you’ve chosen. 

Balloons Galore

What’s more fun than balloons? Whether you go for bright colors in every hue, sweet pastels, or rich gemstone tones, balloons set a festive tone for your event.

Create an impressive balloon garland or archway for your guests to walk under as they enter the party venue. Mix in inflatables that match your theme, along with some balloon words to welcome them to the celebration. 

Gold balloon letters are also a big hit at baby showers — they’re a lively way to add phrases like “Little man,” “It’s a boy,” “Little one,” and other words you might associate with a baby shower or baby sprinkle. They also make fantastic backdrops for your photos. 

Diaper Cake

Baby shower ideas for boys: a pair of baby shoes on top of a diaper cake

If there’s one thing that new parents need a lot of, it’s diapers! Diaper cakes can make fun, playful centerpieces for your tables — just remember they’re not edible! 

To create a diaper cake, bundle together layers of disposable or reusable diapers. Add ribbon to make it look like a cake, then top with adorable extras like plush animals or baby shoes to match your theme. 

3 Must-Have Baby Shower Games and Activities

Name the baby written on a frame and a small stuffed toy on a table

Baby showers are all about showering the guest of honor with love and good wishes. That doesn’t mean the party guests can’t have plenty of fun too. Here are some playful baby shower activities and games to try. 

Parent-to-Be Trivia

Everyone loves a bit of trivia, so switch it up for a baby shower and center the game around the parents-to-be. Challenge your guests to find out who knows the most about the guests of honor

Throw in questions about how the couple met, how they like to spend their time, and their thoughts on parenting and family life. Mix in a few general parenting trivia questions for the fun of it. 

Baby Predictions

There are a few details that always get shared when a little one joins the family. You’ll hear about their gender, birth weight, length, and often their name (unless the expectant parents are keeping it a surprise). Get your guests in the guessing spirit by challenging them to a game of baby predictions. 

Ask your guests to guess what the baby’s name will be along with his weight, date of birth, time of birth, and features like eye and hair color. Create your own trivia printout or download a free printable to hand out to your guests at the party. 

Diaper Relay Race

Challenge your guests to get active with a few fast-paced games of diaper relay race. Split them into teams and watch as they try to be the first team across the finish line.

Keep things simple and ask your relay racers to pass a baby diaper from one person to the next. To make things more entertaining, have each person put a diaper on a toy baby doll and pass it to the next before they can continue. 

Baby Shower Ideas for Boys: 5 Invitations You’ll Love

To host the best baby shower ever, take a look at some of our favorite baby shower invitations for boys. Pick your favorite online invitation and follow our guide on baby shower invitation wording to craft the perfect message.

1. Stacked Elephants Invitation

Stacked Elephants Invitation

Design: Elizabeth Silver

How gorgeous is this Stacked Elephants invitation? The soft, sweet color combinations and adorable illustrations are sure to be a big hit.

2. Baby Rainbow Invitation

Baby Rainbow Invitation

Design: Rachel Roe Art

For the perfect invite to match a colorful baby shower, look no further than this darling rainbow design. It mixes a contemporary color palette with modern typography for a winning combination. 

3. Woodland Charm Invitation

Woodland Charm Invitation

Design: frau brandt

Looking for something that sets the scene for your magical woodlandthemed shower? This charming baby shower invitation has everything you need to let your guests know they’re in for a whimsical time. 

4. Little Lumberjack Invitation

Little Lumberjack Invitation

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Celebrate the upcoming arrival of a baby boy with this Little Lumberjack design. We love the buffalo plaid and rustic details that make this invitation stand out from the crowd. 

5. Nursery Rhyme Invitation

Nursery Rhyme Invitation

Design: Annie Montgomery Design

There’s so much to celebrate about a little boy on the way. This Nursery Rhyme invitation is ideal for space-themed baby showers, but this Twinkle Twinkle Little Star-inspired design is adorable for any celebration. 

Create a Special Celebration with These Baby Shower Ideas for Boys

A beautiful new baby boy will be joining your circle soon, and that’s the most amazing thing to celebrate! 

Whether you’re looking for inspiration or already have a theme in mind, browse Greenvelope’s baby shower invitations to find the perfect design to match your celebration. Update the color palette, font, and design elements to make it truly unique. When you’re ready, upload your contacts and hit send to deliver the invite to all your guests instantly.

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