Everyone loves almond butter. After you’ve finished scraping the edges of the jar for your wheat toast and blueberry jam, you just toss the jar in the recycling bin and call it a day, right? Wrong. Glass jars are the perfect repurposed solution to home organizing!

We like things that are utilitarian and cute (not to mention environmentally-friendly). Go get a jar of almond butter and get started! There are about a million other ideas that we missed, so feel free to get creative!


Store your spices in small jars and line your shelves with them. Buy some chalkboard paint and make lids into easy-to-read labels. Get magnetic!

Dry goods like rice and lentils can go in bigger jars. You can even use vertical space to really highlight the dimensions of even the smallest kitchen.

If you really have a green thumb, use jars to plant a mini garden! You’ll always have fresh herbs to cook with, plus a little green livens up any room.


Try gluing jar lids underneath a sturdy wall shelf or hanging cabinet. Fill them with binder clips, thumb tacks, and whatever else you need. This way, your cat gets to keep his favorite perch and you get a cute storage solution.

Have some old wrapping paper floating around in the back closet? Grab some ribbon, some Mod Podge, a groovy afternoon playlist and collage jars for desktop supply storage.


Turn jars upside-down and tuck some family photos inside! You get a cool 3D effect, plus they look classy and clean.

Your sweetheart brought you a pretty bouquet. But you’re fresh out of vases! Luckily, jars are perfect for displaying flowers! You can wrap them in twine or yarn, or keep the jars bare for a clean, rustic look.

Planning a party? Mix cocktails in small jars before guests arrive and keep them on ice. Perfect for a summer wedding!

Small jars make great tealight holders! Glass cocoons protect the little flames against the elements so you can keep your Balderdash winning streak going all evening.