A hand holds a tablet with a college graduation announcement on the screen

Graduation is just around the corner. You studied, pulled all nighters, and applied yourself to get to where you are. And to celebrate all of your hard work, you’re ready to throw a party. But first, you need to send out college graduation announcements to let your friends and family know that you officially crossed the finish line, or to bring your local loved ones together for a celebration.

Graduating from college feels so different from your high school graduation. And you know why? Because this time, it was all on you. You didn’t have your parents or teachers looking over your shoulder ensuring you did your homework, got enough sleep, or studied for exams.

Nope, the past four years were all you. And you did it — we mean, you really did it. You made sacrifices. You set priorities. And you gave it your all. So pat yourself on the back for all you’ve done over the past four years, and throw that cap (and that party).

10 College Graduation Announcements to Celebrate the Best 4 Years of Your Life

If you thought picking a major was hard, just try to pick an invite from this collection of beautiful designs. With gold foil graduation announcements, watercolor lettering, and designs customized to your school colors, you’re sure to find the perfect college graduation announcement to send out.

1. Brushy Frame Announcement

Brushy Frame college graduation announcements from Greenvelope

Design: Shari Margolin Design

Get ready to strike a pose, and walk across that commencement platform like you’re strutting the red carpet. With this warm college graduation announcement, you can share three of your favorite photos with friends and loved ones. Have your friends strike a pose for an informal photo shoot, or use some of your best photos that would otherwise get lost in your Instagram feed. Either way, you’ll share some of your top memories from your best four years.

2. Tassel Hassle Announcement

Tassel Hassle college graduation announcements from Greenvelope

Design: Chica Design

Let’s discuss something you already know: School wasn’t easy. You earned every ounce of that degree, and you can’t wait to walk across that stage. Switching your tassel from one side of your cap to the other is a symbol of all your dedicated time and energy. So don your cap and gown, send out this one-of-a-kind graduation invite to everyone you love, and get ready to celebrate all of your hard work.

3. Gilded Scrawl Announcement

Gilded Scrawl college graduation announcements from Greenvelope

Design: Shari Margolin Design

You are not the same person who waltzed onto campus four years ago. As a freshman, you weren’t sure of your identity, your major, or where you wanted to go in life. But standing here as a graduating senior, you know exactly who you want to be and the impact you want to have. To celebrate the person you’ve become — a person you love and are proud of — send out this photo graduation announcement with the word “graduate” written in gold foil calligraphy.

4. Squared Away Announcement

Squared Away college graduation announcements from Greenvelope

Design: Erika Firm

To you, one day could never represent all you’ve accomplished and experienced in the past four years. Yes, you’re looking forward to walking in your graduation, receiving your diploma, and striking a pose with your friends and family. But as far as a graduation party goes, you’d really prefer a quiet afternoon — and maybe a much needed post-finals snooze.

If you choose to pair your graduation announcement with a party, you want to keep things simple. Send out this modern invite to host a BBQ, invite family friends to your parents’ house, or plan another small gathering.

5. Bold Graduation Announcement

Bold college graduation announcements from Greenvelope

Design: Erika Firm

Your parents have been waiting for your college graduation your entire life. They stayed up late with you studying for the SATs, they proofread your college essays as you applied for school, and they listened intently as you debated your major.

Now that your graduation ceremony is just around the corner, they’re looking forward to having a party and low-key brag about you to all of their friends. To thank your parents for all their love and support, send out this graduation announcement. Then they can throw the celebration of their — excuse us, your — dreams.

6. Composed Announcement

Composed college graduation announcements from Greenvelope

Design: Owl and Toad

You know, you didn’t have much time for fashion during college. You tried ever so hard to dress up your first semester, but jeans never reappeared after midterms. From that point on, you strutted your stuff into class wearing the exact same pair of yoga pants four out of five days a week.

You saved your energy for exams (not apparel), and now that all that is behind you, you’re ready to make up for lost time. To celebrate the styles you missed and the exams you aced, send out this trendy graduation announcement to your friends and family.

7. Simple Modern Grad Announcement

Simple Modern Grad college graduation announcements from Greenvelope

Design: Signature Greenvelope

It’s here. All of the work, late nights, and carpal tunnel you’ve suffered through over the past four years have been worth it. Now you have a degree in hand and a job offer in place.

To celebrate your first #adulting step into the real world, send out this classic, black and white graduation card for your party. It kind of makes you start envisioning your first business card, doesn’t it?

8. Hint of Sparkle Announcement

Hint of Sparkle college graduation announcements from Greenvelope

Design: Olive and Me

If people thought cleaning up after a frat party was difficult, they should just wait until your graduation party. There will be glitter. And confetti. And tons of sparkles everywhere — because you just graduated from college, baby!

To celebrate all of your hard work and the glitz and glam waiting for you in the workforce (you know, once your bank account reaches positive digits), send out this college graduation announcement. It represents both the celebration of your graduation and the wonderful world that awaits you off campus.

9. Penned Announcement

Penned college graduation announcements from Greenvelope

Design: Sunny July

Your parents were right: College really was the best four years of your life. The stranger waiting for you in your freshman dorm room ended up being not just a roommate, but a lifelong friend. The teacher that gave you a rough time first semester ended up being one of your favorite mentors. And that guy down the hall? Yeah, you two sweethearts are going to try to make things work post-graduation.

To celebrate all the things you accomplished and all the wonderful connections you made, send out this photo card invitation. To complete the design, include one photo of you and one group photo of all the friends you made.

10. Glimmering Grad Announcement

Glimmering Grad college graduation announcements from Greenvelope

Design: Sunny July

Your big day is just around the corner. You can hardly believe it after all those nights falling asleep with you forehead stuck in your textbook. As you get closer to your diploma, think about all the nights your friends kept each other awake studying, the drinking games you played with flashcards, and the times you pulled an entire project together the night before the deadline.

As you think about it, you’ll realize the toughest times double as some of your fondest memories. To celebrate, send out this graduation announcement with a full-bleed graduation photo and a little sparkle to liven things up — just as your friends did during those long nights.

Graduation Will Be One of the Best Days of Your Life

… But there will be so many more.

Standing on that graduation stage will be such a proud moment in your life. But so many wonderful, incredible things will happen after you toss your cap in the air. You’ll go off to your first job, sign your first mortgage, or perhaps you’ll continue your education at graduate school or law school.

You will be happily surprised at how many people standing with you on that stage will still be part of your life ten years from now. Soon, you won’t be sending them graduation invites, but wedding invitations, baby shower invitations, or birth announcements.

The connections you’ve made in college are just as important — and even more meaningful — than any grade you ever received. And as all of your lives move forward, we at Greenvelope hope to keep all of you in touch.

Starting with that killer party you’re about to throw.