Dinosaur birthday invitations

If you have a young child or teen, you know that choosing a birthday theme can be a big deal. Not only does a theme make a birthday party feel unique and special, but it also makes it easier to decide on birthday decor, party favors, and even costumes. If your child has their heart set on a dino-themed birthday, you’ll need stunning invitations to match.

That’s why we created this guide to dinosaur birthday invitations. You’ll discover fun phrases you can use to take your invites to the next level. Plus, you’ll find 11 dinosaur birthday invitations that are sure to be dino-mite! 

Fun Wording Ideas for Dinosaur Birthday Invitations

Dinosaur birthday invitations: kids at a children's party

Invites aren’t just about pretty designs. The words you add to your invitations can build up anticipation for your big party. For your dinosaur event, use crafty phrases and puns to make your dinosaur birthday party the talk of the town. 

Here are some fun ideas for your dinosaur birthday invitations that are sure to have guests eagerly counting down the days to the big event:

  • Celebrate the dawning of a new era as our little triceratops turns 10!
  • Stomp on by for a dino dig to celebrate Elliot’s birthday!
  • Let’s honor Helena’s 13th birthday with a great big roar! 
  • Stop by to celebrate as our little dino turns one million and four!
  • Join prehistoric parents and baby dinosaurs to celebrate Mia’s 15th birthday!
  • Our baby-saurus is turning two! Come celebrate at a dino-mite BBQ!
  • Enormous fun is in store! Please join us for Hayley’s rawrsome 6th birthday celebration!

You can also get creative when it comes to listing the invite details. Instead of asking guests to RSVP, ask them to let you know if they’ll be “joining the herd” or if they’re presence will be “extinct.” If you’re hosting a costume party, make sure to ask guests to don their best dino attire.

Don’t forget that invitations offer key details for your event. While it’s easy to get carried away with fun phrases, remember to include vital details, including the date, time, and location of the birthday party. 

Plus, make sure to add in any dress code requirements — like dinosaur costumes — or if the guests need to bring anything. You may want them to bring digging tools if you’re doing an archeology dig in the backyard or their best dino swimsuits if you’re hosting the event at the beach.

11 Enormously Fun Dinosaur Birthday Invitations

At Greenvelope, we offer a huge selection of digital invites including a large range of birthday invitations. Browse our dinosaur-themed birthday invitations to find options for celebrating everything from a child’s first birthday to an older teen’s milestone. Here are some of our favorite dinosaur birthday invitations for a roaring good time.

1. Party Dino Invitation

Dinosaur birthday invitations: Party Dino Invitation

Design: Mint Parcel

This sweet dino invite features a long-necked dinosaur wearing a petite party hat. It’s perfect for a young kid’s birthday party. You can also use it for other party invites including a baby shower invitation.

2. Dino Rawr Invitation

Dinosaur birthday invitations: Dino Rawr Invitation

Design: Robinson Creative House

This dinosaur birthday party invitation is perfect for a child’s first birthday. It features a festive dino with party balloons and a decorative border that adds a pop of color. Customize this birthday invite by choosing from different background colors and fonts.

3. Dino Party Invitation

Dinosaur birthday invitations: Dino Party Invitation

Design: TM Stationery

Invite friends and family over for a roaring party celebrating your dino-loving little one. This invite features four different dinosaur friends including T-Rex and triceratops that kids will love. It’s available in three colorful options or you can create your own color scheme to make it truly unique.

4. Totally Rawrsome Invitation

Dinosaur birthday invitations: Totally Rawrsome Invitation

Design: Noonday Design

This dinosaur birthday invitation offers a modern take on the prehistoric creatures. It features dinosaurs on skateboards and unicycles flying kites — the perfect prelude to an epic birthday celebration.

5. Dino-Riffic Invitation

Dinosaur birthday invitations: Dino-Riffic Invitation

Design: Laura Bolter Design

This dinosaur invite is colorful and vibrant, just like your little dino. The hand-illustrated dinosaur is surrounded by lush foliage and frames in the party details. Personalize the invitation template by adding your own unique phrasing, or switch up the colors to match your DIY party decorations.

6. T-Rex Time Invitation

Dinosaur birthday invitations: T-Rex Time Invitation

Design: Mint Parcel (photo courtesy of Angela & Evan Photography)

It’s party time with this photo birthday invite. Not only does the card feature a T-rex, but it also has room to put the guest of honor front and center. Upload your favorite picture of the birthday honoree and use it for your dinosaur-themed birthday party.

7. Jurassic Park Invitation

Dinosaur birthday invitations: Jurassic Park Invitation

Design: Jen Montgomery

This Jurassic Park invite is the perfect fit for older kids. Whether you’re hosting a pool party or dino dig, this invite will have guests roaring with excitement. You can also use it as an invite for a birthday field trip to the local paleontology museum.

8. Great Adventure Invitation

Great Adventure Invitation

Design: M. Taylor Design Co.

For older kids, this invitation incorporates the spirit of exploration. From dinosaurs and submarines to superheroes and spaceships, this modern invitation has everything adventurous kids love. It comes in several colors, including sleek black as well as vibrant red or orange, so you can choose the one that fits your child’s personality.

9. Confetti-saurus Invitation

Confetti-saurus Invitation

Design: Elizabeth Silver

This festive invite features confetti showering two dinosaurs in heaps of fun. The classic design is perfect for toddlers, young teens, and older children whether you’re hosting birthday parties or graduations. It’s available in two color-coordinating styles including blue and green as well as red and orange. If those aren’t your child’s favorite hues, don’t worry. You can customize the invite by submitting the exact colors you want.

10. Dinorrific Invitation

Dinorrific Invitation

Design: Itsy Belle Studio

If your child loves dinosaurs, they’ll love this cute invite. Clever word placement adds dimension and keeps the focus on the dinosaur theme. Each party detail is featured in a leaf or just beneath the dinosaur illustration. It comes in fun colors including green and pink or you can customize the color template to suit your needs.

11. 3-Rex Invitation

3-Rex Invitation

Design: Itsy Belle Studio

Celebrate with our 3-Rex dinosaur birthday invitation.  The illustrated dinosaur waves a flag and dons his best party hat as he invites guests to stomp by for a roaring good time. 

Host a Roaring-Good Dinosaur Birthday Party

Whether you’re hosting a celebration for wee ones, teens, or milestone birthdays —hello, 80th birthday and 90th birthday! — these dinosaur birthday invitations and wording ideas will help you create a fun invite that will have everyone clamoring to join the fun.

At Greenvelope, we offer a huge range of digital invitations from formal bridal shower invites and wedding invitations to fun and festive birthday cards and invites. Want more party ideas? Be sure to continue browsing our blog where you’ll find birthday party inspiration from tropical party ideas to creative kid birthday party themes that are sure to please and make those special moments even more memorable.