Bridal shower favor ideas: person holding a heart-shaped gift box

Whether you’re hosting your own bridal shower or a bridesmaid planning this special soiree, this moment is all about celebrating the bride-to-be. Still, offering bridal shower favors to invited guests is a lovely way to say thanks for being part of the festivities. And that’s where these bridal shower favor ideas come in.

From adorable mini succulents to wine glasses and accessories, there’s something here for every budget, taste, and party theme. Keep reading to discover the best bridal shower favor gifts for your beloved guests.

18 Bridal Shower Favor Ideas for Any Theme or Budget

Whether you’re hosting a bridal shower vs bachelorette party or a co-ed wedding shower, these gift ideas all work beautifully for any pre-wedding occasion. Find your favorite party favor ideas, then package them beautifully to hand out to guests as they leave your celebration.

1. Mini Skincare or Makeup Set

Bridal shower favor ideas: Manis & Mimosas Invitation

Design: Jen Montgomery

Matching invitation: Manis & Mimosas Invitation

Put together a thoughtful DIY makeup or skincare package for your bridal shower guests. Whether it’s in a heart-shaped gift box, mini straw basket, or stylish travel pouch, include items like a bath bomb, lip balm, sugar scrub, face mask, and hair ties. Package everything with a bow and a handwritten label.

2. Homemade Preserves

If making preserves is your thing, this is a great way to create extra-special bridal shower favors with a personal touch. Create your own marmalade, jam, or honey jars, add a custom label, and present them as bridal shower gifts. DIY preserves also make the perfect party favor for a bridal shower brunch.

3. Wine Bottle Stoppers

For a gift that’s fun and practical, you can’t go wrong with on-theme wine bottle stoppers. What’s great is you can find quirky and unique bottle stoppers to match any theme — including designs like love hearts, stars, sloths, lobsters … the options are limitless! You can also check out online marketplaces like Etsy to order personalized stoppers.

4. Themed Drinkware

Another highly practical bridal shower gift idea that also works as a keepsake is a mug, glass, flask, or tumbler. Think about how you can tie your party theme into the drinkware you choose. For instance, you can send your guests home with a dainty tea cup and saucer set as a thank you for attending your afternoon tea party bridal shower, or a stemless wine glass after a wine tasting experience.

5. Fresh Flowers or Succulents

Bridal shower favor ideas: Prickly Cactus Invitation

Design: Stacey Meacham Design, LLC

Matching invitation: Prickly Cactus Invitation

Sometimes the simplest gifts are the best. Present your bridal shower guests with a small bouquet of flowers or a hand-tied posy. If you want something more lasting (and low-maintenance), a small succulent, terrarium, or potted plant is one of our favorite bridal shower favor ideas.

6. Handmade Soap

Whether you craft DIY soap or you want to buy it from a local artisan, handmade soap bars make wonderful bridal shower favor ideas. Wrap the soap in cellophane with a hand-tied ribbon and a custom thank you sticker for a pretty, polished look.

7. Playing Cards

If you love a card game or two, this is a fun and personal way to say thank you to your bridal shower guests. Look for a playing card deck that matches your personal style or party theme, or invest in some personalized playing cards instead. You could even pass out the decks of cards to use as part of your bridal shower party games.

8. Jar of Candy

Handing out a mason jar filled with candy is popular as a wedding day gift for guests, but it also works perfectly for bridal showers or wedding showers. Gummy candies, M&Ms (in customizable colors!), or chocolate kisses are always fun. You could stick to one type of candy or mix a variety of them into jars for every guest to take home.

9. Personalized Bottle Opener

Sips and Sweets Invitation

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Matching invitation: Sips and Sweets Invitation

For another practical drink-themed keepsake gift idea, why not try personalized bottle openers? Order bottle openers engraved with a special motif that matches the party theme or the date of your bridal shower or wedding day.

10. A New Book

Books are the gifts that keep on giving, so consider giving a good read as a thoughtful bridal shower gift idea. Introduce your loved ones to your favorite book or choose a book that matches your bridal shower theme — whether that’s a romantic love story, a whimsical fantasy, or a journey through Paris.

11. Wildflower Seeds

Wildflowers Arch Invitation

Design: Alethea and Ruth

Matching invitation: Wildflowers Arch Invitation

Seed packets make lovely eco-friendly wedding favors and they’re brilliant as bridal shower favor ideas too. Pair packets of wildflower seeds with mini growing kits and add a personalized note. You could even ask the recipient to share a photo of their future blooms.

12. Personalized Luggage Tags

Treat your guests to a thoughtful gift of a luggage tag personalized with their monogram or name. Choose rose gold for a luxurious touch or a colorful print that matches your party vibe. We love this idea for a travel-inspired or tropical-themed bridal shower.

13. Heart-Shaped Measuring Spoons

To thank your loved ones for supporting you in the lead-up to your big day, give them the gift of heart-shaped measuring spoons. This is a cute way to spread the love and remind them of your appreciation and joy every time they bake something new. You could even include a delicious heart-shaped cookie recipe too.

14. Cupcakes or Cookies

Two Tiered Cake Invitation

Design: Becky Nimoy Stationery

Matching invitation: Two Tiered Cake Invitation

Speaking of cookies, you can’t go wrong with handing out freshly baked cookies, cupcakes, or other baked sweet treats as a thank you gift for celebrating your special day. Bake the treats yourself, ask a baker to create personalized cupcakes for you, or pick up some freshly baked cookies from the local store — whichever is easiest for you.

15. Candle Party Favor

Fragrance is a wonderful way to conjure memories and enliven the senses. No wonder candles are such a popular gift idea for bridal showers. Whether you choose candles in a tin container, glass jar, or ceramic case, your guests will certainly appreciate the thought.

16. Box of Chocolates

A box of chocolates might be a traditional gift, but there’s a reason this is still a hugely popular bridal shower favor idea — it’s easy to buy and most people enjoy chocolate. Buy a small box of chocolates for every guest, taking special care to make considerations for any allergies, dietary requirements, or taste preferences.

17. Mini Champagne Bottle

Summer Wine Invitation

Design: Tennie & Co

Matching invitation: Summer Wine Invitation

For a simple and sweet bridal shower thank you gift, send your guests home with a mini bottle of champagne. Add a custom label with the date of your bridal shower on it for a personal touch. If your party guest list is small or you have a larger budget, you can swap the mini bottles for larger ones — or give bottles of wine instead of bubbly.

18. Specialty Journal

Give your guests a gift that’s practical and leaves a lasting impression, like a gratitude journal, daily journal, or wellness journal. Match the type of journal to your celebration and include a card with a personal thank you note and some well wishes for the future.

Say Thank You with These Bridal Shower Favors

Your bridal shower favors don’t have to be expensive or take hours of your time to create. It’s the love and thought that counts. Use these bridal shower favor ideas to inspire your own tokens of appreciation.

If you’d like to extend your gratitude beyond the moment itself, choose from one of Greenvelope’s many thank you cards to express your love and appreciation for your bridal shower guests. Choose a fun design, customize it, add a personal message, and send these sweet notes out to your favorite people.