Couple wearing 70s theme party outfits

Whether you’re hosting a 70s theme party or have been invited to a disco celebration, dressing up can make the event more fun. But what do you wear to stand out from the crowd? Get the skinny on funky threads and groovy 70s theme party outfits.

You’ll also discover some of our favorite 70s theme party invites if you’re planning the party. That way, you can get your guests stoked for your event with invite designs that match the theme. It’s time to kick things off for a far-out event! 

70s Style in a Nutshell

People wearing 70s theme party outfits

The 1970s was a vibrant decade driven by groovy vibes and a love for funky style. The main elements were bright colors, bold patterns, and an air of freedom and whimsy. 

Popular 70s outfits often included staples like high-waisted flare pants, peasant blouses, and suede shoes. When night fell, disco outfits hit the dance floor, wowing onlookers with glimmering sequins, eye-popping hues, and platform shoes

For style inspiration, think of 70s fashion icons like ABBA, Farrah Fawcett, Iman, and Joni Mitchell. For the men, Marvin Gaye, Elton John, and David Bowie are great examples of some of the best in 70s style.

Whether you need 70s Halloween costume ideas or an outfit for a disco-themed birthday party, read on to get plenty of style inspiration. 

10 Groovy 70s Theme Party Outfit Ideas

Friends wearing 70s theme party outfits

Here’s the lowdown on the best 70s theme party outfits, whether you’re going to a hippie-style boho wedding or celebrating a disco birthday at the roller rink. From classic bell-bottom jeans to sequin jumpsuits that shimmer on the dance floor, there’s a retro style that’ll make you go ga-ga.

1. Grab a Pair of Bell-Bottom Pants

An easy 70s costume includes a button-down shirt, bell-bottom jeans, and boho accessories like beaded necklaces. For added pizzazz, look for flare pants made of reflective material in a vibrant color instead of denim.

2. Do Your Hair Like a 70s Queen

Outfits aren’t just about the clothes — your accessories and hair can complete the look. Take inspiration from famous divas when choosing a hairstyle. Go cool and straight like Marcia Brady, or opt for something a bit more fun with feathered locks like Farrah Fawcett.

Other popular hairstyles during this period include the shag cut, the Afro, and the mullet. If you don’t want to go all in and cut your hair for your costume, grab a wig for an easy update.

3. Play up the Color

While avocado green and harvest yellow are the stuff of nightmares for modern interior designers, these hues are the perfect options for a 70s-themed party outfit. The 70s were all about expressing your unique personality and not shying away from making a statement. Look for bright colors like orange, yellow, red, and green when choosing a minidress for a disco ball or flare pants for the hippie party.

4. Harness the Power of Flowers

Flower designs were also a hallmark of the 1970s. Look for flower power-inspired designs featuring colorful daisies, poppies, and chrysanthemums. Choose a bright print for a minidress that will stand out at a disco party, or go for a sundress at maxi length for a more casual birthday party. 

5. Slip on Some Go-Go Boots

Every dancing queen knows that your boots make your moves even better. In the 70s, knee-high boots and platform shoes were all the rage. Choose a pair of go-go boots in bright white to pair with a minidress and show off your moves under the disco ball. For men, canvas shoes paired with high white socks were a style statement. 

6. Try a Leisure Suit a la John Travolta

People wearing 70s theme party outfits while posing at the camera

Few moments are as iconic as John Travolta’s finger-to-the-sky dance move from the film “Saturday Night Fever.” It launched a fashion moment, with the leisure suit taking center stage. Featuring a slim-cut design that played to the sexy illusions of 70s fashion and paired with a boisterous wide lapel, it’s no surprise this outfit is still one of the best ways to pay tribute to the 70s. 

Go for the classic 70s style by choosing a white leisure suit and pairing it with long sideburns. For something extra, pick a leisure suit in a bold hue like rich purple, bright orange, or a sunny yellow shade.

7. Don a Glam Disco Costume

If you’re going to a Halloween party and need an eye-catching costume, consider going as a disco diva. Think over-the-top sequins, bright colors, and wild patterns that’ll have other guests declaring your threads to be fab. A full sequin jumpsuit is off the hook, and tall platform boots make the outfit a complete hit.

8. Accessorize with Peace Signs and Colorful Glasses

Nothing says the 70s quite like peace signs. Whether you flash one in a photo booth or wear one on your shirt, it’s an easy way to create a 70s vibe

Another way to get into the decade is to wear colorful glasses like Elton John. As with most things adhering to this period, glasses had a flair for the dramatic. Choose cat-eye glasses, aviators, or large geometric shapes. For an even bolder effect, look for glasses in bright prints and with colored lenses.

9. Go for Psychedelic Prints

You can’t talk about the 70s without mentioning tie-dye. The psychedelic prints were everywhere, and they’re easy to DIY — making it a great option for costumes. Throw on a tie-dye T-shirt or dress, pick a pair of funky shoes, and head to the party without a lot of fuss.

10. Wear a Bright or Textured Headband

Headbands were a big style statement in the disco era. Look for pretty hues, paisley prints, or textures like crochet. Another option is to wear a flower crown or wrap a scarf around your hair for a far-out vibe.

Funky and Fabulous 70s Theme Party Invitations

Hosting a 70s party and want to invite guests in style? We have many 1970s-inspired invitations featuring retro daisies, tie-dye colors, and vintage vibes. Here are some of our favorite invites for a 70s theme party.

1. Groovy Petals Invitation

Groovy Petals Invitation

Design: Sarah Deters Illustration

Plan a groovy party with this funky invitation. Featuring four retro-inspired color palettes and a rainbow and flower theme, it’s bright, cheerful, and fun — just like any disco party.

2. Flower Crown Invitation

Flower Crown Invitation

Design: Sarah Deters Illustration

This boho invitation offers free-spirited vibes and a colorful palette that announces a fun and memorable event. Nostalgic and fun, you can put your own spin on it by changing up the color palette and adding elements like music.

3. That 70s Party invitation

That 70s Party Invitation

Design: Owl and Toad

Step back in time with this retro invitation inspired by “That ‘70s Show.” Funky colors and freaky typography give this design a stellar look. It’s sure to have guests hitting “yes” on the RSVP.

4. Retro Daisies Invitation

Retro Daisies Invitation

Design: Carmia Jordaan

This flower power invite features delicate daisies and soft pastel color palettes for a whimsical feel. Use it to invite guests to a 70s-themed baby shower, bridal shower, or kid’s birthday party. 

Get Your Groove On

With these 70s theme party outfit ideas, you’re ready for any event — whether it’s a hippie costume party, a disco Halloween costume party, or a birthday boogie. Continue browsing our Stationers blog for more 70s inspiration, from party decor to food and games.

If you’re hosting a 70s theme party, inviting guests is one of the big tasks on your to-do list. Make it easier by browsing our collection of 70s invitations. Find a design you like, customize the template, and hit “send” to invite all your friends via text or email. In minutes, you’ll start getting RSVPs from guests anxiously awaiting your funk-tastic event!