Princess baby shower: baby shower table decoration

There’s nothing as adorable as a princess baby shower. If you’re looking for a fun and joyful baby shower party theme, this is up there as one of the favorites. It’s the perfect way to welcome the upcoming arrival of a little princess.

Here are all the party ideas you need to plan the ultimate princess baby shower for a very special someone. We’ve got decor ideas, menu inspiration, plans for fun and games, and party favor delights. Plus, we’ll share some of our most loved princess baby shower invites. So, grab your tiara and your best gown, and let the royal baby shower party planning commence!

Adorable Princess Baby Shower Decor Ideas

Princess baby shower: set of princess accessories

Impress your guests with incredible princess baby shower decorations. Here’s how to decorate your venue so that your baby shower party takes the crown.

Sparkly Princess Backdrop

This is a fun party decoration that you can put together for any venue. Use streamers, tulle, foil curtains, a printed backdrop, or even a balloon or flower wall. Add sparkly decorations, string lights, and banners on top to create a stunning scene behind your dessert table or photo area. Or give the parents-to-be the royal treatment and use your sparkly wall as a backdrop for opening their baby shower gifts

Princess Castle Centerpiece 

A princess theme wouldn’t be complete without a castle, and this standout centerpiece is sure to dazzle. Attract your guests’ attention as they sit down to toast and enjoy a meal together. A princess castle table decoration makes perfect sense, and it’s easy to create with what you have at home and a few party supplies. Take a look at this DIY princess castle centerpiece to see how it’s done. 

Soft Floral Arrangements

Bring your pink baby shower tables and venue to life with a collection of beautiful fresh floral displays. Opt for soft colors, like pale pinks and whites, in traditional arrangements. For a more boho look, try wildflowers instead — or dried flower arrangements that you could restyle again in your home. 

Sweet Princess Baby Shower Food Ideas

Princess baby shower: table with cakes and desserts

The parents-to-be are the stars of the event, but an amazing collection of snacks comes at a close second. If you want party food that’s fit for a queen, take a look at these tasty ideas to inspire your own princess baby shower menu.

Princess-Themed Baby Shower Cake

Create a centerpiece for your dessert table with an impressive princess-themed baby shower cake. Have one made for the guest(s) of honor in the shape of a castle, or opt for an elegant tiered cake in pastel hues with a simple tiara cake topper.

Princess Crown Cupcakes

An easy way for your guests to enjoy some delicious cake is to prepare or order princess-themed cupcakes. Choose the icing and decorations to match your overall event theme — edible confetti and sprinkles are lovely ways to make them sparkle. You can find crown toppers at party supply and craft stores, or you can serve your cupcakes in golden foil wrappers decorated with press-on gems for a DIY crown effect.

Princess Toast

Give this breakfast classic the Cinderella treatment with colored icing and edible glitter take in this fun recipe. This princess toast is a brilliant idea if you’re hosting a princess baby shower brunch. It could also make princess-themed toast points for dips at an afternoon event.  

Fun Princess Baby Shower Games and Activities

We love playing games at baby showers — they’re a wonderful way to spend time together and get excited ahead of the arrival of a little princess. Here are some of our favorite princess-themed baby shower games

Disney Princess Trivia Quiz

Challenge your guests to see who knows the most about those classic Disney princesses with a short trivia game. Download a printable Disney princess trivia quiz or find your own questions and design your own version instead. This is a perfect game for a princess birthday party, as well!

Printable Themed Baby Shower Games

It’s always fun to play traditional baby shower games like baby bingo, baby predictions, and baby trivia. Make them feel like the perfect match for your event with these printable princess baby shower games. The design and questions are all ready, and they complement a variety of themes, whether you’re designing a fairytale-themed party or throwing a luxe gold princess baby shower. All you need to do is download and print!

Magical Wishes for the Baby

Give the traditional pastime of leaving wishes for the baby a fairytale princess twist by making them magical wishes. Encourage your party guests to think of a wish they’d love to bestow on the new baby and write it on a note. You can pin the wishes to your sparkly backdrop or place them into an oversized, colorful glass jar for a mystical touch. 

Thoughtful Princess Baby Shower Party Favors

Dress and crown shaped cookies

It’s always lovely to give your friends and family members something special to take home with them after a touching get-together. Surprise your party guests with one of these heartfelt princess-themed baby shower favors

Hand-Decorated Princess Cookie

We love giving sweet treats as baby shower favors — they’re easy to make or order, and they’re a real crowd-pleaser. Stick with your theme and hand out decorated crown-shaped cookies to your guests as a thank you for joining you for the event.

Wildflower Seeds

Take inspiration from all the beautiful blooms that princesses seem to love, and give your guests the gift of flowers. Swap traditional favors for wildflower seeds in a packet that they can sprinkle to not only create a wonderful garden but a lovely habitat for wildlife.

Princess Pamper Kit

Every princess deserves a good pampering session, so why not give your guests one? Gather moisturizer, nail polish, eye masks, face masks, and more beauty and skincare supplies that you know and love. Put everything together in a mini hamper or a pink box with a personalized sticker so it has that authentic homemade feel.

Our Favorite Princess Baby Shower Invites

When it’s time to invite your guests, look for a beautiful invite that matches your baby shower theme. At Greenvelope, we have some gorgeous princess baby shower invitations for you to choose from. 

It’s easy to customize your invites. You can change the colors, layout, fonts, wording, and more. This means you can adapt one of our other princess invites to suit a baby shower in no time at all. With a few clicks and a little creativity, you can make invites that feel totally bespoke and match your party theme perfectly. 

Here’s a handful of our most loved princess-themed shower invites. 

Once Upon a Time Baby Shower Invitation

Once Upon A Time Invitation

Design: Signature Greenvelope

For an event this wonderful, you need a majestic invitation. Look no further than our Once Upon a Time invitation. It’s perfect for a princess, with whimsical illustrations, delicate borders, and pastel tones. 

Die Cut Crown Baby Shower Invitation

Die Cut Crown Invitation

Design: Signature Greenvelope

A princess baby shower doesn’t have to be pink. Switch things up with this Die Cut Crown invitation — available in a handful of gorgeous metallics that add a touch of glamor to the celebrations.

Tickled Pink Baby Shower Invitation

Tickled Pink Invitation

Design: Sogi’s Honey Bakeshop

This gorgeous Tickled Pink invitation is one of our favorites for a princess-themed baby shower. The stunning pink peacock works perfectly with the elegant script font, signaling that your guests are in for an elegant and charming event.

Plan and Host an Unforgettable Princess Baby Shower

We hope these princess baby shower ideas have inspired you to come up with a plan for the shower you’re hosting. Mix your favorite decor, food, games, and party favor ideas to create an event that honors the parent(s)-to-be like royalty. 

When planning your dream princess-themed bash, consider your event invitations, too. Look through our collection of princess invitations, personalize your favorite to match your baby shower celebration, and send them to your guest list with a swish of your royal scepter (or mouse).