Christmas pregnancy announcement card

You’ve got extra special big news to share with loved ones this holiday season — it’s time for a Christmas pregnancy announcement! This is the perfect way to let your family members and friends know you’re expecting and share your secret with the world. 

If you want to make this moment memorable, we’re here to help. We’ve brought together some of our favorite Christmas pregnancy announcement ideas and tips to help you plan a festive pregnancy reveal. Plus, we’ll share some of our most loved announcement cards so you can find the best way to share your exciting news with reveal pics.

15 of the Sweetest Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Christmas pregnancy announcement: husband and a pregnant woman holding their baby's clothes and shoes

Whether you want to snap some photos for your family Christmas cards or for sharing on social media, these Christmas pregnancy announcements are a wonderful way to tell your loved ones the big news.

1. Mini Festive Sweater

Set the stage for your Christmas pregnancy announcement with an adorable mini festive sweater, surrounded by string lights and festive ornaments. It’s a sweet way to say “there’s one on the way!” this holiday season and leaves you with a meaningful keepsake.

2. Festive Letter Board Reveal

Letter boards remain a popular way to add your own message to a flatlay or staged photo. Use a board to help you spill the news that you’re expecting a little one (or little ones) in the New Year with a message of your own — you can even include your due date for a personal touch.

3. Parent Mugs

Reveal that you’re about to take on a whole new role by sharing a photo of you (and your partner, if you have one) with a “mom,” “dad,” or “parent” mug. It’s a subtle but fun way to tell your loved ones that you’re about to become a parent. Gifting similar mugs to the grandparents-to-be is also a sweet surprise.

4. Family Photo in the Snow

Arrange for a family photo shoot and take some gorgeous pregnancy announcement photos out in the snow, then use them for your Christmas cards this year. This is a great way to share your news with a little surprise this holiday season

5. Extra Stocking by the Fire

Hang an extra stocking by the fireplace this festive season to highlight the fact that you’re expecting. Surprise loved ones when they come to visit and ask about it, or feature it in the backdrop of your family Christmas photos. 

6. Baby Balloon Letters

Literally spell out that there’s a new baby on the way with some giant balloon letters. Get big gold letter balloons and take some snaps with them alongside some adorable baby items, or hold them and surprise your whole family as they arrive for Christmas dinner. 

7. Pregnancy Announcement T-Shirt

A pregnancy announcement shirt is perfect for all seasons, and you can make it fun and festive with the help of a cute themed slogan like “the best gift of all this year.” Wear one solo, or invite your close family to wear matching T-shirts for a memorably family festive photo. 

8. Ultrasound Photo Reveal

Use your ultrasound photo or sonogram as the most obvious way to share a Christmas pregnancy announcement. Take a snap of you holding your photos in front of the Christmas tree, or place one in a flatlay with some festive accessories, like a “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament.

9. Santa Visit Reveal

Get the main man involved with this fun Christmas baby announcement idea. Plan a visit to Santa Claus and have him hold up a sign that says you’re expecting a new arrival in the next few months. You could even hold up a tiny Santa hat for extra flair.

10. Baby Book Reveal

Bring out one of your favorite childhood books or buy a new baby book and use it as the feature in a Christmas pregnancy announcement photo. If you want to create an element of mystery for a social media post, this is a great way to do it — reveal in the comments why you’re sharing the book! 

11. Promoted by Santa

This is a sweet baby announcement idea if you already have children. Have them hold a sign or wear a T-shirt that says “promoted by Santa” on it, sharing that they’re about to become a big brother or a big sister

12. Bump Reveal in Festive Attire

Family photo shoots are fun — especially when you have news to share. DIY your own or work with a photographer to capture some gorgeous photos of you or your partner cradling their baby bump. You could even share a series of photos of you as a family from the front, then switch to a side view with a surprise baby bump reveal. 

13. Festive Flatlay

If you love styling flatlays for social media, this is the perfect opportunity for you to create a pregnancy reveal photo. Gather items that mean something to you — like your pregnancy test, some baby booties, and the first onesie you’ve bought. Assemble them together along with a letter board or chalkboard message. 

14. “All I Want for Christmas…”

Let the classic Christmas song inspire you and put together a board or sign with the phrase “All I want for Christmas is…” and then a few lines about or a photo of your soon-to-be arrival. If you’re feeling extra creative, you could even create a video slideshow of some of your wishes throughout the years, leading up to the grand announcement.

15. Special Christmas Gift Unwrap

If you want to surprise someone special with a gift in person or by mail, this is a great way to do it. Deliver a gift box with “the best gift” written on it, and ask them to unwrap it to reveal a sonogram photo or Christmas ornament with their newfound title on it. 

Adorable Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Cards

One of the most fun ways to share a winter pregnancy announcement is with an online card. It’s the perfect place to showcase a beautiful bump reveal or heartwarming pregnancy reveal snap. 

Our collection of pregnancy announcements is filled with stunning card designs, and each selection is customizable with your own details. Add an announcement photo, choose the colors, and add wording to break the news in your own way. 

Here are a handful of our favorite pregnancy announcement cards to inspire you. 

Little Miracle Pregnancy Announcement Card

Little Miracle Announcement

Design: Claudia Owen

We love the warmth and joy that comes from this little miracle pregnancy announcement card. The gold foil effect text and stars, along with the wording, make this a sweet choice for a festive pregnancy announcement. 

Classic Letter Board Pregnancy Announcement Card

Classic Letterboard Announcement

Design: Claudia Owen

This classic letter board pregnancy announcement card is ideal if you want to share the news but don’t have a reveal photo ready yet. The contemporary style is excellent if you love a minimalist look, and there’s plenty of room on the reverse side for a personal message. 

Plot Twist Pregnancy Announcement Card

Plot Twist Announcement

Design: Kate Ross Design

The gorgeous rich colors on this plot twist pregnancy announcement card evoke a perfect winter vibe. There’s room for your favorite photo on the front, plus space on the back for another — which is great if you can’t choose just one pregnancy reveal photo. 

Make Your Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Feel Magical

Sharing the news about your soon-to-be arrival is an exciting moment for any future parent. Use these ideas to plan a wonderful way to share a holiday pregnancy announcement with your loved ones — whether that’s with a family photo shoot, a festive ornament, or a photo of your sonograms

When you’re ready to break the news, choose from our pregnancy announcement cards to do it. Each design can be personalized to match your style, and there are lots of photo cards to choose from. Customize your cards until they’re perfect, then send them on their way to your loved ones around the world.