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You’re certain that your partner is the one you want to marry — now all you need to do is figure out how you want that beautiful proposal moment to play out. If you’re looking for fun, creative, and heartwarming “Will you marry me?” ideas, then you’re in the right place. 

So if you’re still not sure how to pop the big question, don’t worry. Take a look at some of our all-time favorite marriage proposal ideas to help get your creative ideas flowing. 

Cozy and Affordable ‘Will You Marry Me?’ Ideas

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A proposal doesn’t have to be expensive to make a big impact. There’s plenty you can do with your favorite things at home, your most-loved local destinations, and a few creative or DIY skills. Here’s how to ask someone to marry you in a sweet yet affordable way. 

  1. Recreate your first date. It’s a simple idea, but one of the most romantic. Treat your partner to a re-creation of your very first date, or the one where you realized you were in love with them. 
  2. Go for a scenic picnic. Have fun putting together the ultimate picnic spread with what you already have at home, or pick up your favorite items from the farmer’s market. Pack everything up, head to somewhere with a view, and surprise your loved one with a ring box
  3. Record a personal podcast. If you’re handy with technology, this is a wonderful way to ask someone to marry you. Record a podcast in secret, then ask your loved one to listen along with you. 
  4. Head to your favorite local beach. Take a trip to a place where the two of you feel relaxed, enjoy a glass of wine, and pop the question surrounded by the sounds of the water. We love a beach proposal idea, and you can always recreate it alongside a lake, river, or beautiful pond if you’re not by the ocean.
  5. Create a homemade proposal video. Creating homemade videos is so much fun — especially when they’re for a big, life-changing moment like this. Create a slideshow or video of your favorite memories together, set to music, and finish it with the big question. 
  6. Enjoy a meal at your favorite restaurant. Often the best place to propose is someplace that feels cozy. Make a reservation at your loved one’s go-to restaurant and surprise them after your meal ends.

At-Home and Heartfelt ‘Will You Marry Me?’ Ideas

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There’s something so special about proposing at home. You’re surrounded by daily comforts and reminders of your time together as a couple. If you want to pop the question at home, here are a few romantic ways to do it. 

  1. Propose over a romantic candlelit dinner. Make your loved one feel special with a home-cooked meal, rose petals sprinkled all around, and a surprise proposal after you finish the last course. This is such a romantic way to ask the question. 
  2. Serve breakfast in bed. Cook up a storm in the kitchen and bring a tray of freshly made breakfast treats to someone special. Your partner might wonder why they’re getting served a delicious breakfast in bed, but it’ll soon become clear. 
  3. Create a homemade engagement proposal sign. Get some help to pop the question with a homemade sign that hints at what’s to come. Write out the question in full or go for a simple question mark. Any medium works great here — a chalkboard, a light up sign, or good old-fashioned pen and paper. 
  4. Complete a personalized crossword puzzle together. Settle down for a cozy evening and kick off the night with a crossword puzzle, followed by a romantic proposal. Commission a personalized crossword all about love from an online designer, or make your own with this DIY criss-cross puzzle generator
  5. Go indoor camping. Turn your home into the ultimate in glamping luxury or go for rustic chic instead. Make some hot cocoa, bring out the guitar, and serenade your loved one before asking if they’ll marry you
  6. Plan a surprise party. If you know your partner would love to be surrounded by their friends and family members for the big moment, this is the way to go. Work with their closest friends to plan an amazing surprise party where they’ll be the center of attention. For two celebrations at once, make this your casual engagement party, too.

Exciting and Extravagant ‘Will You Marry Me?’ Ideas

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If you’re lucky enough to have a larger budget, you can plan a luxurious proposal for your loved one. Here’s how to ask someone to marry you in style, with no expenses spared. 

  1. Stage a couples photoshoot. Take your partner on a wonderful trip somewhere special for what they think is a cute seasonal couples photoshoot — or have the photographer hidden for the ultimate surprise. With a professional photographer ready and briefed, surprise your loved one with a ring and a question. You can then use these sweet photos for your engagement announcement cards
  2. Go for a hot air balloon ride. Head on an adventure in the sky. While they’re busy admiring the view from above, get your ring ready and then get down on one knee. 
  3. Travel to New York. If the big city is on your must-visit list, make the trip extra special by coming back home as an engaged couple. Research a fun itinerary for you both, and decide on somewhere beautiful to pop the question. 
  4. Plan a romantic proposal in Paris. If budget isn’t an issue, whisk your partner away on a luxurious trip to the city of love itself. An out-of-the-blue trip to Paris might create some curiosity, but it’s a wonderful place to propose if you don’t need it to be a huge revelation. 
  5. Enjoy a day at Disney. Plan an exciting trip to your favorite Disney park for a theme park visit that’ll be more memorable than most. This is a cute wedding proposal idea if your partner is a huge Disney fan. 
  6. Ask your favorite band to play. Make it the best marriage proposal ever with a serenade from your partner’s favorite band. Lots of bands and musicians are open to performing at private events, for the right price. Get in touch to see if you can make this a reality. 

Creative and Unique ‘Will You Marry Me?’ Ideas

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Often it’s the most creative proposals that warm our hearts the most. Taking the time to plan and make something your partner will love is such a sweet thing to do. If you’re handy with DIY or want to create a memorable scene, here are some unique proposal ideas

  1. Commission a personalized jigsaw puzzle. Head online or get in touch with a local maker to commission a personalized puzzle that the two of you can work on together. Keep it simple with a photo of the two of you and propose after you finish it, or make the puzzle the proposal itself. 
  2. Plan a scavenger hunt or a treasure hunt. Send your partner on a hunt around your home or neighborhood to find clues or uncover various treasures, before returning back to you for a romantic proposal as the ultimate grand prize.
  3. Create your own love story journal. Surprise your loved one with a homemade journal that captures some of your favorite memories and photos together as a couple. As you read through the pages together, they’ll discover your handwritten proposal on the very last page. 
  4. Visit a photo booth. For a creative yet casual way to pop the question, seek out a local photo booth. Before the camera flashes, whip out an engagement ring and capture the look on their face as they react to your proposal. 
  5. Plan your own flash mob. If your partner loves flash mobs and enjoys the attention, why not plan your own? Work with friends and family members to come up with a fun dance or performance you can all put on together, before you get down on one knee. 
  6. Bake a proposal cake. Put your baking skills to the test and make a surprise cake for the two of you to share. For this surprise cake, use engagement ring-shaped candy on the inside so your loved one realizes exactly what you’re asking when they cut the first slice. 

Plan Your Perfect Proposal With These ‘Will You Marry Me?’ Ideas

Your proposal will be incredible however you decide to stage it. Now that you’ve read through this collection of the best proposal ideas for inspiration, personalize your favorite one to create a magic moment for the two of you.

Once your beloved says yes, you’ll want to share the news with the world. Explore our engagement announcements for a fun, easy way to tell everyone that you’re now an engaged couple.