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You’ve spent hours and hours working on a new product, startup, or other venture and now it’s finally time to share it with the world. What better way to celebrate than with a launch party? No matter what type of launch party you’re planning, this step-by-step guide offers plenty of practical tips and creative ideas to help you plan an unforgettable, next-level event

How to Plan an Impressive Launch Party in 16 Steps

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Whether you’re planning a product launch party, book launch event, grand opening, or corporate event, the event planning process can be challenging. But with a clear goal in mind, some structure in place, and the right launch party ideas, you can ensure a successful event experience. Use our event planning checklist and follow these steps for a can’t-miss, organized approach. 

1. Set a Budget

First of all, decide what your launch event budget is. For some companies, there’s plenty of money to spend on a launch party with press releases and event promotion to hype up the event beforehand. Others may need to be more selective with funds and plan a smaller, more budget-conscious celebration. 

It’s important to set a budget that feels reasonable based on your cashflow. You can use a free online price estimator to get an idea of costs based on your type of event, location, size of the guest list, and time. If you work in a larger organization, check in with your finance department and work together to set a figure that allows you to plan an event that’ll allow you to reach your promotional or sales goals.

2. Assemble Your Launch Party Team

Most often, the event planning process requires more than one person to manage it. As such, take time to build a team that’ll help see your launch party plan through from start to finish.

Look for people who can take tasks off your to-do list or support you in other ways. Call on the help of an assistant if possible, and think about whether you need to work with other teams like finance, marketing, sales, or customer support.

Working on this launch solo? Consider your friends, family members, or growing community as part of your launch team — or seek out support or guidance from online communities of other business owners in a similar position.

3. Choose a Theme

Launch party: Champagne Accent Invitation

Design: Claudia Owen

Invitation inspiration: Champagne Accent Invitation

You may be planning a corporate event, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it. Think about whether your launch event would benefit from a theme and start brainstorming some ideas.

Event themes range from subtle and sophisticated to wild and unexpected, and there’s room for plenty of ideas in between. Your launch theme could be as simple as centering the event around one of your brand colors, or as bold as throwing a costume party to celebrate the launch of your new novel.

If you decide you don’t want a distinct theme, that’s okay too — you can always let your product or business take the lead when it comes to atmosphere and theming.

4. Find the Right Venue

If you’re hosting an in-person event, you’ll need a venue that matches your goals, budget, and intended guest list. Start looking early in the process so there’s time to secure your ideal date and location.

Consider how many people you’re expecting, what type of event space you need, and any other practical considerations like budget, location, and accessibility. Tour the event space if possible to get an idea of how your launch party might look in that venue and to determine if it offers the functionality you need.

If you’re launching a new store or office, that location makes an ideal launch party venue. For a book launch, consider an independent bookstore. If you run a digital or remote business, you could even consider a virtual event instead.

5. Set a Date and Time

Before you get too far into the details, decide on your launch party date and time. Come up with some potential dates, check availability with key vendors and any VIPs, and then settle on your final choice.

If you’re planning to invite the public to your launch event, consider a date and time that allows for more people to attend. An evening launch is ideal if your target audience is at work during the day, but a weekend launch might be the right choice for a more family or leisure-focused brand.

6. Build a VIP Guest List

Whether your launch party is open to the public or not, there’s likely to be a small list of key people you’d like to attend. Build that list now, so you can send your online invites early and secure their attendance.

If you’re going for a feel of exclusivity, your private party might be invite-only with a small, select guest list of influencers, members of the media, and potential customers in your target market. For other celebrations, you might have a VIP guest list of notable figures, funding partners, and close friends — plus an open invite to anyone else to join you for a toast or to find out more about your new product or business.

7. Send Out Your Launch Party Invitations

Grand Typeset Invitation

Design: Snow and Ivy

Invitation inspiration: Grand Typeset Invitation

With your guest list ready and confirmed, it’s time to send out those launch party invitations. At Greenvelope, we have an extensive collection of launch party and grand opening invitations.

Choose a design that’s a good match for your event, then customize it to create a bespoke invitation in moments. Change the colors, layout, and fonts to match your theme or brand colors. Add your event details and personalized wording and you’re ready to send or schedule for a later date.

8. Consider Marketing and Promotion

You’re launching something exciting, so it’s only natural that you want people to find out about it. For this you’ll need an event marketing and promotion plan — or at least an idea of who you want to reach and how to do it.

For a great launch, you want to hype up the event to generate interest with your target audience. As such, spend time researching what marketing methods would be best for your particular goal and audience. 

For instance, if you’re planning a product launch party for a skincare brand, you might want to focus on promoting it on social media with a specific hashtag to encourage shares. You could also offer teasers online to promote event swag bags, giveaways, raffles, or other enticing incentives you might have planned for your event.

9. Plan Your Entertainment

The main feature at your launch event is likely to be your product, service, or business, but it doesn’t hurt to plan some entertainment too. Consider what would work well alongside your business and goals, then work with vendors to make it happen. Your entertainment could include a live band, comedian, dance performance, juggler, magician, or any other type of entertainer. If that’s out of budget, you can simply make sure to have a playlist that suits the vibe of your event. 

10. Choose Your Party Decor

Launch parties don’t typically need lots of decor, which helps to keep costs low. Think about your overall theme and purpose, and decide how much to invest in decor to create the right atmosphere.

Keep your decor simple with branded banners, stands, and backdrops. For a grand entrance, consider a balloon arch or decorated archway. If your event has a more distinct theme, choose decor that helps you pull it off in a fun, immersive way — like adding giant inflatables to a summer-themed event. Or if you’re hosting a ribbon-cutting ceremony, don’t forget the ribbon and scissors!

11. Organize Your Menu

Various food on a table

When it comes to your launch party menu, it’s completely up to you. Stick to a simple buffet spread for guests, hand out canapés, or swap the public event for a private dinner at a restaurant instead.

Whatever you choose, make sure your menu is as inclusive as possible. Offer a range of food options for different diets and preferences, and always have allergen information readily available for guests.

12. Create a Launch Event Schedule

Before the big day is upon you, work with your team to create an event schedule. This short document will help you stay organized on the day to avoid confusion or delays.

Create a schedule that details your event timings from start to finish, along with who is responsible for each task or station. Include a floor plan if your event features lots of tables or interactive experiences, or takes place in a large area. Include the contact details for the main leader so everyone knows who to speak to on the day if any issues arise.

13. Host a Live Demo

What better way to celebrate your new product launch than with a live demo? If you’re launching a game, app, product, or experience, this is the best way to introduce what you’re offering to guests.

Make preparations so that your live demo goes smoothly. Prepare all the necessary tech and products, check everything’s working in advance, and rehearse so you know exactly what to say to generate interest.

14. Plan a Giveaway or Promotional Offer

Your launch party is the perfect moment to introduce a giveaway or limited-time promotional offer. Create exclusivity and excitement by sharing this only with the guests in attendance on the day.

Think about a suitable giveaway item or promotional offer, then introduce it to guests at your event. Tie the offer or giveaway into your overall marketing strategy by asking people to sign up to a newsletter or share their details so you can start building a list and community around your product or service.

15. Raise a Toast

Pop The Cork Invitation

Design: Carrie ONeal

Invitation inspiration: Pop The Cork Invitation

This launch party wouldn’t be happening without you and your team, so create space on your busy event schedule to raise a glass and toast your success.

Prepare a short toast that celebrates everyone’s hard work so far, and talk about how excited you are to continue the journey with your audience by your side. This is also an ideal moment to thank your supporters, investors, loved ones, and those who helped make your launch possible.

16. Organize Party Favors

The people attending your launch party are likely to be your earliest and most loyal supporters, so it makes sense to reward their support with party favors or goodie bags — as well as a post-event business thank you card.

Put together a small gift or goodie bags that features some branded swag like a T-shirt or reusable coffee mug, along with a product from your launch or a discount code they can use in the future.

Get Ready to Host the Best Launch Party

Planning a launch party is a lot of work, but like most events, it’s easier once you take it step by step. Use this guide to help you plan your launch party like an pro and give your product or service the kind of introduction that it deserves.

Alongside these launch party ideas, don’t forget you’ll need a way to invite your guests to join you to celebrate the big moment. You can easily customize any design from our collection of grand opening invites or simply start creating your digital business invitations now. Before you know it, those RSVPs will be rolling in and you’ll be on your way to a successful launch celebration.