80th birthday invitations: Beverly's 80th birthday invitation

Whether you’re turning 80 or you’re honoring the milestone moment for a loved one, it’s a big reason to celebrate. It’s a special occasion where you can honor a lifetime of achievements and even poke a little fun at the golden oldie. Above all, it’s a great way to get everyone together and spend quality time honoring some of the most cherished members of your circle.

When it comes to 80th birthday invitations, you can be as formal or funny as you like. Just make sure to match the party invitation to the theme of the event. Use humor to add a lively touch to the day — after all, “eighty” is only 13 in Scrabble — or host an event that recognizes the guest of honor’s accomplishments and impact. However you choose to celebrate, you’ll find an 80th birthday invitation on this list to fit your needs.

The Best 80th Birthday Invitations

80th birthday invitations: five old people smiling and wearing party hats

Want to set the mood for the 80th birthday bash? Picking out the perfect invite will give guests the event details as well as what to expect in terms of formality or theme. With digital invitations, you don’t have to shell out for pricey postage or worry about guests having to head down to the post office to send back an RSVP.

In just a few clicks, you can completely customize an invite design and send it out to everyone on your guest list. Guests can easily RSVP without leaving home and you can even send out updates to the time and location if needed.

Whether you’re partying like it’s 1999 or throwing a sweet celebration honoring a lifetime of achievements, there’s an invite for you. Here are some of our favorite birthday invitations you can use for someone’s 80th birthday celebration.

1. Better With Wine Invitation

80th birthday invitations: Better With Wine Invitation

Design: Laura Bolter Design

As the saying goes, you’re not getting older, you’re getting better just like a fine wine. Celebrate 80 incredible years on the planet with this delicious and delightful invite. Customize the design with red or white wine and play with the font to create the perfect invitation design.

2. Party Pattern Invitation

80th birthday invitations: Party Pattern Invitation

Design: Becky Nimoy Stationery

Celebrate like it’s the end of an era or throw it back to one of your favorite decades with this playful invite. The vibrant colors and retro design make it perfect for honoring a special birthday. 

3. Exclamation Invitation

80th birthday invitations: Exclamation Invitation

Design: Bonjour Berry

Not sure how to put 80 years of achievement into words? This exclamation invitation does all the talking for you. It’s fun and modern with a touch of sparkle thanks to the gold foil design. It’s the perfect way to celebrate a milestone and the simple design goes well with just about any party theme.

4. One Year Wiser Invitation

80th birthday invitations: One Year Wiser Invitation

Design: Niru & Baku

Remember: 80 is just 20 with 60 years of experience. Invite guests to honor the special someone’s wisdom and knowledge with this chic and shrewd invite. It’s also ideal if the birthday honoree is shy about their age since you don’t have to mention the number.

5. Aged To Perfection Invitation

80th birthday invitations: Aged To Perfection Invitation

Design: Signature Greenvelope

With each passing year, you’re getting closer to perfection — and 80 years is pretty darn close to being a masterpiece! Celebrate the milestone moment with this lively invite. It’s great for backyard cookouts, barbecues, whisky tastings, and other laid-back 80th birthday celebrations.

6. Confetti Celebration Invitation

80th birthday invitations: Confetti Celebration Invitation

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Show your joy with this milestone birthday invite. It features gold foil balloons that add a touch of playfulness and colorful confetti for extra merriment. It’s fun, festive, and sure to get guests in the mood to celebrate. 

7. Sparkling Lights String Invitation

80th birthday invitations: Sparkling Lights String Invitation

Design: Robinson Creative House

This sophisticated party invite is perfect for honoring a milestone birthday. The invitation design is framed by delicate hanging string lights. Customize the background color with neutrals to create an understated look or go for something more colorful and bright for a cheery touch.

8. Hashtag Old Invitation

80th birthday invitations: Hashtag Old Invitation

Design: Nicole Winn

Is the birthday honoree hip and on top of the latest trends? This humorous invite is the perfect way to celebrate their big day without being too serious. Lean into the humor by customizing the phrasing with something like, “Join the birthday girl in honor of her 29,200 days on Earth!”

9. You’re Vintage Card

You’re Vintage Card

Design: Signature Greenvelope

This fun card says it all with a clever saying and motifs from decades gone by. It’s perfect for all ages, so you can use it for an 80th birthday celebration as well as a 50th birthday, 60th birthday, or even a 90th birthday celebration.

10. Watercolor Brunch and Bubbly Invitation

Watercolor Brunch and Bubbly Invitation

Design: Lisa Travis

For a classy and sophisticated celebration, this champagne invite is just the ticket. The pastel watercolor background lends a soft and demure feel while the illustrated champagne flutes signal a celebration fit for a king or queen. It’s also a lovely choice for other milestone moments including bridal showers.

11. Classic Gingham Invitation

Classic Gingham Invitation

Design: Erika Firm

Nothing evokes fond memories quite like the classic gingham print made famous by picnics. This charming invitation is sure to be a hit when inviting guests to join a backyard or park celebration honoring an 80-year-old birthday. The high-quality invite is completely customizable so you can make it your own.

12. Milestone Circlet Invitation

Milestone Circlet Invitation

Design: Jessica Williams

This watercolor invite is made for celebrating milestone birthdays — consider it your 80th birthday invitation template. The black and gold color scheme adds a regal touch. This design is ideal for evening birthday celebrations and can be personalized by changing up the background color and adjusting the font.

13. Milestone Balloon Invitation

Milestone Balloon Invitation

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Up, up, and away! This uplifting invite features big, bold balloons in different colors and textures. It’s the perfect way to put the big 8-0 front and center when inviting guests to a surprise party or birthday celebration.

14. Golden Oldie Invitation

Golden Oldie Invitation

Design: Laura Bolter Design

This vintage-inspired invite features a vinyl record, colorful sticker accents, and a shimmering phrase gently poking fun at the “oldie” enjoying their golden years. The age number is editable so you can customize the card to fit an 80th birthday or another milestone number.

15. Champagne Grid Invitation

Champagne Grid Invitation

Design: Claudia Owen

Pop, fizz, clink! Pop the champagne, grab your friends and family, and get ready to celebrate a swanky 80th birthday event with this rose gold invitation. It’s also the perfect way to invite guests to a surprise birthday party or another special celebration like an engagement party.

16. Glam Glitter Corners Invitation

Glam Glitter Corners Invitation

Design: Stacey Meacham Design, LLC

This stunning invite evokes the look of a classic chalkboard with fancy, gold glittered edges. Customize the age and you’ll have a bold and beautiful 80th birthday invitation. Use it for more upscale birthday parties such as an evening cocktail soiree or for a birthday honoree who loves a little sparkle.

Let The Celebrations Begin!

five old people standing outside wearing party costumes

Once you’ve picked out the perfect 80th birthday party invitations, it’s time to put your party pants on. Start gearing up for the big event with our party planning guide. It’ll walk you through each step of the planning process so you never miss a beat — or a deadline! 

You can also continue browsing our Stationers blog for birthday party ideas including everything from DIY party supplies and printable party decorations to tips on writing birthday cards and finding fun birthday gift ideas. You’re sure to find everything you need to host a celebration of your 80 years around the sun — or a milestone birthday for a loved one.