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Proposal Ideas at Home: 15 Ways to Pop the Big Question

Proposal ideas at home: man proposing to his girlfriend

There’s nothing better than the comfort of your own home. It’s the place where you spend so much of your life and where you create countless memories. That’s what makes it one of the sweetest places to stage an epic proposal.

Let’s take a look at some of the best proposal ideas at home. From board games and puzzles to dinner dates and doggy snuggles, we’ve got everything you need to create the perfect setting for asking the big question. 
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Postponed Wedding Card: Tips, Wording Ideas, and Designs

Postponed wedding card: different wedding cards and invitations

Not everything goes according to plan. Sometimes, things out of our control create unpredictable circumstances. When it comes to weddings, that can be a stressful scenario. Fortunately, switching to a new wedding date or changing to a new plan doesn’t have to mean the end of your happiness. It’s simply a shift to a new vision of your dreamy day.

When plans change, you need to let friends, family, and loved ones know. The best way to do that is to send out a postponed wedding card. Here, you’ll find tips and wording ideas you can use for your wedding postponement announcement. Plus, you’ll find stunning postponed wedding cards you can send out before the big day.
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Our Sweetest Inspiration for Your Engagement Party Invitation Wording

engagement party invitation wording: pink and purple themed invitation

It’s time to celebrate a very happy engagement! Whether you’re planning your own engagement party, or hosting a splendid soirée for loved ones, it’s an exciting time. 

To help you invite friends and family members in style, we’ve put together this guide on engagement party invitation wording. Discover what you need to include, find inspiration for your text, and see some of our favorite engagement party invitation designs. 

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Congrats to the Happy Couple: 14 Engagement Gifts They’ll Love

group of women hanging out

The wedding countdown is officially on. Whether you’re shopping for heartfelt engagement gifts for a friend, family member, or coworker, we have a full list of suggestions to narrow down your search.

Unlike weddings and bridal showers, an engagement party rarely comes with a registry. (Since the happy couple just promised to be wed, they haven’t had the opportunity to start their pre-wedding shopping spree.) While cash, checks, or gift cards are always appreciated, you may want to get them something a bit more personal. From personalized keepsakes to must-have items for their home, these gifts will line the celebratory path until the couple says “I do.” 
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7 Engagement Party Decisions to Make Before Sending Your Invites

happy family celebrating an engagement party

Congratulations! You and your soon-to-be-forever partner are officially engaged. Your friends and family members are sitting on the edge of their seats, ready to toast you both — so it’s time to plan an engagement party and revel in the good news.

Engagement parties are a fun way to celebrate your engagement (and kick off wedding planning season, of course). These days, engagement parties come in all forms — from an all-welcome gathering at the local brewery to a surprise soiree at the nicest restaurant in town or an intimate house party with your closest friends. The beauty of this party is it can be as over-the-top or as stylishly simple as you wish.

Still, there are some decisions to be made before you can even think about sending your engagement invitations. Below, we walk you through how to plan your first (of many!) pre-wedding celebrations.
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Congratulations on Your Engagement: Wording and Gift Ideas for the Couple

congratulations on your engagement: happy couple

You’ve just heard the news that someone you know is engaged — how exciting! If you’re ready to share the joy with them, it’s time to think about sending a congratulations card or message.

Here’s how to wish the newly engaged couple “congratulations on your engagement” in a thoughtful way. We’ve included some sweet wording ideas along with engagement gift ideas to accompany your congratulations card. 
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12 Engagement Announcement Ideas to Share the Happy News

engagement announcement ideas example

The day you get engaged will be one of the happiest days of your life (next to your wedding, of course). Now that you promised forever to your partner, you can’t wait for your loved ones to know. To ensure your friends and family are just as excited as you are, we have a dozen creative engagement announcement ideas to share.

From ocean shots to shameless selfies, from photos with your fur babies to an evening with friends, these engagement ideas certainly make a statement. Below, we share a dozen creative ways to announce your happy news.
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Top Tips for Designing the Perfect Engagement Announcement

Brittany and Micheal engagement announcement

There’s nothing more exciting than sharing the news that you’re engaged. While you may feel like shouting the big news from the rooftops — or quickly posting on Instagram — it’s important to think about how you announce the happy news. Even if you’re not into traditional wedding etiquette, it’s useful to know the ins and outs of engagement announcements. Here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you share your engagement announcement in a way you’ll fondly remember forever.
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These Are the Most Important Questions to Ask Wedding Photographers

questions to ask wedding photographer: Photographer taking pictures of the bride and groom in a field

It’s time to sit down and start planning out your wedding details. Booking a meeting with a wedding photographer is one of those exciting early moments that helps you bring your dream day together. 

Most couples only meet with a handful of wedding photographers before finding the perfect one. To help you navigate the process and find your own gem, here’s our list of questions to ask wedding photographers. 
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16 Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas: From Gift Boxes to Celeb Shout-Outs

bridesmaid proposal ideas: Three women holding gifts and balloons

Now that your soulmate has popped the question, it’s time to make your own proposal — to your bridesmaids! Whether you’ve been friends since preschool or recently found a bestie who feels like you’ve known a lifetime, sharing your big day is special. Asking your bridesmaids to literally stand by your side shows just how important they are to you. That’s why some people choose to commemorate the milestone with a special proposal rather than just a simple phone call or text message.

Here, we’ve put together some bridesmaid proposal ideas to honor the special ladies in your life. Whether you want to give over-the-top gifts to your bridal crew or are looking for something unique and sweet for each individual friend, you’ll find an idea on this list you’ll love.

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