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The Minimony: A Popular Alternative to Postponing Your Wedding

minimony: Newlywed couple dancing while surrounded by smiling guests

Recent times have shown us that even with everything booked, nothing is ever completely certain. With a lingering coronavirus pandemic and a move towards embracing change, some couples are switching from a traditional wedding ceremony to a minimony instead.

But what is a minimony? And why are they so popular? Let’s take a look at this fun new twist on a wedding ceremony.
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Wedding Announcements: Your Guide to Sharing the Exciting News

Wedding announcements: wedding announcement card, 2 rings, and flowers

Your wedding planning adventure doesn’t end with your honeymoon. Whether you’ve just tied the knot or planning ahead, sending wedding announcements after your big day is an ideal way to share the happy news.

Fortunately, you can create and send wedding announcements with ease. In this guide, we’ll show you how to create your own beautifully customized wedding announcements alongside some of our favorite wording ideas and designs.
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Average Cost of a Wedding, Plus Tips for Saving

Average cost of a wedding: bride and groom dancing on their wedding

Some couples host extravagant destination weddings in Hawaii or Europe, while others invite loved ones to celebrate in their backyard in South Dakota. Both have very different budgets, but what’s the average cost of a wedding these days?

Let’s explore the average cost of a wedding, what to budget for your wedding essentials, and how to save money on your wedding expenses. 
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Just Married! Elopement Announcements to Share Your Big News

Elopement announcements and some flowers

Micro weddings and elopements are increasingly popular as many couples are opting to celebrate their nuptials with an intimate moment. Whether you’re planning an upcoming minimony or you’ve just said “I do,” an elopement announcement is perfect for sharing the exciting news with your loved ones. To get you started, we’ll provide the steps to follow, plus we’ll show you some of our most loved elopement announcements to inspire your design.
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Second Wedding Ideas: How to Create Your Best Day Ever

Second wedding ideas: bride happily embracing her groom

Planning a second wedding can get a bit confusing as there are lots of questions related to traditions, rules, and etiquette. At the same time, there’s a certain beauty and freedom of not feeling tied to first wedding expectations. 

Let’s explore second wedding etiquette and what the “rules”are. Plus, we’ll share all of our favorite second wedding ideas, so you can plan a beautiful day that you’ll always remember. 
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Rose Gold Wedding Invitations: 15 Blush-Worthy Invites for Your Guests

Rose gold wedding invitations

Designing your wedding invitations is an exciting process that allows you to put your love story front and center. Whether you want to choose from a professionally-made invite or upload your own design, the options are truly endless. For those who love feeling pretty in pink, rose gold wedding invitations are a great way to incorporate magic and glamour into your nuptials.

Here, you’ll find some of our favorite rose gold wedding invitations. From greenery and woodsy-inspired designs to elegant and regal styles, you’re sure to discover one you’ll fall in love with. Plus, you’ll find tips on what to include in the invite and how to incorporate the color theme into your invitation wording.
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Wedding Invitation Etiquette: Tips for Wording and What to Include

Wedding invitation etiquette: wedding invitations with flowers beside it

Sending a wedding invitation involves more than choosing a gorgeous design, writing the date and time of the event, and sending it off to guests. There are some important considerations that go into a wedding invitation, including etiquette. Choosing the right wording for the moment, making clear who’s invited, and ensuring essential details make it into the invite all require attention. 

Since it’s your big day, you can choose how much you want to follow traditional wedding invitation etiquette, but however you choose to celebrate, there are a few things to keep in mind when crafting your invite. Whether you’re hosting a traditional wedding or throwing a more modern event, this guide will help you create the perfect wedding invitation.
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Already Married Reception Invitations: Message and Design Ideas

Already married reception invitations:

Already tied the knot and ready to announce the big news with an invitation to a fun party? “Already married” reception invitations are a great way to share your joyous announcement. Whether you had a minimony due to social distancing or simply chose to elope, an already married reception allows you to share a special day with loved ones and friends that you didn’t celebrate with on your wedding day. 

If you’re looking for ways to invite friends to your reception after you’ve already gotten hitched, you’re in the right place. Here, you’ll find tips on what to say in your already married reception invitations and discover inspirational designs. Whether you prefer a fun and lively invite or a more glamorous and formal invitation, get ready to find the perfect match. (Well, you already did that. But you get the idea.)
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Create the Perfect Elopement Invitations to Surprise Your Loved Ones

Elopement invitations: couple kissing each other

You’re planning a dreamy elopement to mark one of the most incredible moments of your life, and now it’s time to let your closest loved ones know about it. Traditionally, eloping was synonymous with spontaneity and often evoked images of a couple running off into the sunset. But things have changed. An elopement doesn’t have to mean just the two of you. It can include your nearest and dearest.

Let’s explore elopement invitations, including when to send them and how to personalize them to beautifully match your celebration.
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Planning a Wedding During COVID: What to Know and Top Tips

Planning a wedding during COVID: group of bridesmaids in a room

COVID-19 threw the world for a loop in 2020. Many couples had to postpone their weddings or downsize and reimagine their dream day. Wedding venues were governed by restrictions that limited group sizes to reduce spread of the coronavirus while wedding vendors could no longer meet obligations. Many of us thought that by 2021, things would be well on their way back to normal. While the vaccines have helped significantly, a slow roll-out and widespread mistrust has led to a slower recovery.

As such, many couples — and newly engaged love birds — are still dealing with planning a wedding during COVID. As the pandemic continues, wedding planning comes with even more questions. Is it safe to travel for your honeymoon? Should you have a big wedding and require proof of vaccination or should you keep it small? To help you answer those questions and more, we’ve created this guide to planning a wedding during COVID. We’ll share top tips and highlight things you may want to consider during the planning process.
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