Did you know that we, as a human race, use one million tons of paper everyday? This astonishing statistic is a scary reflection of how we choose to treat our environment. Here at Greenvelope, our very mission is to help make this world more eco-friendly. This following post will dissect 7, everyday “hacks” that we can use to save paper.

1. Pay your bills, do your taxes, etc. online!

Remember when that time of the year came in the household when you were a kid? Stacks of envelopes with bills and taxes to file strewn all over the kitchen table, with your parents hard at work? Not only is that sight depressing, but now it’s also antiquated. Your phone bills can be paid online, turbotax will help you file your taxes, etc. So next time when you have to pay your bills, remember to save paper and pay online!

2. Forget Faxing!

If you asked a child nowadays what “faxing” is, chances are they’ll have no idea. In truth, faxing is just an antiquated form of email. As long as you have internet, you can always attach a file and send it over. Nowadays, there are even programs for creating digital signatures!

3. Find your bargains online!

Forget the way your grandma used to browse through newspapers and dense packets of coupons. Everybody knows that the best deals are online now. From third-party sites such as groupon, to using McDonald’s app for coupons, you can find everything on the web!

4. Work Online

Struggling to communicate with your coworkers, classmates, or friends? Thanks to platforms such as Google Documents, you can collaborate online. No need for snail mail. three-hole binders, burn books, etc. Simply write what you have to write, or upload what you have to upload, and share!

5. Using Digital Invitations

If you’re hosting a party or event, there’s no point writing and signing countless invitations, only to have to wait a couple more days for the postal service to deliver them, and them ending up in the trash. Just use an online invitation service that allows you to customize invitations, and track your guest’s RSVP’s!

6. Read Books Digitally!

There are several large companies venturing into the space of E-Books. You don’t have to carry around that deceivingly heavy final Harry Potter book, now you can save it on your iPad, or your Kindle! Add in the fact that most of these digital versions are usually cheaper. makes reading digitally too good of a deal to resist!

7. Invest in a White Board!

Instead of scribbling messages in tiny font on countless pads of sticky notes, why not invest in a small white board for your home? Many sticky notes are, in fact, worse than paper because the sticky adhesive is in many cases un-recyclable. Also, dry-erase boards are harder to misplace!