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Congratulations on the success of your under-sink composting ventures! Your color-coded recycling bins mark you as a real 21st century environmentalist. But what else could you be doing?

 Today we’re rounding up alternative transportation methods.

Bikes: Bikes are awesome. Good exercise, stylish accessories, good for the planet. Here in Seattle, we’re lucky enough to have bike lanes galore, but we know that not everyone is as lucky as we are.

Rollerblades: Rock a fanny pack and you can roll right into a 90s theme party! BYO Smash Mouth cassette.

Bus: Riding the bus offers an awesome opportunity to catch up on This American Life.

Skateboard: Still clinging to your childhood dream of becoming a skate punk? It’s not too late! You may not be as bouncy as you were in your youth, but get some groovy knee and elbow pads and take a trip to the board shop! Totally bro!

Walk: Good (but not too sweaty) exercise, more opportunities to jam to the new Beyoncé album or call your mom.

In short, you have options. Here at Greenvelope, we all get monthly bus passes, but we like to mix it up.

Our paperless invitations offer cute ways to host a party while keeping your green cred.