Ideas for Father's Day: father and daughter baking together

Father’s Day is a special day to honor Dad. It’s a day to show how much you appreciate his knowledge, time, and care over the years. Plus, it’s a fun day to indulge in all of his favorite activities. 

From outdoorsy adventures and hand-crafting goods to playing golf, getting techie, and enjoying foodie delights, there’s a way to celebrate every kind of dad. Whether you’re celebrating a stepdad, biological dad, new dad, adopted father, or other special father figure, here are some great ideas for Father’s Day along with corresponding cards to inspire you.

13 Ideas for Father’s Day to Celebrate Dad

Ideas for Father’s Day: senior father hugging his son

Father’s Day is a great time to celebrate all that Pops has done for you. Whether you’re looking for a thoughtful keepsake that he’ll cherish forever or ways to spend time with him this Father’s Day, you’ll find something on this list. Here are 13 ideas for Father’s Day so you can celebrate his impact on your life.

1. Host a Backyard BBQ

Ideas for Father’s Day: Brews and Brats Card

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Father’s Day Card or Invite Idea: Brews and Brats Card

Throw a backyard Father’s Day BBQ in honor of Dad and invite all his friends and other dads to join. To make the mood fun, buy or customize silly T-shirts for the dads to wear, order tumblers or coasters with funny dad jokes on them, or just keep it casual. Grill up Pa’s favorite foods — whether it’s a juicy steak or grilled veggies. Make it memorable by giving Dad a custom-made bottle opener. 

2. Get Techie

Ideas for Father’s Day: Newsworthy Dad Card

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Father’s Day Card or Invite Idea: Newsworthy Dad Card

For fathers who love technology, think about spending the day geeking out over the latest technology. You can test drive the latest Tesla or visit a tech hub and let Dad pick out some new gadgets for his Father’s Day present. Things like a new video game, new Bluetooth headphones, or the latest charger all make great gifts for a tech-loving father.

3. Go Camping

Ideas for Father’s Day: S'more Fun! Card

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Father’s Day Card or Invite Idea: S’More Fun Card

Does your dad love to get out in nature and explore the great outdoors? Plan a camping trip where you can hike, fish, and enjoy the peaceful beauty of being out in the woods. You can also consider beach camping where you can rent dune buggies and race across the sand. In addition to (or instead of), you could give him a customized stainless steel mug to keep his coffee warm or snag a new tent or cot so he can camp in comfort.

4. Hit the Links

Ideas for Father’s Day: All Teed Up Invitation

Design: Jennifer Wick

Father’s Day Card or Invite Idea: All Teed Up Invitation

Spend Father’s Day with Pops by hitting the links. Visit the local golf course for a quick round on the back nine or just hit some golf balls on the driving range for a simple outing. For something more elaborate, think about planning a golf vacation with your dad. Look for a resort with one or more golf courses or take him to a championship golf course where he can play like the pros. You can also buy Dad a membership to the local golf course or pay for a trip to professional golf events or a fun activity like the American Century Championship featuring celebrities like Charles Barkley and Justin Timberlake.

5. Try a New Restaurant

Ideas for Father’s Day: Garden Fresh Invitation

Design: Claudia Owen

Father’s Day Card or Invite Idea: Garden Fresh Invitation

If your father is a foodie, plan on taking him to a new restaurant. You can visit the newest spot in town or try a different type of food that he’s never had before. If you don’t want to go out to a restaurant on Father’s Day itself, celebrate the week before or consider making food at home. You can pick a recipe from an up-and-coming chef or something from a food show you watched recently. Grab the ingredients and spend an evening cooking up a feast.

6. Go Car Racing

Start Your Engines Invitation

Design: Lisa Travis

Father’s Day Card or Invite Idea: Start Your Engines Invitation

Does Dad feel the need for speed? Take him to the racetrack to drive fast cars or watch a race. Many car manufacturers offer driving schools or experiences — like the BMW M Driving Experience. Some race circuits also feature track days where you can drive cars around the racetrack. Alternatively, you can take a trip with Dad to an F1 race, NASCAR, or a motorcycle event. For a splurge-worthy gift, think about buying tickets for race experiences or VIP tickets to an event.

7. Go Craft Beer Tasting

The Perfect Pour Invitation

Design: Claudia Owen

Father’s Day Card or Invite Idea: The Perfect Pour Invitation

Another fun Father’s Day idea is to go beer tasting with Dad. You can also swap out the beer for his favorite spirit — like tequila, whiskey, or vodka. Order a custom pint glass commemorating the day or featuring a silly dad joke for a few extra laughs and a keepsake he’ll love.

8. Go on a Road Trip

Vintage Cars Invitation

Design: Llinella

Father’s Day Card or Invite Idea: Vintage Cars Card

Want to spend more time with Pop? Think about taking an adventurous road trip. You can visit sites you went to as a child or pick somewhere new you’ve never been to. National Parks, beaches, and cities like New York or Nashville are great options. For a unique Father’s Day gift, you can get a picture frame and frame one of the snapshots from your road trip. 

9. Shop ‘Til You Drop

Cool Dad Card

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Father’s Day Card or Invite Idea: Cool Dad Card

Does your dad, grandpa, or other father figure love shopping? Plan an outing where you hit all his favorite stores. You can swing by outdoor retailers, high-end fashion houses, or whatever floats his boat. For the perfect gift, let him pick something out himself while you foot the bill.

10. Get Comfy and Hang Out

Papa Bear Card

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Father’s Day Card or Invite Idea: Papa Bear Card

Looking for mellow Father’s Day activities? Consider staying in and just hanging out with the best dad ever. You can spend the day watching his favorite sports team or simply lounging in the backyard enjoying the afternoon sun. For a Father’s Day gift idea to match this activity, snag him some comfy pajamas, a soft shirt, or a sports gift set.

11. Help Dad With a Project

Jack of All Trades Card

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Father’s Day Card or Invite Idea: Jack of All Trades Card

One of the best Father’s Day gifts is spending time with each other. Consider helping Dad with a project or start a new hobby. If he’s into woodworking, think about building a new table or a birdhouse together. You can also help him around the house with whatever he needs. If Dad loves sewing, you can craft a new bag for his bike or sew leather goods. For a great gift idea, think about getting him a multi-tool or specialized equipment for his favorite hobby. You can also make a DIY Father’s Day gift to create something unique. 

12. Get Artsy

Paint Swash Party Invitation

Design: Claudia Owen

Father’s Day Card or Invite Idea: Paint Swash Party Invitation

For father figures who love the arts, think about taking them to a museum, art installation, or music festival. The goal is to pick an activity that reflects their preferences. If he loves contemporary art, take him to a modern art museum. If he’s into architecture, visit a famous architectural home or museum where he can learn more. If he’s into music, you can take him to a concert featuring his favorite musicians or take him to a music festival to keep him feeling young.

13. Go Surfing

Rad Dad Card

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Father’s Day Card or Invite Idea: Rad Dad Card

If your dad loves the beach, spend the day out surfing. You can follow up your surf adventure with a BBQ or brunch honoring dad and all he means to you. You could also throw a full-on beach party and invite family and friends to splash around and soak in the sunshine.

Find the Perfect Father’s Day Cards and Invites

Instead of browsing guides for last-minute Father’s Day gifts, this year plan a special outing with Dad where you can make memories and enjoy time together. With this list of ideas for Father’s Day, you’re sure to find something enjoyable — whether it’s trying things you’ve never done before or celebrating some of his favorite activities.

At Greenvelope, you’ll find dozens of Father’s Day cards and digital invitations to celebrate your special father figure this year. Whether you’re hosting a party with all the dads in your world or doing something special one-on-one, you’ll find a card to suit the moment. From sentimental first Father’s Day cards to funny ones with dad jokes galore, there’s something for every type of dad.